love is hard part 46

I have one request for u all. Please please all those writers who have started ff and haven’t completed them, please do so for all the kriyam fans. I know kriyam won’t come on tv again, but they have loads of fans because of how good their on screen work is, so please for kriyam and their fans complete the story even if it’s just the matter of finishing it with two or three chapters.
The next day saiyam woke up and saw that krishna wasn’t in bed he was about to get up when krishna came in the room with a tray.
Krishna: good morning, okay now have your breakfast and then get ready for work
Saiyam: krishna what was the need of all this
Krishna: I made kheer for u for ur first day at work, and I know that the earlier u get to work the earlier u come back.
Saiyam held kishna hand and gently pulled it toward himself: thank you. And he kissed her hand.
Krishna: your welcome.
Saiyam: I love you
Krishna: muje pata hai
They both laughed
In the afternoon saiyam was on his way back home when he though he get get ice cream for everyone at home.after he got some icecream he went home
Krishna was sitting with yuvaani in kriyam room and talking
Krishna: yuvaani I don’t know y, but I am really scared
Yuvaani: about what

Krishna: yuvaani, I don’t know. Maybe its just me
Yuvaani: haan it is just u, nothing will is going to happen alright, don’t think such bad things
Saiyam had come home and heard this conversation. And he got a bit worried. But just continued happy t make krishna happy
Saiyam: I am homeee
Krishna sprung up: saiyam, why are u so late
Yuvaani: saiyam whats in the bag
Saiyam: I am late because I stopped on the way to get u all ice cream.
Rags came in the room
Rags: oo for me to
Saiyam: han for u to. Krishna are u happy now
Krishna: yep.
At night in kriyam room. Saiyam and krishna were both sleeping
Krishna woke up crying and scared from a bad dream,
Saiyam woke up and held krishna: krishna whats wrong why are u crying
Kishna: aiyam u wont ver leave me will u, please don’t ever leave me, I won’t be able to live without u
Saiyam cupped krishnas face in his hands and wiped her tears
Saiyam: krishna who said I am leaving u , I will never go far from u, don’t ever say this again
Krishna hugged saiyam hard and clutched his shirt resting her head tightly against his chest while both of them were sitting up
Saiyam: krishna whats wrong, why are u so scared
Krishna: please don’t ever leave me saiyam
Saiyam: shushhh krishna baas, I am rite here next to u, I wont let anything wrong happen to u and I wont go far from u
Kishna held on to him more tightly crying
Saiyam:krishna whats wrong, tell me
Krishna: saiyam I am really scared, then I get bad dreams
Saiyam: haan I heard u speaking to yuvaani as well
Krishna: saiyam I don’t know

Saiyam: okay rite now go to sleep
Saiyam lay krishna down and krishna fell asleep sleeping on his chest
Saiyam: krishna I won’t let anything happen to u, I really love u, I can’t see u in such state
In the morning when they both woke up they lay down talking for a while
Saiyam: are u okay now
Krishna:haan, thank u
Saiyam: okay I am going to work now
Krishna hugged him tight: okay bye, come back early,don’t stop anywhere
Saiyam: okay jaan I will
Krishna got out of bed and hugged him again and gave him a kiss
Saiyam:I love u
Krishna: I love u more
Saiyam left and krishna got upset

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