love is hard part 49

Krishna: yuvaani I am so happy u came, I really need my sister with me
Yuvaani: q krishna whats wrong tell me
Krishna told yuvaani how saiyam is so upset with her and how she doesn’t know the reason, she told yuvaani how he shouted at krishna and didn’t speak to her very happily
Yuvaani: what are u saying krushna, u didn’t do anything so why would he be so upset with u, doesn’t he know that your pregnant and u can’t take so much for no reason, look at the state of urself krishna, u have a temperature, heavy eye bags and u cant even talk rite.
Krishna: I don’t know yvaani, could it be that I am thinking to much and he was just tired
Yuvaani: nahi krishna, saiyam loves u to much, don’t u remember how he stayed up the whole night and massaged ur had and comforted u, when the poisoning incident happened
Krishna remembered that
Krishna: I really miss him yuvaani, but he so angry with me I havnt spoken to him all day and neither has he called me.
Yuvaani: I will speak to him
Krishna: nahi yuvaani, because I don’t know why he is angry, and if u talk to him about me it will seem like I am complaining about him and he will get more angry
Yuvaani: haan u are rite, I wont tell anyone about this
Krishna: okay mera choro, how is your new married life going with karan
Yuvaani: its going nicely, karan takes a lot of care of me, he said he wants to go for honeymoon but his work people are not giving him any more days of in any time soon because of how many he has taken of already.
Krishna: don’t worry, when your time comes, u might even go for 3 honeymoons
They both laughed
The next morning krishna woke up with excitement knowing that saiyam was coming back.
Yuvraaj came in the room in the morning
Yuvraaj: krishna when did u wake up

Krishna was about to speak when she realized hat hr throat hurt while she tried to
Yuvraaj: kya hua
Krishna touched her neck and tried to speak but her voice barley escaped her mouth
Yvraaj felt her forehead
Yuvraaj: krishna ur temperature has gone down from the medicine the doctor subscribed to u, but don’t tell me u have lost your voice
Krishna sneezd and sniffed. And tried to talk again krishna managed to whisper out a bit but her throat hurt while she did
Krishna: nahi daidu bass my throat hurts,………
Yuvraaj: krishna when I come back from work and your not better I will take u to the doctor, and please please eat properly krishna, u really need to take care of your self
Suhani walked in
Suhani: haan krishna, u have another resoponsibility that u neeed to take care of and u can only fulfil that by taking care of yourself, I wont let u skip anymore meels now, look at u, u have lost your voice as well
Krishna smiled at both their concern
Krishna shook her head by saying okay, yuvraaj left and went from there.
Suhnai: krishna I will make u some soup for your throat, and some kheer for when saiyam comes. He will come in half an hour he took the early flight
Krisha got happy and hugged suhani
Suhani: uff krishna this much happiness for husband return
They both laughed silently.

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  1. Awesome dear , but plz clear all the misunderstanding of saiyam . ?

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    awesome we all love your ff don’t think negative Krishna yuvan bonding lovely hope sayyam misunderstrnig clear soon love you keep writing next post soon

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    Wow..this was nice..
    Now plz make things good between Kriyyam…

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    Nice update
    We were criticising Saiyyam’s character n not your writing

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    clear their mu….missed it

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