Love happens at last (Episode 5)

Sorry guys 1000 times sorry actually I had exams and when I was about to write I fainted and doctor came and check upend and said I have high fever so I couldn’t write . And now the 4th episode

ragini and laksh came out of the party there they saw swasan and they were tensed how to say to them that they wanted to marry. Their siblings were smiling at them then they got a little confidence and walked towards them ragini said to award ,”did, woh main woh. Sears calm asked , what woh woh laado tell na. Laksh also said to sanskar, “bhai woh woh main ” sanskar said kya woh woh bolna. Ragini and laksh said at the same time we want to marry swasan said what!? swara said ragini! !rags was scared as her sister ever didn’t shout st her. Ji di said ragini. Tune yeah kya Kiya said swara while talking and taking her to a corner. Kya Kiya di said ragini. Tune mujhe bataya bhi nahi said swara. Di bataya to Tha said ragini when said home said ragini but you said you were bf and gf said swara . Why you hate love di said ragini. Swara was stunned with this question yes it was true she shared everything with ragini but not everything some secrets were kept in her heart. Swara said ,OK I agree for your marriage with laksh but after your studies ragini forgot about the question she asked and was happy thank you di said ragini. Let’s go now said swara they headed towards their car meanwhile sanky was gonna shout then he noticed lipstick stain on luckys lip anger boiled in his blood he said did you kiss her? Lucky was shocked he thought how he knew it then he asked how do you know sanky took a hanky and wiped his lips and showed him . Oh shit lucky murmur under hid breath so you love her ? Sanky asked .

Yes said laksh anger was still there but calmed himself and said okay , but after studies. Huh asked laksh. Sanky annoyed said I agree for your marriage but after studies. Okay said laksh but exciment was visible in his voice. Swara and ragini came and laksh and sanskar came there too. (actually their cars were little far way so that’s why sanlak came)ragini and laksh run towards eo and said at the same time di bhai agreed for marriage but after studies . Both were shocked . Ragini said swara gesturing her to come sanky also said lucky also gesturing him to come they both came and both swasan said we have to say something what said raglak tensed actually we want to have a meeting with you two at cafe coffee day said swasan . Swara said laksh you will meet me at 4 pm .sanky said ragini you will meet me at 5 pm but why both raglak asked .swara and sanky said as siblings we have right to know about your life partner so that’s why Flashback : you might be confused how swasan talked about this actually when raglak were talking both were discussing both agreed and gestured their siblings to come.
oh raglak said . Then both sibling s left with their siblings in the car. Gm swara ragini were removing their makeup and jewelry then they both changed and slept in their bed and same thing happened in mm sanky and lucky changed and slept in their bed

I know guys it’s short update but teacher told 13 days has to be attended and after that two months vacation

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  1. Superb….can u give the precap frm first epi to till now……

  2. Very nice… But please make it as a conversations… It’s really difficult to understand

  3. Ok at next episode

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