Love happens at last (Episode 1)

Hi guys actually I have exam the day after tomorrow so I have to prepare for it so the 1st episode

it starts with swara doing arti ( sorry ? I forgot to write she is also traditional ) she was wearing a green salwar then she start singing bhajan ,every one woke up hearing the sweet and melodious voice, they got ready and go to the arti room ( the one like sns saath nibhana saathiya ) and they took Prasad from swara everyone blessed her. Then sum I asked , ‘ swara beta, has ragini woke up or she is still asleep ‘.Swara replied,yes,ma she woked up a long time ago. Sumi said ‘then why she hasn’t come yet ‘, I know you are lying she ( ragini ) hasn’t woke up you are telling lie so that she doesn’t get scold by me , right?Swara nods in yes.Sumi said , now go and wake her up.Swara again nods and goes uptairs to wake her sister . Then we see a cute girl sleeping in a pink floral printed bed with floral printed blanket she is in a cute ponytail with a pink nightsuit obviously she is our ragini. Then swara comes and smiles at her sister , carresed her hair and said,’ragini wake up,

ragini said,please na di let me sleep .Swara said ma told you to come in minutes otherwise she will face her wrath ( she lied because ragini is scared of sumi ) . Hearing the word ‘Ma ‘ she removed her blanket and immediately rushed into the bathroom . Swara seeing her sisters innocence she laughed and within to minutes ragini and was looking gorgeous in red shirt with black mini skirt with a red lipstick and red high heels . Then sumi shouted, ‘swaragini, breakfast is ready, cone fast. Then they replied, Ma, we are coming. Then they come and eat their breakfast. After finishing their breakfast ragini asked swara,di you told me last night you got a project from your favorite company ( actually it is swara s dream to work with that company)them swara told,yes, they ask me to draw a beautiful natural beauty scenic, well I have to work hard for it because it needs to look realistic and they said that I will have a partner to draw this art and he/she is a proffesional artist , she/he has been working there for a long time.then ragini asked, di you should know na what is the gender of the person I know you are uncomfortable with guys. Swara said, yes I know I will ask them today who I am going to work with. Ragini said’ okay di,I am getting late for college , bye . Swara also said, bye,take care.

Precap – the introduction of the boys

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  1. Is it a swasan or a swalak ff ???

  2. Nice nice

  3. swalak swalak swalak swalak swalak

  4. Wow waiting fir Swasan meeting

  5. good going… keep writing…

  6. Swasan ff

  7. xxx I will write swalak ff if swalakians insist after finishing this ff I will continue it until which episode you all want

  8. Swara is older to Ragini, wow,that is cute.

  9. swasan and raglak, superb

  10. Wow superb n its swasan n raglak amazing

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