A love happened crossing the border – Episode-1

[ Note: I imagined Shravan and Sana who are playing as Aryaan and Aradhya in Krishnadasi as the lead character casting of my story i.e. Shravan as Siraj and Sana as

Prerna . You can simply enjoy the story if you dont know them, imagine anybody.. 🙂 ]

The old antique clock is ticking and started to ring its bell for 9 times as its 9 a.m. From the east window the sunlight is coming brightly. The small yet beautifully

arranged house is shining. A middle aged lady who looked very corporate in properly dressed saree and with a high neck blouse making sandwitches and packing three

tiffin boxes. She is doing it very fast as if she is being late for something. After she finished making sandwitches and tiffin boxes ready rushed into a room . A

suited booted steady middle aged man was there wearing his wrist watch as the last thing to make himself ready. He smiles seeing the lady rushing and asked-
– “Why are you rushing Nupur, you are now 46 ! Oh sorry you are now only one day behind from being 47. You should take care of your bones . Dont you want to enjoy your

birthday tomorrow ? How will you dance with me , if you break your bones today ? ” –
Saying so the man laughed at Nupur.

Though Nupur enjoyed the joke but she made her face express a little anger and said –
– “Vinayak, dont you think if you dance tomorrow your bones may break also. I think you forgot that just three months ago what you did in your own birthday, You drank

so much and then you tried to dance while ended with cramp in your ankle. Three days you were on bed, was not even able to go to office. And my dear husband you are

now 51 , your bones are 4 years older than me , so you need to be more careful.”

Nupur in a hurry handed over the handkerchief to Vinayak and said-
” I have not prepared your tiffin as you told yesterday that you have lunch today with guests. I am being late , bye ”

Vinayak : “I am also ready , I can give you lift. This will be a good excuse to spend some more time with you. ” – He teases Nupur by pushing her with his elbow.

Nupur while rushing outside the room told-
” You behaving like a 20 year boy , your yougest son is now 20 years. You are forgetting my office is on opposite way” – She smiles and leaves.

Nupur (After coming outside near the dinning table and asked loudly taking Prerna’s name) : “Prerna, I am being late for office, your tiffin is ready over the table.

Don’t forget to take it as you used to do most of the days. ”

Prerna: “No way to forget, today I am all set to go and am ready. “.- She smiles.

Nupur: “You are going such early today and dressed up so well, anything special ?”

Prerna was wearing a red beautiful top with red less work and denim blue jeans, looking gorgeous and pretty, she looks herself through the mirror opposite the dinning

table and smiled at herself and said –

“I really dont know what special, but my boss asked me to come being ready for a small party, he got a good deal of work, so he throwed a lunch party. He also told me

that I have to handle his new work. But what was it I will come to know today . But am late as he asked me to go early, he will make me meet his special guests. I need

10 minutes more to leave .My dear mother, will you please give me a lift today ?”
Nupur: “But I am not going by car today, I will take auto. My car is on servicing, and more on that, I cant wait now, I need to visit an oldage home, my team will

leave. I am late.

Oh, and I didn’t know you have lunch party, ok if you come late then at evening you can consume the tiffin. But, Sorry am being late I cant wait. You can go with

Vivek, check if he is ready or not, I saw him awake and served his breakfast at room already. He must be ready by now. If you have hurry go with him and please give

him the other tiffin box ”

Saying so Nupur leaved.

Prerna told herself annoyingly – “Vivek !!! he must have slept again , and he never likes to take tiffin in college, he thinks himself having 4 wings. let check what

he’s doing”.

Prerna was astonished reaching Vivek’s room – He is ready and just spraying perfume all over his body in such a way that the whole bottle will be emptied.

Prerna making her eyes big round asked –
“What am I seeing, are you going to impress any girl at college ?”

Vivek: “Not that , today rehearsals started for college fest. Am going to participate in a hip-hop dance.”

Prerna: “You are emptying a bottle of spray only for rehearsal ? On the day of fest how many bottles will you spray ?”

