Love happens at last (Episode 3)

Hello guys I will post 2 episodes today so here is the 1st episode.

Sanskar says hi miss swara and swara says hi sir. Sanskar says please don’t call me sir. Swara says okay sanskar. swara and sanskar says at the same time let’s go to the painting room. They were about to go to the painting room but the staff officer says sir and ma’am the theme is change and it is natural object. Sanskar says what? okay. And they go to the painting room. They were painting a gold leaf. This leaf have many shades. Sanskar accidentally hit the water bucket with his elbow and he slips and falls due to the water swara sees and tries to help sanskar get up but she also slips they are having intense eye lock (pashmina is playing in their heart)
pashmina dhaagon ke sang
Koi aaj bune khwaab aise kaise
waadi mein goonje kahin naye saaz
Ye rawab aise kaise
psahmina dhaagon ke sang
kaliyon ne badle abhi ye mizaaj
Ehsaas aise kaise
palkon ne khole abhi naye raaz
jazbaat aise kaise
psahmina dhaagon ke sang
koi aaj khwaab bune aise kaise
kacchi hawa, kacchi dhuan ghul raha
kaccha said dil lamhe naye chun raha
kacchi si dhoop , kacchi dagar phisal rahi
koi khada chupke se keh raha
Main saaya banun, tere piche chalun
chalta rahoon
pashmina dhaagon ke sang
koi aaj bune khwaab aise kaise hmm…
shabnam ke do qatre yunhi tehal rahe
shaakhon pe wo moti se khel rahe
befikre se ik dooje mein ghul rahe
jab ho judaa ,khayalon mein mill rahe
khalayon mein Yun yeah guftagu chalti rahe haan haa
waadi mein goonje kahin naye syaaz
Yellow rawaab.. aise kaise
Aise kaise..aise kaise.. Aise kaise..aise kaise..

their eye lock breaks. They get up with a lot of diffulculty. Unknowingly swara and sanskar smile. Then it shifts to our raglak. Ragini is talking with her friends and lucky is staring at her his friends says to impress her by singing a song lucky says good idea. lucky sings manma emotion jaage re (because ragini is miffed with him ) lucky takes raginis hand and sing and dances with her.
Goriya re choriya re
Goriya re choriya re
Tera jalwa dekha toh dil huaa Milkha
Badi tez bhaage re
Manma emotion jaage re
Manma emotion jaage
Manma emotion jaage re
Manma emotion jaage
Dil jagah se hil gaya re

Dil jagah se hil gaya re
Tukdo mein nikla re dil ka chilka Tune phenka kha ke re Manma emotion jaage re (2× times plays) then ragini replies lucky stop stop you don’t need to sing .lucky, I want to say to you something. Ragini says what? Lucky bends and takes out a bubbly and will you be my girlfriend? ☺.Ragini says ummm yes ?. Laksh says hurrah.they both hug each other and went to the hall room .there the principal said there will be a party as they have quite good in the exams at 7 pm. Ragini okay. Laksh also says ok. Swara and sanskar almost completed the painting. After completing the painting, they both smiled at each other. Then they go to the exit room where people come and go there receptionist stud, sir and ma’am there is a party today the theme is ball party .swara but I don’t wear western clothes okay I will try to wear. Sanskar thinks, omg, so sanskari. very good. he also says, okay ,when is the party?she replies, 7:00 pm . Swasan exits out the of the office and says bye bye to each other raglak also says bye to each other. they go to their respective homes.

I will post the next episode after 2 hour but guys I will be posted after so many hours

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