love is hard (Part 44)

I am really happy after I saw how long you lot wrote to me.I read all your comments on my parts 42 and 43, I must say that I felt sooo happy, and so loved hearing how much u guys love my ff. I am not going to end this ff because of the amount of paragraphs I received. I will put together ideas that were given by u and one of my own that I thought of. I want to give u all some news that will really make u excited, karan jotwani may be coming back in a serial. He mentioned this on his latest interview when the person asks for him to give a message to his fans at the very end.

Okay so episode starts in the morning kriyam are sleeping in eachothers arms. Krishnas back is against saiyam chest and his arm is wrapping over her so he can place his hand on her belly.
Krishna wakes up and notices how saiyam protectively has his arm around her with his hand on her belly, she smiles brightly. And turns around to face saiyam.
Saiyam wakes up:good morning
Krishna: good morning.
Saiyam: krishna I am really confused
Krishna: about……
Saiyam: so for the next nine months do I give u two morning kisses, or just one
Krishna:why would u give me two
Saiyam: one for u, and one for baby.
Krishna: ohh I see
Saiyam: haan I am soo confused
Krishna: okay so, if u give me two, I will also have to give u two, one from me and one from baby
Saiyam: haan okay that’s fine I will give u two

They both laughed. In yuvaans room he was on call to a friend
Friend:so u are saying that u will try get krishna one more time
Yuvaaan: haan, I will try win krishna with the plan I just told u about
Friend: but why, u have already tried so much, and are u forgetting that she is pregnant
Yuvaan: it doesn’t matter yaar, I will try one more time so that I don’t regret later not trying.
Friend: and if this final plan fails, then what will u do
Yuvaan: than I will ask papa to get me married
Friend: u man arranged marriage
Yuvaan: haan,because that’s the only way I can continue my life
Friend: okay bro, its your choice, but please this time think very carefully before u do anything. Because she is pregnant, the smallest thing can be very hard for her to handle
Yuvaan: exactly, and I will show her that I love her more than saiyam by being there for her and that’s all otherwise I love saiyam now because he is good and my brother,but I love krishna more
Friend: okay good luck, I have to go now I will speak to u later
Yuvaan: okay bye.

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  1. Aarti32

    Nice update.. Saiyyam is funny? n Yuvaan is confused ?

  2. Shabnam

    awesome sayyam sooooo cute lovely

  3. Muniya

    Verrrry Nice..
    Kriyyam part was soooo cute…
    But what’s this Yuvaan up to????..
    Thank u so much dear for that link of Karan’s interview…it was so nice…he is such an amazing person…
    And its really good to know that he’ll be coming soon…really happy..

  4. m happy that u will continue it….thnk to u for make such nice ff

  5. Dewdrop

    awesome dear . happy to hear that you will continue the ff.

  6. Akankshanna


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