Vivek feels annoyed but keeps silent and concentrated on his dress.

Prerna asked him to drop at office.

Vivek smirks and get a chance to pull her leg –
-” I can’t make back seat dirty by let you seat there. You must take auto “.

Prerna becomes angry –
” You cheap. I will not bring any sprays for you and will tell about all the messages you have on your phone to Maa”.

Vivek didn’t say anything as its true that all the best perfumes and sprays she bring for his brother, and the messages are real proof of his witty mind.

Vinayak comes there-

-” Hmm , messages !! must from girls ! My son has really grown up ” and smiled.

He leaves saying good bye to them.


Vivek drops Prerna in front of the Tourism company she works at.

The preperations are still on for the lunch party. Prerna thinks in mind that, she’s not late . She enters Boss’s room.

The room is elegant, well arranged, only the table has lump of files, which is unnecessary according to Prerna. The name plate on table displays the name of her boss

Mr. S.K. Jindal (M.D.). Dusts have made the white coloured emboss of the name a little gray. A half eaten cake and an empty coffe cup, some tissues just made the table

top looking messed up. This is what the problem of Mr. Jindal who used to mess up his table and his mind both while in tension.

Prerna asked lowering her voice more than normal – ” Sir, what happened, who are our guests today ? Is our Prime Minister coming ?”

Mr. Jindal : “No, a guest from such a place, which is enough to raise your pulse, more concerning than our corrupted politicians and Prime Ministers”

Prerna: ” Are they robot or have some machines with them to raise pulse ?” – She smiles

Mr. Jindal(Not so happy with the jokes Prerna throwing, he shrugged his shoulders): “Ok, let me tell the name of that place , they are coming from PAKISTAN ”

Prerna : ” Is that place outside this world ? Is it another planet or the people coming are aliens ?” – She looked very firm while telling this.

Mr. Jindal: “I sometimes wonder you may have not belong to this world or you may be an alien” – He smiles and continues – ” But whatever, your words and firm attitude

always make my tension gone as I know I can leave the responsibilities on you and I can lean on you. Wherever they are coming from you have to take care of them till

the time they will live in India. I confirmed their identities through embassy, everything is ok. And this is really going to be great deal, as the person belong to

Pakistan but he is the chief Travel reporter of renowned International Travel Magazine. He and one of his assistant are coming along with one person of Pakistan

Embassy today. They have chosen us to be their travel guide. Our company will have a great opportunity. ”

Prerna: “Its a real good news . I am ready to serve. What exactly I have to do sir ?”

Mr. Jindal: “You are the Travelling Manager, but as they are our special guests, you not only manage their travelling expirience , you must have to join them sometimes

in their travel. I will arrange assistants for you ”

Prerna smiles largely and says – ” Its great! Now I can travel all through India. great opportunity for me .”

Mr. Jindal : ” I knew, you are the one who will not refuse to travel with Pakistanis . ”

Prerna : ” Sir, Please dont say like this, there may be a traumatic relationship between two countries, but does that really make any difference among the people of

both countries look differant, and even both of the goverments promise each other to move towards friendly relationship. We should appreciate and change our mind .”

Mr. Jindal: “True , but our belief system become so strong that changing the root thought is not possible at this point. A fear always overcomes our good thoughts. We

used to think whether the Pakistani is genuine or not ”

Prerna : ” Sir, but you checked their identity. So we should not fear. Specially you should not take tension any more. Otherwise your table will become a dustbin soon


They both laughs loudly.

Flash of next episode:
A cordial delightful cultural invitation has made to welcome the guests. Some girls are chatting about , how will they look like. When they entered, Some of them

become surprised of seeing smartness of one of them . Prerna changed her dress and in saree in an Indian style she invited saying “Namaste” . She at last moment

changed plan of the welcoming process and decided to do it in fully traditional Indian style and attires and thus she made other ladies to do the same.

Credit to: Rituparna

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