A love happened crossing the border – Episode-2

[ Note: I imagined Shravan and Sana who are playing as Aryaan and Aradhya in Krishnadasi as the lead character casting of my story i.e. Shravan as Siraj and Sana as Prerna . You can simply enjoy the story if you dont know them, imagine anybody.. 🙂 ]


Precap: Prerna’s mother is an active social worker, who also loves her family a lot. Prerna for a special guest welcome programme comes to office, where she works as Travel manager . Her younger brother Vivek gave her lift. Office boss Mr. Jindal informed her that their guests are coming from Pakistan to make article for an international Travel Magazine.


Prerna looking around at the preparations for welcoming guests. The office is decorated well but keeping it simple. She asked one of her colleague Ruchi, who happens to be one of her very good friend as well, that if lunch preparation is also done or not. Ruchi let her know that the food is ordered and is about to be delivered around 12’o clock. Where guest are also hoped to arrive around the same time.

Prerna hurrily looks at her wrist watch and checked its 10 a.m. now. If she wants some planning change she may do it . She looks at the glazing Sun and thinks what can be the better idea than one comes to her own mind. She smiles and announces for all staffs to gather for some important discussion. She checks that all ladies staffs including her are on western attire. The male staffs are either on casual shirts or on suit. She declares to change all of their dress to create a whole Indian Cultural look. Where it was a real problem to manage the attire change plan at this short notice. But their boss Mr. Jindal solved the problem asking to go to the nearest shopping mall to choose the perfect dress for a great welcome programme. The ladies staffs wears saree in different style like Maratha, Madrasi style , in a normal manner and some of them wear Punjabi salwar suits and one wears Gujrati Ghagra. Prerna wears the saree in Bengali Style as she knows well how to wear it properly as her mother by birth was from Bengal. The males are also dressed in different cultural look. Even Mr. Jindal wears dress like Punjabi. They arranged flowers , garlands etc.


Girls are gossiping anout how the guests will look like. One of them whispers in other’s ear that –
“Chief Travel reporter , must be a middle aged man . Don’t be so excited about their look. You have to call him uncle .”

They laughed loudly .

Other girl says – “But he will come with one assistant. He must be younger. May be Handsome. Then it will be worthy”.

Ruchi joins them and continues – “ If anyone of you fall for them then think twice you have to marry him then you have to go to Pakistan to live . Think twice”

Prerna overhears and smilingly says – “Let them enjoy . They are only chatting . Not going to make relationships here . You used to be scared of everything. “

Ruchi shouts – “Lizard! Behind you “

Prerna jumps and closes her eyes of fear and continue screaming.

Ruchi laughs loudly and says – “I fear about everything and you only get frightened by a small lizard” She continue laughing. Prerna get irritated at first but then laughs .

The car with the guests arrive. As per the planning all girls and women cordially invites them saying “Namaste” . Some of them just cant help them but stare at one of the guests who is tall, medium complexion, but very much smart and handsome. Girls put garlands around their neck as per the arrangements. Prerna comes in front of them and greets saying “Namaste”.

Mr. Jindal greets them too and invites them to come inside. He then made Prerna introduce with the guests –

Pointing to the most attractive cupid whom the girls are still staring at Mr. Jindal says-

“Prerna He is Siraj , The chief Travel Reporter of Nature Magazine”.

Prerna greets him again shakes hand with him and says – “Nice to meet you”

Siraj greets her back.

Mr. Jindal continues looking at Siraj – “Mr. Siraj Prerna will be your Travel Manager. She is our most expert Travel Manager.”

Siraj himself then introduce his assistant Zubain Malik to all . Zubain is also attractive by his look , but he used to behave foolishly . Some of the women staff start craking jokes about him. Prerna listens them and glares at them and by nodding her head she tries to say them to stop.


Meanwhile gustes finished their lunch. They are just sitting and making their plan of how to start their tour.
Mr. Jindal suggests that they should start from state “Maharashtra” .

Prerna doesn’t agree and suggests – “ We should start from here only. Now we are in Delhi. And in few days Navratri and Dusshera coming. Siraj came here to know about Indian cultures. Then what could be better to start with Dusshera. Yes this festival is also celebrated at other places. But as we are already at Delhi we should make our guests see the festival at Ramleela Maidan. He must enjoy it.” – Saying so Prerna smiles.

Siraj stares at her and think in his mind – “The hypocritic culture of the world I have to cover as story. The insane Hindus – Ram and Ravan fought and they made the winner their God . How much mad they are. I have to digest all these”. – His face reflects his annoyance.

Prerna seeing so asked Siraj – “Do you have any problem with this plan ? If you want we can change” .

Siraj pretends to smile and says – “Wherever I go to start I have to attend the Navratri and Dusshera . So, its not a problem if we start from here only.”

Prerna gets suspectful in mind and thinks – “He must not liking to attend any festival at all. He is just pretending. But our festivals show our culture a lot. When I will explain him. He must understand”.

Prerna says – “But for Navratri we still have some time in hand. In this meantime. We will show you the historical places of Delhi. What do you say Siraj? We will start from tomorrow. Today you take rest”.

He agrees .


Prerna explains her experience with the guests for the first day to her mother at night. Vivek again tries to do some leg pulling. Prerna and Siraj on their way start arguing with each other on Hindu God Goddesses.

I know I have given a very late update . Sorry . Who missed the intro and Episode-1
Here’s link ->
Intro link – http://www.tellyupdates.com/love-happened-crossing-border-intro/
Epi-1 link- http://www.tellyupdates.com/love-happened-crossing-border-episode-1/

Credit to: Rituparna

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