Love happens at last (Episode 4)


Guys I think that I should end my ff after 3-5 episodes since no one is liking it

swaragini are getting ready in cm .ragini is wearing a black full sleeve gown andswara is wearing a white full sleeve gown ragini was wearing a orange lipstick with black pouch and black diamond earrings and high heels and feather wearing black and swara was wearing a light pink lipstick with white pouch and high heels with diamond earrings . Both were wearing a lockect if diamond and were doing open curls of hair.Both were looking gorgeous. Then sanskar were getting ready in white formal blazer with white jeans and laksh was getting ready in black formal blazer with black jeans . Then the both swaragini and sanlak went to their car and were ready to reach the party (for raglak) . Then they quickly arrived at the party . The heroes hearts were beating fast seeing their lady love in this attire. Swara then whispered to raging, laado ,you did not tell me you have a boy friend.ragini replied di, we became boy friend-girl friend yesterday. Swara said oh. sandbar was mesmerized by swara s beauty.he was staring at her. Laksh said raging lets go. Ragini said bye to swara and Allah said bye to sanskar. Swara and sanskar said hi to each other and talked for awhile.then they head to their cars and went to their party. They entered at the same time at the office party . there Swara headed to the girls place and sanskar headed to the boys place. Meanwhile ragini laksh were talking to their friends . Suddenly rain starts and ragini sees and runs there laksh sees this and runs there also ragini was enjoying the rain laksh smiles and lend his hand for dance ragini smiles and reciprocates and dances slowly romantically with him. (Janam Janam plays) both here last in each other suddenly their eyes fell at their lips and they kissed first it was soft then it turned into a passionate kiss it continued for 7 minutes then broke and gasped for air.swara and sanskars friends were forcing them to dance they sighed and held each other’s hands. (Nazdeekiyan plays)they danced slowly romantically they did not realized that there eyes were lost in each other eyes. Sanskar was twirling her at once and then pulled her to him there hearts were beating very fast there were feeling tingling sensation in their body .They were dancing very beautifully .The song ends there were very disappointed unknowingly .They also smiled .Screen splits at their four faces .


Guys I will post the next episode tomorrow.please comment

Credit to: Riha

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  1. Write a more long please. i love reading your ff

  2. Very nice

  3. Nice and pls continue don’t stop….

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