A love happened crossing the border (Intro)


For this story line — I am introducing few characters below –>

1. Lead Hero – name – Siraj Ali
2. Lead Heroine – name – Prerna Kaur
3. Heronie’s Father – Vinyak Kaur
4. heroine’s Mother – Nupur Kaur
5. Heroines’s Elder Brother – Abhishek
6. Heroine’s Younger brother – Vivek
7. Hero’s Father – Sabir Ali
8. Hero’s mother – Sabnam
9. Hero’s sister – Gauhar

The storyline in short will be like follows :–>

The story will evolve mainly in context of India where an enthusiastic charming lady Prerna joined as a travel manager in a renowned Tourism company just after completing her MBA. Siraj formerly A pakistani news reporter and photographer who changed his job being a Travel reporter of an International magazine arrives in India to cover Indian cultures, scenic beauties and their lives. Siraj, who never travelled before in India and have some negative considerations about Indian people’s thought in mind and even he has some adverse thoughts about Hinduism . This story will gradually make Prerna be the travel guide of Siraj and after their meeting and travelling through India Siraj will change his thought process. He will gradually feel no people are racist in real , just the way Prerna thinks. Gradually Prerna’s father who also used to hold adverse thoughts against Pakistanis will like Siraj as a good human being. But the growing feelings between Siraj and Prerna make themselves disturbed where their families are still unaware. By this time some social disturbance will disturb both of Prerna’s and Siraj’s life while they were already apart though Siraj still has not returned Pakistan. A terrorist attack will happen coincidentally just at the day of his departure and that very day Siraj and Prerna will meet again and the story will gradually show surpassing the odds of society how they conveyed their feelings to each other and unite.

The differance of this love story from other Indian-Pakistani love story is that here the hero and heroines’ family are not going to be antagonist or against them rather situations will be responsible which are very realistic in the current context and as the hero heroine wins over those odds a real social implications and more positive thoughts will hit our mind.

The episodes coming soon …

Please comment how much you all are going to like it….

Credit to: Rituparna

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  1. an amazing concept… waiting eagerly for the episode….

    1. Thanks for appreciating, hope I will be able to deliver the first episode tonight

  2. seems interesting

  3. I love it. Plz continue. Love you

  4. Awesome concept. …will read It. …love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

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