Love happened by friendship (RagLak) – Part 1

Please don’t cry Ragini. Tell me what’s your wish?

Laksh was holding Ragini who was crying with all bitterness.

I won’t be alive? I can’t be alive? I’m I going to die?

Ragini keeps crying. Laksh gets tears as his best friend is crying and she is going to leave him.

Ragini is a orphan it’s only Laksh who is world to her. They were best friends from their childhood.
She was diagnosed with a disease and she is going to die.

RagLak are sitting on the corner of a peak where ocean is touching the shore. Laksh was looking blankly at ocean that he is going to lose his best freind. Ragini suddenly smiles looking at ocean, she stands and throws a little water on Laksh. He amazes n luks at her. Ragini was smiling,

Laksh, I don’t have time now. I want to enjoy..!! I want to see and enjoy everything before i go. Let’s go..!!

Ragini shouts in excitement and drags Laksh with her. Laksh looks at her just amazed..

They both go around parks, exhibitions, movies and so many places. Ragini was never sad in these days. She is happy and making Laksh happy. Her intention is to make Laksh happy. She was not sad for her. But for Laksh who is bothering for her. Like that a week passes.

Once both go to a movie. Ragini was happy till then, but then a scene comes. Where hero and heroin are kissing and consummating. Ragini gets tears and Laksh looks at her. He holds her hand and Ragini silently walks out. Laksh follows her. He has acted as if he was happy all these days, but he just acted for her. Ragini is walking silent. Laksh is lookimg at her, she looks at a pair at beach who were walking hand in hand. She sighs and rubs her shoulders.

All my wishes are satisfied.but not this.. Ragini says out in lost manner. Laksh silently looks at her. Late at night, they go their house. From the time Ragimi was diognised with disease, Laksh was staying with her to give her strength. As she was alone n no one woth her, he is with her.

Raglak sits in hall for having dinner, the light goes off suddenly. Ragini moves to kitchen to bring candle. Laksh follows her showing the light in mobile. Ragini steps on something and she was about to fall, but Laksh places his hand and his hand holds her tummy. Ragini gets goosebumps as soon as she feels his touch. She stands and both have a eye lock, suddenly a thunder falls out.. Ragini scares and hugs Laksh. Her chest’s movements are clearly felt by him as she was breathing heavily. With her tight but soft touch laksh is wooed but to control he lets out a deep breath which warmly touches Ragini’s back. Ragini moves back controlling smile on her lips. Laksh observes it.

Ragini holds candle and comes to hall. Laksh’s intense gaze distrcts her. Ragini bites her lower lip and rubs her palms.

Good night. Ragini tells and moves towards her room. Laksh comes back of her, Ragini stands at door n looks at him. A lightning bolt happens out, and Laksh drags Ragini holding her hand. Ragini falls on him. Laksh places his both hands on her waist on both sides. Ragini stares at Laksh in shock. Laksh slwoly cups Ragini’s face. This is first time her friend is being too close to her. He was only a friemd, but in this moment she feels him as everything and she wants to just give her away to him. Ragini closes her eyes giving him permission to take access of her love. Laksh grips his hands around her and he puts his lips on her lips. Ragini gets a new sparks of emotions in her. The touch was seducing and reducing her pain. She wanted it more. Ragini massages her hand in his head and she suucks his lips. Both roll on wall and now start their wild smooching so that saliva falls from their mouths. Their passionate romance becomes wild now.

Ragini tears Laksh’s shirt with her slender fingers, she looks at his biseps and hard abdomen. His muscles and fit body. Ragini feels a little guilty why didn’t she look at this all these days? Laksh slides his hands from her shoulders to tops bottom and he removes her threeby fourth top. Laksh looks at her milky white shoulders and her clear cleverage. She was on slip was on slip on top and legging on bottom. Laksh gets a look iver her clear space of her thighs. Laksh places his hands on her hips and presses them. Ragini bites her lips and she starts losing her patience. Laksh slides his hands into her legging and he touches her bare skin on the hips and butts.

Lakshhhhhh…aaahhhh.. Ragini moans sweetly and she licks her lips. Laksh kisses her wet lips again and he bites on them thinking it as a piece of cupcake. Ragini slides off the straps of her slip and takes out it making Laksh look at her naked top which is only covered by a bra. And still her nipples r visible through that thin bra.
Laksh gets crazy lookimg at her seductive body, Laksh grabs her by thigh and places it on his waist. He massages her back with his hands, ragimi was completely locked in his hands. Ragini was monaing and goaning his name continusly. Finally Laksh places her on bed, and he starts suckimg her waist. Ragini clutches the bed sheets. Laksh smooths his face over her tummy amd he slides his hamds to removes her legging. Ragini closes her eyes and her face turns red to show herself naked before her friemd, no more a friend he is love now. Laksh removes his pant and he comes over ragini, he chuckles lookimg at her who was lookimg at his man hood rather wondered.

Will that comes into me now? Ragini asks him innocently, Laksh smirks n says yes…

Laksh bends to her, Ragini closes her eyes tightly and she clutches the bed covers. Laksh places his lips over her lips and his hard core touches her soft tissue. Laaakksshhhhh…. au,mmmm,…. Ragini moans, and while on other hand Laksh was continuously licking her neck. Ragini is getting pain and again soon it is soothed by his sweetness. Ragini slowly closes her eyes and Laksh bends his head into her neck.

To be continued…

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