love is hard part 51

U guys thank u so much for all your messages, I am so happy I have gone all the way to 50 episodes and so quick. I am really glad that u lots are enjoying my story. It makes me feel happy knowing that I am making people interested and smile. So I understood that there is time diff to when u guys get them. I live in London and I normally update quite late at night which means u can read then the next morning.

This episode starts with saiyam pacing around the room and krishna still not awake.
Saiyam in mind: I am dying to look at krishna but I am just so ashamed to, okay I will do it slowly first I will go and sit next to her.
He went and sat next to her and held her hand, gently minding the drips
He looked at her hand and his eyes got watery
Saiyam in mind: krishna I am so sorry, I can’t even say I love u, because my love isn’t worthy for u, i didn’t trust u krishna, and I fell for a stupid fake report.
He looked at her and kissed her hand gently, he let his guilt over take him and put his hand on krishns womb
Saiyam: I was about to let someone take me far from my own baby I am sorry, will u forgive me baby.
He looked at krishna
Saiyam: how could I let u fall in such a situation
He saw her pale face and week body and cried badly.
She was completely lifeless.
Saiyam caressed her face
A few minutes later a nurse came in to re fill krishnas glucose levels
Saiyam: why hasn’t krishna woken up yet
Nurse: she will wake up maybe in an hour’s time but right now is very weak and because she is pregnant it will be hard for her to do anything her self
Saiyam: in how many days do u think she will get better
Nurse: it depends how much care she gets, and if she has her medicines on time.
Saiyam: I will take care
Nurse: please do, because today if she was only five minutes late, the doctor wouldn’t have been able to save the baby

Saying that she left
Saiyam kept re calling how the baby was nearly out of hands to save, and as time went by more guilt kept coming on his shoulders
An hour later krishna woke up.
Saiyam was holding krishna hand and looking down.
Krishna woke up and lifted her hand and touched saiyams face
Her voice was really squeaky
Krishna: u are so angry that u don’t want to look at me, or try to wake me
Saiyam looked up at krishna and stood up
Saiyam: tum teek ho
As he said that krishna pulled saiyam to sit on the bed and she hugged him tightly
Krishna: no saiyam, mein nahi teek.
She started crying and took all her sadness out while hugging saiyam.
Krishna: saiym tum he patta hai, how much u hurt me when u shouted at me, then how much I missed u while I was waited all day and night for your call or message.
Saiyam felt sooo bad as if he had been stabbed
Krishna: I am sorry saiyam, I am not sure what I did but I am sorry, I cant bear it when u are angry with me
Saiyam was shocked to see how much his anger affected krishna
Saiyam broke the hug and cupped krishnas face
Saiyam: shushhh baas, I am not angry krishna, I am so sorry I shouted at u
Krishna: haan u should be, because u really hurt me
Saiyam hugged krishna tightly
Saiyam: do u forgive me, I am so sorry
Krishna: no
Saiyam: I love you
Krishna: I love u to saiyam.
They both pout their foreheads together
Krishna: can u tell me what I did and why u were so angry
Saiyam told krishna everything about yuvaan and the reports and all
Krishna: saiyam how could believe him, mana that he is your brother, but would u really have such thoughts of me, saiyam I should be the one angry at u for believing him and u not trusting me
Saiyam: haan so be angry krishna, I need a punishment and I punished u for no reason, and spoke to u badly
Krishna: no saiyam, how can I punish u, I have literally been dying to see u for the past two days and now when u are here I cant be punishing u
Saiyam in mind: how is she so forgiving, I cant belive what I did with her
Krishna:what are u thinking saiyam
Saiyam hugged krishna really tightly and started crying on her shoulder
Krishna: saiyam what happened
Saiyam: I am sorry krishna, I am really sorry, I cant even say to u that I love u because of what I accused u for, I am sorry

Krishna hugged him back tighter and kissed his cheek
Krishna: saiyam its okay, I can understand how convincing yuvaan can be, he even showed u fake evidence and I am sure that he forcefully made u take it
Saiyam: haan krishna I promise, he just through it in my hands and I also said to him that I didn’t want to hear anything as such.
Krishna: saiyam its okay, look I forgave u.
Saiyam: haan but I cant forgive my self for this. U fell ill because of me. I hurt u krishna I am sorry
Krishna: uff saiyam, I am the one in pain and u are acting like u are, pata hai ur baby must be laughing at u as well
Saiyam got of her shoulder
Saiyam: krishna I will always trust u and I won’t fall for anything next time
Krishna: okay good, just never be upset with me and never leave me alone.
Saiaym: I will never ever leave u krishna
Having said that saiyam kissed krishnas forehead
Saiyam: okay I will feed u some soup now
Krishna: where did it come from
Saiyam: rags made it for u
Krishna: rags….cooked….for me
Saiyam laughed.
At night the nurse came in, to dress krishas drip
Krishna: can u do it slowly please, because it hurts
Nurse: I will try my best but it is hurting u because of the amount of times u had to get it in your hand over the past few months
Saiyam heard this and still felt so guilty
Saiyam: nurse u do it I will hold her hand
As the nurse applied a new drip saiyam held krishna hand and huuged her
Nruse: it’s all done, I must say kishna maam, u are very lucky to have such a caring husdband, not everyone gets husbands who are so caring
Saiyam: no I am lucky to have krishna as my wife
The nurse left
Saiyam: krishna, u know it was so hard for me to go sleep without u next u
Krishna: u are talking about your self, I didn’t sleep because of how much my head hurt every night missing u and waiting for u
Saiyam: it wont ever happen again krishna I will be with u all time
Krishna: haan because nxet time, I wont get saved like I did today
Saiyam:sushh tum kya kari ho krishna, don’t ever say this again.

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  1. Amazing

  2. so emotional episode ….lyk the bonding of kriyam….

  3. Aarti32

    Krishna shouldn’t hv forgiven Saiyyam so, once broken, cannot be d’s about her character n self-respect

  4. Muniya

    Awwww…Kriyyam moments were sooooo nice..
    It was fantastic…Loved it how Sayyam told Krishna everything…
    Really loved the epi…Full of Kriyyam.

  5. Hi dear i read all ur episode of ur ff .trust me i love to the core . I never comment in ur ff but today u its so emotional dear .i realy love it.but i have only one problem that krishna shouldn’t forgive him so easily.he doubt on her on her character.
    That’s i feel.

  6. Shabnam

    awwwwwwwww sooooooooo cute kriyam bonding was lovely but Krishna should not forgive sayyam soo easily your ff superb stay happy loved it

  7. Hey… Nice one and i’m sry its my mistake to ask u abt ur age…. Its very bad thing… And plz say other ff writer to post soon if u know them. U r only who post daily and i am chcking it all time…. When u post when u post…. If i m right u r a girl

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      No worries and yh I am a girl ?

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