love is hard part 50

Heyyy sorry for posting so late but I am back with another update but U guys all your comments make me smile, thank u so much for all u guys do.
Re cap: krishna has a high temperature and has lost her voice, yuvraaj says when he comes back he will take her to the doctor if she is not bêtter, krishna has told everything to yuvaani and in this episode saiyam is coming back, and is still upset about the whole situation so he isn’t so happy with krishna.
This episode starts with yuvraaj coming home with yuvaan
Suhani: yuvaan how was work, are u enjoying ur promotion
Yuvaan:Haa it’s going really good
Suhani:challo that’s good. Or where is saiyam I thought u will pick him up from the airport on the way back home
Yuvraaj:saiyams flight got delayed so he will reach two hours later than he was supposed to
Suhani:oh really maybe because of the weather they had to stop somewhere I heard it’s not so great
Yuvraaj:haan maybe, but he will reach back soon
Yuvaan:mumma I am very hungry

Suhani:haan come I will give u food. Or voh yuvaani and karan will also come any minute
Yuvraaj: I will come and eat to. First I will go see how Krishna is and if she needs to go to the doctor or not.
As soon as yuvraaj said that yuvaani and karan came in
Karan:hii papa
Yuvraaj:aray karan how are u
Yuvaani:I am fine thanks for asking
Yuvraj:and how is my princess
Yuvaani:I am fine
Yuvraaj:yuvaani come I was going to go see Krishna ,she hasn’t been well since the past few days
Karan:haan I will see her to I havnt met her for quite a while
They went to Krishna room and saw her sleeping
Yuvraaj: Krishna wake up look u came
Krishna didn’t wake up
Yuvraaj felt her forehead and she has a very high temperature
Yuvaani: Krishna wake up
Karan:why havnt u taken her to the doctor,having a temperature in this state is so bad and dangerous for the baby
Yuvraaj: Krishna wake up
They all tried to wake her but couldn’t
Yuvraaj: Karan can u go and get the car out we need to take Krishna to the hospital rite now
They all reached the hospital and Krishna was taken into a private room
Karan yuvaani and yuvraaj were waiting outside.
Yuvraaj: what kind of a dad am I, I shouldnt have waited for so long
Just then the the rest of the family came
Suhani:yuvraaj what happened to Krishna.
Bhavnaa: what has the doctor said
Pratima: why does this always happen to Krishna.
Yuvraaj held his head in his hand: I can’t believe I didn’t bring her before, if I did she wouldn’t have been so ill
Sharad: don’t blame yourself bahi. We all should have cared more
Rags: I am sorry everyone even I should have said something.

Everyone was upset for not thinking to take her to the hospital earlier
Suhani: Krishna is strong I know she will be alright
Bhvnaa: or baby, it’s so dangerous at such early stage
Pratima: just pray nothing wrong happens. I can’t see Krishna in anymore pain. This morning she couldn’t tell us how much pain she is in because she lost her voice.
They all felt bad.

A while later the doctor came out with news about krishna
Yuvraaj: doctor how is krishna, how is the baby
Suhani: can we see her
Doctor: both mother and baby are fine, but u are very lucky that u came, if it was delayed five minutes I wouldn’t be able to have save the baby.
Suhani: can we go see her
Doctor: u can see her in a short while, but u must be extremely careful with her because she is very weak, and is still unconscious, and u need to feed her well, she uis weak also because she is not eating like she should be for the past two days.
Yuvraaj: thank u for saving the baby doctor,
Doctor: this is my job, just be careful in the future, here is krishnas, prescriptions for her medicines
Karan: papa I will go and get them
A while later everyone was sitting with krishna, but she was still sleeping on the hospital bed.
Yuvraaj: suhani I will go pick up saiyam and take him home
Suhani: haan okay, he must be tired.
And hour later yuvraaj reached the airport and picked up saiyam.
Saiyam hugged yuvraaj: I missed u papa
Yuvraaj: I missed u to beta, how was your conference
Saiyam: haan for a first time experience it was good
They both sat in the car and went home
Saiyam: papa why are u tensed and stressed
Yuvraaj: saiyam we are in the hospital since morning and been running around
Saiyam: hospital, why what happened and to who
Yuvraaj:oh goddd saiyam how can I forget to tell you, I am so sorry I was just to stressed about everything that I didn’t tell you
Saiyam: papa tell me what
Yuvraaj: krishna hasn’t been eating properly for the past two days. She had a really high temperature and lost her voice, and she wouldn’t sleep at night because she had headaches.
Saiyam was shocked: krishna abhi kider hai
Yuvraaj: she is in hospital, the doctors don’t want to discharge her because of the state she is in and while she is pregnant as well
Yuvraaj started taring
Yuvraaj: saiyam tumhe pata hai, if we were even five mintues late, your baby wouldn’t have been saved.
Saiyam was shocked but every time yuvraaj said “your baby” , saiyam got upset remembering the situation
Saiyam: papa I don’t want to go home, lets go to the hospital
Yuvraaj: saiyam but u must be so tired
Saiyam: I can never be tired when it comes to my family
Yuvraaj smiles: krishna is very lucky to have u saiyam
( the more time went, the more saiyam thought about the situation and the report and had something telling him inside that yuvaan was wrong and whatever he said wasnt true, but saiyam had no proof, and the only evidence he did see was the report. Thinking about it all got him to be disappointed and upset with krishna)
They reached the hospital
Suhani: saiyam why did u come here, u must be tired u have been away for two days at work
Saiyam: nahi maa I am fine
Suhani: okay teek hai, yuvaani go with saiyam to the cafeteria and make sure he eats something.
They both went and sat down to eat
Yuvaani: saiyam do u want anything else.
Saiyam: no thanks. Yuvaani whats happened to krishna, she was fine before I left
Yuvaani thought to tell saiyam everything, but then she remembered ho krishna told her not to.
Yuvaani: for the past two days she didn’t eat well. And then she got a temperature the night u left and last night she lost her voice. And she wouldn’t sleep because she would have headaches from crying so much all day
Saiyam: crying?…..

