Love happened by friendship (RagLak) – Part 2

Next morning

Ragini opens her eyes and finds Laksh hugging her from back. His hands were wrapped around her waist. Ragini takes a deep breath in smile, she takes lakshs hand and kisses it. She slowly comes out of his embrace and covers her in towel. She sits on bed beside him, and stares at the fresh sunlight, it was overwhelming joyous nd refreshing. She looks at laksh again and rubs his head. Laksh opens his eyes n sees her. He keeps his head on her lap.both r luking at eo. Laksh plays with her hairs.
“Laksh..i want the same night everyday. I want same morning everyday.” Ragini asks with puppy eyes.

“No” Laksh answers sternly. Ragini smile vanishes.
“You will have it very differently everyday.” He winks his eye. Ragini chuckles and beats him with pillow.laksh pulls her and they roll on bed, he gives her a deep lip lock again.

Next day, in temple in presence of few family members and friends raglak exchange the garlands and laksh fills raginis hair line with vermillion. They both gets married.
Ragini forgets that she is going to die in few days.. Laksh remembers it and does all this to make her happy during these final days.

laksh carries ragini to home in bridal style.he places her on bed gently. He sits beside her.
Ragini calls.
Laksh bends to her n pecks her lips. Ragini smiles. “I want to say something..” ragini tries fo say but, laksh bites her lips. He keeps suckimg her lips.
“Am i that tasty?” Ragini asks in a chuckle.
“One life is not enough Ragini. I want many many life’s together to be with enjoy ur love” laksh says n keeps crushing his lips on her. Ragini rubs his head making herself a prey to him.

To be continued

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