Love happens twice? Swalak ( os) by pari

Hey friends im back with one new story. It was also os. And sryy xxx becoz in this os you can’t find the type of story you want but i promise you I’ll write another os as you said but after some days. So plz sryy plz read it & coment guys.

A girl is sleeping peacefully in her room. Her mother comes to wake her up . After many time finally she get up &wishes her mother a very good morning. So her mother wishes her back. Suddenly both heared a voice calling swara plz come downstairs quick. Yes the girl is none other than swara. Both of them come downstairs. There she saw her brother shaurya. He wishes her good morning by hugging her. He tells her that she tops in the whole university. And hearing this her whole family gets happy. She was ladla if their home. She was princess of her bhai & father. After some days a marriage proposal came for her. And the boy was a engineer in Delhi. After meeting both family agreed for marriage. Both of them married with all the rituals. All was good he keeps swara happy. Both spent many happy moment with each other. After that her husband left for his work & swara stays in her in laws. Days passed. After three years of their marriage swara became pregnant. So on her third month her father & bhai came to take her to their home. But after she came to her parents house all were ready to serve her. Always take care of her. She was very much happy as everything was good. After six month she delivers a baby girl. But after that nor her in law nor her husband call her neither came meet both swara & her child. Swara was very much scared. After some days swaras brother came home he was looking upset. When all ask about the reason he tells them that a big cheat happen with then. Swaras in laws were fake & swaras husband was already married & both have a baby boy. They cheated Swara. After hearing this swara was stunned. But her family members concole her. But she didn’t break. She went to mahila commission & fight for her right. And after eight month she won & she decided to raise her daughter alone.
One day her bhai came near her & ask her forgiveness becoz he didn’t fulfil his duty as a brother. But swara tells him that it was not his fault &both hugged. Next Day a courier came for swara. When swara opens it she found appointment letter one of the famous company of their town. All family members were happy for swara. Next day swara went with her brother to that company. And after dropping her he left. Swara enters the company and meet the receptionist & showed her appointment letter. After that she talks with her her name was piya. Both became friends. Swara one day ask piya about her boss. So she tells swara that their boss name was laksh maheswari. He was very angry person but very much caring person. He was soft inside his heart but doesn’t show it. Then swara ask her that till when she joined company she didn’t met him. So piya tells her that he was now in a business trip to delhi. Hearing delhi name swara remember about her past. Her daughter was now of two years old. Then piya concole her as she knew about swaras past. Then tells swara that laksh sir was returning back tomorrow & now it is her difficult phase starts ash he didn’t impressed easily. So next day when swara enters piya tells her that laksh sir has called her in his cabin. So swara rushed there. Although laksh was somehow arrogant he was fun loving. He always jokes with the staff. When swara enter

Swara – may I come in sir?
Laksh – Yes come in . So you are the new staff na welcome to maheswari group of industry . Then he ask her to sit &tels her that tomorrow sharma group of companies were coming for a deal so you’ll help me in its presentation preparation. So both started their work . After some time laksh said a joke but swara didn’t laugh becoz she stopped laughing from that day. She talks so much before but now didn’t talk to anyone she became silent. Laksh saw her but didn’t tell her anything. Nextday they get the deal. Laksh was happy with swaras performance. Days passed laksh started liking swara. But swara didn’t knew that. And although her family try many times to get her married second time she didn’t agreed. After some days one day it was very late so laksh ask swara to come with him he’ll drop her home. So swara went with him . When they reached swaras home both saw swaras mother was waiting for swara by holding her daughter angel. So seeing angel swara runs to her &hugged her. Then both welcome laksh for tea but he refused &went away. Laksh was crying because he didn’t expected swara as married. Although swara was an employee he never checked her profile. Next day he didn’t found swara. When he ask piya she told him that her daughter health was not good. So she didn’t come. Laksh ask her aboutswaras husband like about his working. So piya tells everything about swaras past. And tells him that after that incident swara forget to talk & laugh. Hearing this laksh was shocked & he left for his cabin. He remembers only about piyas words and very much sad for swaras past. Unknowingly he cried & then realised that he had started loving swara. That day he came to swaras house & meet angel. He played with her for sometime. He ask swara to come office with angel as nowadays he was very much happy to paas the time with angel only. In his free time he came to swara house & plays with angel. Angel was very much happy to playing with laksh. One day laksh with his family members came to swaras house & ask swaras hand in marriage. Swaras brother & all her family members were happy with laksh & all knew that laksh will keep swara happy. But swara didn’t agreed. After their departure swaras mother came near her & told her that as for her it was okay to stay alone but angel wants both her father & mother. And laksh was very good & he’ll keep her happy. Nextday swara got a message from laksh no. That he had met with an accident at some place. So swara came there as fast as possible. When she saw that place was decorated beautiful & she saw laksh sitting in front of her . She was very much scared as she heared laksh accident. Then laksh proposed her. So swara tells him that she had already given her an swara to him that she didn’t love him. A fb was shown before someday laksh hadhad already propose swara. And tells her that she deserves happiness & he’ll give her what she deserves. But swara tells him that she didn’t love him. But laksh told her that she’ll realise her feelings within five days. Fb ends. Laksh told swara that if she didn’t love him then why she came running hearing his accident news. So atlast swara confess that she loves him but she was afraid that may be he also detached her like herhusband did. So laksh promise her that nothing like that happen. Then swara agreed for marriage. And both get married.

