love is hard (Part 42)

We are on chapter 42; I just realized how many parts I have to done. But I think I will end this really soon because I can’t think of any more tracks, or ideas, or if u want me to continue than just give me ideas for example u can comment if u want some people to come in or go out, or just the family go somewhere, u know something that I can write based on my story that will interest you. Because if I don’t think of anything I will end it. But I might start another one.
This episode starts two weeks later, yuvaani and karan are both married, sometimes they are at karans parents place or in the birla house, because of how close the two families live.
In the morning everyone is sitting having breakfast.
Yuvraaj:okay so I have good news, yuvaan is getting promoted in the business industry and saiyam is also working with him, so the project that u have been working on saiyam, u can present to your colic’s and continue it with better help if u want some, and faster technology
Yuvaan: really papa, promotion, thank u so much
Saiyam: so now I have a job, thank u so much papa. And voh bi a high position job. After I came out of orphanage I went into banking. But left it when I came here
Suhani: really beta, u did banking
Saiyam: Haan ma and I earn my own aswell.
Suhani: that’s very good
Krishna: saiyam good u will be working with yuvaan, u can spend lots of time with him
Yuvaan: haan krishna me and saiyam will have lunch together, go on conference trips together
Saiyam: this job is such a gift for me, so when do I start
yuvraj:u can start in two days.
Yuvaan:okay cool
Yuvraaj: okay sharad come with me, I need to go get the new equipment that I ordered
Rags:yuvraaj can I come with u, I am so bored at home I have nothing to do
Yuvraaj:haan toh ajao, I will get u ice cream aswell on the way back
Rags: really, thank u
Pratima: suhani, bhavna come with me to the mander, I want to pray for karan and yuvaani,
Bari daadi: I will also come
Suhani: okay we will leave in half an hour

A few hours past and only yuvaan and kriyam were home.
yuvaan was in his room and kriyam was in theirs.
Krishna was folding her cloths when all of a sudden she ran to the the bathroom and vomited.
Saiyam got up scared
Saiyam: krishna what happened are u okay
Krishna came out
Krishna: patani saiyam this is the fifth time I have vomited since morning and I have a bad head ache
Saiyam was about to tell her to sit down when yuvaan screamed from his room
Krishna and yuvaan ran from there room to see what yuvaan was shouting about
Yuvaan: saiyammmmmmmm
Saiyam: yuvaan why are u screaming, and why are u standing on the table
Yuvaan: cockroachhh saiyammm, rite thereeee
Saiyam: yuvan, u are older than me and u are scared of these small things
Krishna was laughing: saiyam I am also so scared of insects
Saiyam picked up the cockroach with a tissue and started chasing yuvaan and krishna with it in his hands
Yuvaan: saiyam stoppp go throw it away
Krishna: saiyam bass karooo
Saiyam was laughing constantly: u don’t know how childish both of u look running from this small thing
All of a sudden krishna stopped running andheld her head
Krishna: saiyam
Saiyam: krishna whats wrong
Just then krishna fainted and fell but saiyam caught her
Yuvaan and saiyam both screamed her name
Saiyam: krishna wake up
Saiyam carried her to their room and placed her on the bed
Yuvaan:saiyam try wake krishna up by splashing water on her face and I will call the doctor
Saiyam: haan okay
A while later the doctor came
Saiyam: whats happened to her all of a sudden

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  1. yuvaan fall for krishna….and try to kriyyam separate.

    1. Akankshanna

      awwwww…no separation

  2. Akankshanna


  3. Hey, im your silent reader. I have read all your episodes and have loved them. They are the thing i look foward to! Many fanficwriters have stopped updating or update slowly but you are different you update really fast and the updates are always amazing! Basically what i want to say is please don’t end your fanfiction i know it may be hard but try limit yourself to like 1-3 updates a day that way you will be left with ideas but also whatever you do we do and will always love it. For an idea maybe you could do like a honeymoon track or a new entry who trys to seperate kriyam or krishna having a miscarriage.Theses are just ideas. Enough with my blabbering i just want to say thank you for your beautiful updates. Even though i dont always comment as well as others we all read your update and it automatically puts a smile on our faces. So please don’t end! Thank you!❤️❤️

  4. Sorry to bother you again, for the track idea maybe you could first do Krishna’s miscarriage then a new entry or Baby’s return after that a holiday for kriyam because of all the drama and then maybe Krishna becomes pregnant, also if it is not too much to ask can you also give Yuvaan a partner.
    Keep up the amazing work! Lots of love❤️❤️?

  5. Saiyam go’s for a business trip and kriyam missing each other badly especially krishna .bcz she need saiyam bcz she is expecting a baby .

  6. Muniya

    Awesome update…

  7. hy, i thought u take this ff till 100 or 200 episodes..but u are abt to end this…will really miss ur ff??…coz now days we hardly get any ff of kriyam n today also i miss all earlier ffs which are still pending….and urs also i will definately miss. n abt ideas i also dnt hve any ideas yar…i also not able to think regarding kriyam scenes…
    and i think more plz i want to request u something…..plz ask or request all other kriyam writers whose ff are still pending to complete it……. in ur next episode update plz make a request to them plz do this favour for all kriyam fans ..i knw u r also a huge kriyam fan …plz n as a kriyam fan we shuld try to keep kriyam alive through ffs only ….we cnt get kj n sj again as lead couple..plz try to to do it…thnks for giving us such a lovely ff.

  8. Oh noo u said dat u r gng to continue it for a long tym.!! dnt end this
    & abt ideas u can try with horror? i thnk every1 lyk to read horror stories?

  9. Aarti32

    Awesome update..u can try something like Yuvaan’s partner’s entry n baby’s tactics in dat..or like d family history or something mysterious

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