love is hard – part 14

I am so sorry about my short updates I have been really busy with studies but I will make them longer from now on.
Recap:kriyams confession and saiyams surprise.
The episode starts with saiyam waking up and seeing krishna sleeping on his chest.
He kisses her good morning and keeps his arm protectively around her.
Krishna:good morning
Saiyam:u have a whole pillow and ur side of the bed but u choose to sleep on top of me
Krishna:well then get use to it(laughing and getting up)
Saiyam:umm where do u think u are going
Krishna: I am going to prepare breakfast
Saiyam: ur going and ur forgetting the most important thing of ur day
Krishna thought for a while and then realized what he wanted
Krishna teasing: umm I don’t remember
Saiyam held her arm:ur not going anywhere without giving me what I want
Krishna:do u really want it from me mr birla
Saiyam:ji I really want it
Krishna kept coming closer and closer shocking saiyam by every move she made.
Saiyam: krishna are u feeling okay

Krishna came on top of saiyam while he was still lying down:now can u tell me what u want
Saiyam: I want u to to always stay this close with me and never let me go
Krishna: don’t worry ur stuck with me forever I am not going anywhere anytime soon
Saiyam: okay so about what I want.
Krishna:alright I will be nice
Krishna was still on top of saiyam while he was hugging her. Krishna gave him a kiss on his cheeks and his forehead
Saiyam: that’s more like it
Krishna: do u want more
Saiyam; kya baat hai.. y is my wife so romantic today
Krishna attacked him with her lips sucking them hard. She gave him a wild kiss
Saiyam: krishna wow u are getting better everyday. Today this I wander what there will be for me tonight
Krishna:can I please go now
Saiyam:no u cant. What will u do waking up an hour early
Krishna: what do u mean

Saiyam tightened his grip around her: last night I put the clock one hour backwards so that I can spend some time with u in the morning
Krishna: saiyam yaar . okay I am going back to sleep
Saiyam: there is no more time to sleep. Now its my turn
Saiyam turned her over so that he was on top of her and kissed her neck
Krishna was breathing heavily and clutched saiyam while he made his around her body giving her pleasure.
Krishna: okay saiyam baas (while breathing heavily)
He came up and kissed her lips taking his tong inside her
They continued there morning romance.
Krishna:I love u saiyam
Saiyam: u will love me even more tonight. Just watch what I do with u.
Krishna blushed at his voice and words and got up to prepare food

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  1. Aarti32

    Such a romantic update..luvly

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    Wooooooooow…Full of Kriyyam romance…
    Loved it to the core..
    Awesome update dear…

  4. Awwwwww??????so romantic.. I was blushing hard while reading… Next one soon please… Want to blush more

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