love is hard part 48

Okay so I read all your comments, but I am really confused know when u guys leave comments like, how can saiyam trust this and give like bad opinions towards the characters, does this mean u don’t like the track, or my writing, r are u enjoying the story and u are giving comments just to the character like u would in the actual ssel serial. Not complaining at all, just confused weather u guys don’t like the current track. But thank u so much for your comments.
This episode starts with saiyam just have cut the call on krishna and thinking about the whole situation
Saiyam: why did ma say that she isn’t eating, and why was she sneezing so much then telling she was alright, I don’t understand why she cant take care of her self. Hold onnn mein uske bare mein q pareshaan hora hoon. She committed such a thing
He paused and remembered looking at the report, and hearing yuvans words.
Saiyam: did I do the rite thing believing my own brother, krishna is way to innocent to be doing anything wrong, but why would yuvaan lie to me, he wouldn’t and he also showed me proof, so krishna.. the baby
He stood up and paced around the room, he ws much to distressed to do anything else aother than to think about krishna
Al her tears and words cme through his mind
Saiyam: nahi yeh sach nahi hai, why I am believing yuvaan, or what kind of love is this of mine , to move krishna aside that quick and listen to my brother
Just then yuvaan called him
Saiyam: hello
Yuvaan: how are u, did u reach safely
Saiyam: haan I am fine

Yuvan: voh I though u would be upset about krishna
Saiyam: yuvaan I don’t even believe it, I love krishna and trust her way to much to think so badly of her
Yuvaan was shocked and disappointed
Yuvaan: per vohh report,
Saiyam: I don’t know, but I don’t believe it, what is krishna doing now, is she sleeping
Yuvaan smirked and thought to lie
Yuvaan: nahi saiyam voh she is talking to someone on the phone
Saiyam: but when I called maa last she was about to sleep and she was not feeling well
Yuvaan: naahi voh phone per baat kari hai kissi sai
Saiyam got confused
Saiyam: who would she be caing at this time its nearly 12 at night.
Yuvaan understood that siyam was disappointed at all this and left him to be
Yuvaan: okay saiyam maa just called me I will talk to u later
Saiyam: okay bye
In krishnas room, krishna was tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep, she was much to upset about saiyams anger and coulnt stop thinking about what could be the reason to why he is angry
In the morning everyone was sitting on the table for breakfast
Rags: krishna why aren’t u eating, look I woke up and specially made this for u, its your favorite na,come on
Krishna: thank u rags

Suhani: krishna come I will take u to the hospital today, having temperature in this state isn’t ood at all
Yuvraaj: temperature, krishna ko temperature hai, why didn’t an of u say anything before
Krishna: daidu, its not a temperature its just a cold
Sharad: nahi beta, look u have a sore through and your voice is deep to, finish your food and go rest, I will get u medicine from the doctor
Krishna: maamoo, I don’t want to eat anymore
Bhavnaa: per krishna u havnt ate ate anything
Pratima: krishna why are u so upset and so not u since saiyam has left, he did u call u rite
Krishna: haan he did call
Baari daadi: krishna okay agar nahi khana, then don’t eat but at least have your medicines and a warm glass of milk, and I will make sure u eat when u rest.
Krishna: okay, than u baari daadi.
Krishna was in her room when yuvaani walked in
Yuvaani: krishna how are u, mumma told me that your not well , so I came to see u, meri behn ko kya hua
Krishna started crying on yuvaani shoulder
Yuvaani: krishna!, whats wrong, why are u crying

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  1. No no no. We all love ur ff. U have lots of silent reader like me dear. Just u continue ur ff we all always with u ?

  2. Muniya

    Hey dear…its nothing like that..
    We love ur story…its just that it was difficult to see Sayyam mistrust Krishna so easily..and that’s it..
    Sorry if our comments hurt u…
    But today’s epi was nice as Sayyam is trying to think about the truth…

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