love is hard (Part 43)

Doctor: there is nothing to worry about, krishna is two weeks pregnant, but she is still asleep, and she will wake up quite soon
Yuvaan:I will drop u to the door
Saiyam had tears of happiness in his eyes and was to happy to say anything
He went inside and sat next to krishna and kissed her forehead
Saiyam: krishna u have made me so happy, its un think able
Krishna woke up
Saiyam: tum theek ho
Krishna: haan but what happened, we were running,then I fell and now I am here
Saiyam: I called the doctor
Krishna: really I don’t remember anything
Saiyam: today u have made my wish come true
Krishna: which wish I don’t understand
Saiyam: when I tell you this u will start running around in happiness
Krishna sat up on the bed and saiyam helped her up
Krishna: okay tell me
Saiyam: I aksed u for a princess, or a prince didn’t I
Krishna: haan
Saiyam: and u have given me one
Krishna face lit up with all the happiness in the world
Krishna: mein maa bani wali ho
Krishna smile was soo beautiful as it was the happiest smile
Saiyam: haan my queen, u are two weeks pregnant. Thank u so much for such an amazing gift
Krishna: I feel complete saiyam. I am so happy
Saiyam: haan I can see from your face how hapy u are(he said laughing) krishna I will be a dad I will have a family.
Krishna: just wait till everyone comes back and we tell them

Just then karan, yuvaani and yuvan entered.
Yuvani: hiiii
Saiyam: yuvaani u came on such a good time
Karan: what sort of good time is this, yuvaan told us that krishna was not well and the doctor came to, so we thought we come to see whats wrong.
Krishna: u did good coming.
Saiyam: yuvaani, do u know that u are going to be maasi,and karan and yuvaan u will be mammo
Yuvaani: q kiska batcha hone wala hai
Krishna: mera
Yuvani screamed and jumped on the bed
Yuvaani: krishna…….are u pregnant
Karan: wow this is excellent news, saiyam it didn’t take long for your wish to come true
Saiyam laughed
Yuvaan: just wait till all them come and find out

Just then all the family walked in
Yuvraaj: hii karan, yuvaani tum log kaab aye
Yuvaani winked at krishn and saiyam and started her acting
Yuvaani: voh papa when u were all gone krishna wasn’t feeling well and she fainted and the doctor had to come to
Karan joined in the acting.
Karan:haan or yuvaan messaged us so we came straight to see whats wrong
Suhani: so whats wrong what happened
Everyone got really worried
While yuvaan,krishna and saiyam, yuvaani and karan were controlling their laughter
Bhavnaa: krishna whats wrong why are u all so quiet
Pratima: krishna u fainted and saiyam u didn’t call us
Saiyam: haan sorry I didn’t think of it, I was to scared about krishna being un well
Rags:haan saiyam toh doctor aya hai, what did he say
Karan,yuvaani and saiyam krishna and yuvaan started laughing looking at everyones worried and scared faces
Saiyam: kuch ni maa bass vohh
Saiyam looked at krishna
Krishna: voh actually mein maa bani waali ho
Everyone came closer to krishna and saiyam
Yuvraaj:toh mein dada baan ne walla hoon
Suhani:mein naani
Pratima:mein bari daadi
Rags: hold onn, or mein naaaniii, no no no no, this baby will only call me rags
Everyone laughed

Yuvraaj: congratulations everyone
Yuvaan in mind: I think my acting is quite good, I should keep it up, saiyam be happy as much as u want, because it won’t last long. Krishna is mine and I will prove this to u. I will kill this baby so enjoy it now while u can.
Yuvaan smirked at his evil intentions
Suhani: okay let’s leave these two to rest
Yuvraaj: hann lets go
Saying that everyone left.
Saiyam: krishna u have made me so happy, thank u so much
Krishna blushed: and thank u to.
Saiyam, I want to take u somewhere
Both of them left in the car.
An hour later they arrived where saiyam wanted to take her
It was a huge house, which was decorated with big cartoon stickers and balloons with teddies and toys everywhere. In this huge house there were maids and teachers and about 20 children.
Krishna: saiyam what is this place
Saiyam came in and all the kids went and hugged him
Saiyam: this is an orphanage. I bought this mansion with my money and found these abandoned children. Then I decorated this house and bought all those children here. Maids and teachers look after them very well with amazing treatment.
Krishna: saiyam this is amazing, why did u never bring me here before
Saiyam: I never thought of it.
Just then an old man came out
Saiyam: kaka
Kaka:saiyam so u finally remembered us.
Saiyam: I am so sorry kaka , I didn’t have time even when I tried to make some
Kaka:okay don’t worry but these kids have been driving me crazy asking about u
Saiyam: haan I met them
Kaka: ohh is this your wife that u talk to me about all the time, krishna haina
Krishna: gee, hello
Kaka: hello, wash saiyam she really is beautiful just like u described her
Saiyam: kakaaa come on
Kaka: okay, now spend some time with these kids
Saiyam introduced the maids and teachers to krishna and they also spent some time with all the kids
Saiyam was playing with all the kids on his lap while krishna was talking to one of the maids.
Maid: u know krishna, saiyam has a very special bond with all kids, especially those who are orphans
Krishna listened while seeing saiyam play with all the kids
Maid: he would come back from work and spend all evening playing with them , feeding them and then he would tel us al and kaka to rest while he put them all to sleep
Krishna: haan saiyam loves kids and today he is extra happy, because he found out today that he will become dad
Maid: congratulations. Saiyam will be really happy
The maid got called and krishna went to saiyam.
Saiyam: krishna there one more person I want u to meet.
Saiyam took krishna all the way up the decorated house, to a room filled with teddies and balloons and a cradle in the middle
Krishna: saiyam, yeh baby
Saiyam: this is angel, all the maids though of her name to be this. Angel was left in a basket in front of a park. Her parents through her away. So I bought her here and all the maids and I took care of her.
Krishna: saiyam she is so tiny, and so cute
Saiyam: she is only three weeks old
Saiyam picked up the baby girl and kissed her head
Krishna: I want to hold her, u have a lot of practice for our baby, I need some practice to
They both laughed and spend the rest of their evening playing with all the children .
Kaka: saiyam look angel is crying and she wont stop.
Saiyam: give her to me, angel why are u crying.
Saiaym have her milk and krishna put her to sleep.
Maid: saiyam bahi I will go put her in her room
Saiyam and krishna both kissed angel. And they also went back home

At night in kriyams room
Krishna: r u attached to angel because u see you reflection in her.
Saiyam was amazed at how much she understood him
Saiyam: how did u know
Krishna: because I saw your bond with her, compared to al the other kids
Saiyam: haan I do.
Krishna: will u take me there more often please
Saiyam smiled: I will
Krishna: saiyam come lie down and sleep now, what are u doing on the lap top for so long
Saiyam: saiyam was much to focused in the lap top
Krishna got up and walked over to him and saw that he was reading about pregnancy
Krishna laughed: saiyamm, are u serious
Saiyam got embarrassed: voh I was just
Krishna: I will be okay and so will your baby as long as u are with us both
Saiyam: I will never leave u alone, and don’t say this is my baby bcause it is both of ours
Krishna: okay and rite now, me and baby are very sleepy so come lie down and sleep with us now.
Saiyam:okay lets go
A while later they went to lie down
Krishna: so saiyam what else have u told kaka about me
Saiyam: shushhh baby is trying to sleep
Krishna laughed and they both went to sleep

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