Yuvaani realized what just slipped out her mouth
Yuvaani: haan she was really upset but she didn’t tell anyone why.
Yuvaani panicked and told saiyam that suhani auntie asked for her.
Yuvaani: okay u come I will see u in her room in a bit
Saiyam was thinking about what yuvaani just told him and felt guilt but he didn’t know why
Saiyam: so now she committed such a thing and now she is probably acting. I don’t understand why she is doing all this and lying so much.
Saiyam got up and walked past the hospital reception when a file caught his eye, saying krishna birla
He opened it with speed and sat down with it, the folder contained how krishnas baby was saiyams and how she was really ill. Saiyam saw the file signed by the doctor and remembered the one that yuvaan showed him. The one which he found at the reception had a doctors signature and the one yuvaan gave him had nothing of the kind
Saiyam: toh iska matlab hai , kay yuvaan showed me a fake report and I shouted at krishna and didn’t call her for the past two days, thinking that krishna………
Saiyam bursted out with tears of disgust for himself: how could I believe that krishna would do such a thing. The girl that couldn’t sleep if she lied…. chii muje kya hogai ya hai.
Saiyam stood up and put the file back. A nurse saw him
Nurse: are u saiyam
Saiyam: haan but how do u know
Nurse: voh your wife kept calling your name while she was unconscious and I was putting drips in her hands. I saw u with her file that the doctor put together and thought u must be saiyam
Saiyam: haan. Um can u tell me why krishna had such headaches
Nurse: doctor diagnosed that her headache were because she was distressed or upset about something. Because he checked her eyes and they were completely red of tears
Saiyam: okay thank u
Saiyam felt guilt and anger for himself of how he could believe yuvaan. And fall for a fake report.
Yuvaani came to him while looking for him.
Yuvaani: saiyam where were u, I have been looking for u everywhere
Saiyam: yuvaani I know krishna doesn’t hide anything from u, so tell me right now what really happened and why she was crying.
Yuvaani: okay siayam, because I can’t keep it in either. The day u left krishna was on the balcony and it started raining and it was quite cold. Then when she came inside she had a temperature. Then she told me while crying a lot ,how u were angry and u shouted at her and didn’t talk to her for the past two days. She was missing u so much that she didn’t want to talk to anyone except me, or eat or take her medicines. Then she didn’t sleep because she had a head ache from crying so much, and this morning she lost her voice
Saiyam: but why did u decide to bring to the hospital so late,
Yuvaani: because when papa came back from work, he went to see krishna ,and she wouldn’t wake up, and her temperature had gone really high so we took her only then. And the doctor said that if she reached to the hospital any later, saiyam your baby wouldn’t have remained
Saiyam: all of this happened because of me
Yuvaani: han because she was missing you, and she could bare the way u shouted at her .then u didn’t talk to her while u were away. I don’t know what happened between u but u shouldn’t have shouted at krishna knowing that she wouldn’t be able to bare it.
Saiyam was shocked at this and cried
Yuvaani: now u tell me what happened and why u were so angry.
Saiyam told her how yuvaan showed him a fake report of a dna test and how yuvan called him and mentioned that krishna was on the phone to someone really late at night.
Yuvaani was angry: saiyam have u gone mad, how could u believe such a thing, I feel so sorry for krishna that she has a person who trusted something so big so quickly. Saiyam it was the matter of five minutes and u wouldn’t have become a father
Saiyam: I am sorry yuvani I don’t know how and why I believed this.
Yuvaani: stop crying now because what happened happpend, I am not the person u should need to say sorry to ,its krishna
Saiyam: nahi yuvaani, I am to ashamed to even see krishna let alone speak to her. The last time I spoke to her was when I shouted at her.
Saiyam was crying and yuvani made him stand up and hugged him
Yuvaani: okay baas stop crying, everyone makes mistakes, just learn the lesson of how u should trust people if u know u really love them. I will help u talk to krishna. And anyways she loves u and misses u to much to think about anything else.
They both got up and went towards krishnas room
Sharad: saiyam beta have u rested for a while and ate something
Saiyam: haan mammo
Yuvaani: mumma krishna is still not awake??
Suhani: nahi, the doctor came and saw her aswell but krishna didn’t eve move
Karan: who will stay here with krishna< only one person can stay, and visiting hours will finish soon.
Yuvani: karan obviously saiyam will stay here

Suhani: yuvaani, he hasn’t gone home after he came back
Saiyam: nai maa I will stay her with krishna, all of u must be really tired
Rags: saiyam when krishna wakes up, will u feed this soup to her, I made it because know she hasn’t ate for the past two days. And make sure she has all of it
Saiyam: haan thank , I will
Sharad: okay we will leave now
Yuvraaj: if u need anything please call us
Suhani: haan if anything happens then make sure u call, no matter what time it is
Saiyam: haan I will definitely
While they all left the room yuvaani whispered good luck to him and gave him a hug
Yuvaani: saiyam please at least look at her,u will have to talk to her eventually, I have noticed that since u came in this room u havnt looked at her once
Saiyam: it will kill me if I look at her, I am just so ashamed to
Yuvani: by the way, do u want me to speak to yuvaan, or tell mumm about what he did
Saiyam: no I will deal with that myself later.
Yuvaani: okay bye, and take care of yourself, of krishna and your baby
Saiyam: I will meri maa now go, before the nurse takes u out they both laughed

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