Friends I knw it was boring but plz forgive for boring you. It was my bade papa ‘ s daughter my riya di’s real life story. She get married before three days. Now she &angel were happy with jiju. He was really a good person. When my badi maa told me to make her di understand I tried to make di understand . But she didn’t agreed she told me that love happen only once. But jiju change her perspective that it doesn’t matter how many times she fell in love. But it matters the person she loves he diserve it or not. And finally my di realised her feelings & both get married. The happiness comes for my di because she suffers five years. And finally got what she deserves.

Plz friends I knw it was may be boring for you but plz coment yaar plz &again sryyy if I had bored you. Bye friends. But plz coment guys iwant to knew it plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. Pari its too good n dis iss happening more in this era nowadays

  2. Wow Di it was awesome….. I loved it….I have loved all your one shots till now….I am so Happy for Riya Di n Angel…..wishing them a happy life ahead…..

    1. Thanks nita for ur wish & im really happy that you liked my all ff

  3. It’s so good yar.pari I’m so happy for ur di.aaj bhi ESS duniya mai tumhare jiju jesa insaan hai.A very happy married life for ur di n jiju.n ha ur jiju said is right love can happen twice also depends on who u love deserve it or not

    1. Yes reethi u r rt till now there are people like my jiju becoz of him only my riya di again started her life with a smile

  4. hey dear, please don’t say it’s boring. Its awesome and heart touching.congratulations to your Riya di .

    1. Thanks ritu for wish & thanks for liking it dear

  5. It was tooooo good.. Congo for ur didi.. Let she hav a great life ahead 🙂

    1. Yes shreeshe was really lucky

  6. Greeeshma Reddy

    I am very happy for u r didi bcoz she entered in her new life and u r stories r always outstanding ones

    1. Thanks greeshma for u r wish & thanks for liking my stories

  7. its was suprb dr…

  8. Nice..I’m really happy fr ur di

  9. it’s too good n i can’t believe that , people can stoop so low even in this generation and a hearty congratulations to riya di n angel …..say them from my side dea…..

    1. Yes of course naimi I’ll wish her thanks for liking it

  10. It was so nice! I’m really happy for your sister as well 🙂

  11. No probz pari di.. this was a nice os

  12. Really a very nice story! You always write beautiful stories. And this one is a real-life incident! And you penned it down with immense beauty . Keep it up.

  13. Pari its awesome….want more swalak stories

  14. Like swara in this os your di also got a perfect patner …..
    I’m very happy for her and her angel

  15. awesome i loved ur story .now in this time when boy loves a girl turly ,but girls ditch rhem becoz of money .and when girlzzz love then boys ditch them

    1. Thanks alia for liking it &u r rt

  16. Wow…it’s awesome…it is not at all boring…I am happy for ur di…waiting for ur next os..

    1. Thanks shreya for liking it

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