Love happens at last (Episode 2)

So guys I am posting episodes very early actually I will post it everyday if I got enough time to write now the second episode
recap :introduction of girls

(now boys)
a big mansion is shown where a woman is doing arti after arti she calls,’sanlak, have you woken up yet then we see at the room of sanlak.sanskar is doing exercise ,he is looking hot in hoodie and sweat shirt after exercising. Sanskar said,Ma, i am awake ,but laksh hasn’t awake yet.Then laksh woke up and said , Bhai, don’t call me laksh, it sounds too oldy ,call me lucky, I am a rock star . Sanskar said, ha ha apni yeh nautanki bandh kar aur me jahra hoon fresh hone aur to uske badh fresh hole na. .Laksh said, Ha,I will wait till then . Then within a few minutes Sanskar got out of bathroom and then laksh goes to the bathroom .Sanskar was looking hot in red blazer with white v-neck shirt and black jeans

laksh came out of the bathroom and was wearing similar clothes except red jacket and Sanskar is wearing red blazer . Then Annapurna shouted, breakfast is ready. Then sanlak said ,coming. sanlak came and after finishing their breakfast sanskar said,lucky come I will drop you to college. Lucky nods.they go out of the km. Here our heroine swarm was getting ready in red and black abarkali with white border with red lipstick and red stone earringa and red high heels and is planning to go to her dream company tanash.

then we go to our last who was driving car to her college and sanlak were also coming in their car to college. Then ragini came out of the car and was going to her college then lucky came and also waa going to college until they noticed each other their heart was beating. Laksh was staring ragini he can’t hear anyone until sanskar came and whisper in his ear ,do you have crush on her?Laksh said ,how do you know ?sanskar said ,I am your brother,I know everything then he said,bye laksh I am going. Laksh said ,bye.

Then ragini said,hi lucky?.then lucky said ,hi rags ?.then they go to college. here ,sanskar and swara were going, sanskar was busy in phone and swara was lost 8th her own world.and then they hit each other they said at the same time, ouch both said sorry then sanskar looked at swara his heart was beating then swara said softly , sorry again. Then sanskar said it’s OK. Then swara went hurriedly and sanskar, what happened to me? He smiled and went ?. And swara asked the receptionist, who is she gonna work with? She replied, sanskar Kapoor. Where is he? Swara asked.then the receptionist showed there sanskar was standing and there sanskar asked the same question. and the officer pointed to swara both were shocked but in their heart they were happy.

Precap:romantic scenes of swasan and raglak.

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