Love is hard part 57

Awee u guys make me feel so motivated and special leaving behind such supporting comments, I promise from now on I won’t think anything negatively and for now enjoy my story I am really sorry but I am really tired so this will be short

Saiyam and yuvaani were in kriymas rooms together
Yuvaani: he said he will come in an hour
Saiyam: okay teek hai
Yuvaani: but I think that we shouldn’t talk to him in the house what if yuvaan sees
Saiyam: okay so when he comes we can go to the cafe
Karan and krishna came
Saiyam: krishna tum theek ho ab
Krishna: haan karan just gave me food
Saiyam: okay good, voh he will come in an hour and we will take him to a cafe and talk there
Karan: okay perfect
Yuvaani: karan will u come with me for a I need your help with something
Karan: haan come Lets go
Kriyam were in the room alone
Krishna: Saiyam y are u so stressed
Saiyam: because I am angry at how to are being treated by your own family member
Krishna: Saiyam I am also very scared, I don’t want to walk alone anywhere in my own house.
Saiyam: krishna this is all my fault, I should never have treated u badly and given Yuvaan the hint that your not happy with me

Krishna: Saiyam Bilkul chup, what do u think u are saying, all of the was the past but now I can’t go half an hour without being away from you. Saiyam u have made a dream of mine come true
Saiyam: krishna u have also given me such happiness, I will be a dad and u will be a mom and krishna that’s why I want all evil eyes to stay away
Krishna: haan Saiyam so keep your courage, because u need to continue teaching me how to be so strong
Saiyam held Krishna’s face: I love u Krishna, and I can’t see u distressed anymore
Krishna: I love u to Saiyam, I really do
Saiyam hugged krishna tightly: u are only mine and no one else’s
Krishna: and u are also only mine
Saiyam: mhmm acha toh will u give me something
Krishna: I will give u anything u want,
Saiyam smirked: u will give me anything krishna
Krishna: haan Saiyam Of course
Saiyam: I want a kiss
Krishna: Saiyam but….
Saiyam: no buts, u said u will give me anything
Krishna: Saiyam but we need to get ready
Saiyam: we can still get ready
Krishna: someone might come
Saiyam: let them come
Saiyam came closer to krishna till she walked back and got herself trapped between Saiyam and the wall
Saiyam: have u got any other accused before I start my work
Krishna blushed at the closeness
Saiyam kept his hands on both sides of krishna against the wall
Krishna: Saiyammm,

Krishna couldn’t say anymore as her rose lips were being tasted by Saiyam, he kissed her lips and slowly tried to take his tongue inside her, he entered her mouth and explored her krishna felt dizzy of delight while Saiyam attacked her, krishna started moaning while Saiyam continued. He kisses her neck and took his hands inside her pants
Krishna: Saiyam what are u doing the door isn’t even locked
Saiyam: I have no time to lock the door
Saiyam took his hand inside her under garments and felt her femininity.
Krishna Moaned in pleasure and her kissed her neck and rubbed her done there
Krishna: Saiyam, bass that’s enough
Saiyam: krishna shsuhhh let me
Krishna gasped and screamed while Saiyam was pleasuring her
Saiyam picked krishna up and lay her on the bed
He kept kissing her neck and rubbing her,
Krishna: Saiyam bass, haaaaa, hai bagwan Saiyam
Saiyam Inserted his fingers into her and made her really scream, she moaned a lot in pleasure and couldn’t take it anymore and removed his hand
Krishna: oh god, ahhh, bass ab
Saiyam: I love you
Krishna: I love you to
There was a knock on the door
Yuvaani: Saiyam hurry we are waiting outside for you
Saiyam: I am coming yar
Saiyam: if it was night I wouldn’t have left u, be happy ur also pregnant other wise
Krishna blushed: uff Saiyam havnt u got any shame left
They both laughed and left

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