Love that happened accidently- ishkara OS

Hello guyes how are you all it’s naina here i’m writing this according to my point of view may be some of you won’t like it but believe me you will enjoy it’s quite long so if you take risk it’s your wish

It’s all about ishkara no oberois here just om and ishana.Om is a simple guy who lives alone in an apartment.

So lets get started
It was a long sunny day and om was driving his car and talking on phone when suddenly his car hits a girl who faint on the spot everyone gathers and om takes the girl to hospital.The girl was taken to i.c.u.After an hour doctor came out of i.c.u.
Om:doc is that girl fine
Doc:yes she is fine but…..

Doc:due to head injury she lost her memory
Doc:do you know about her or her family
Om:no but i will go to that place where she hitted my car maybe i will find her family members over there
Doc:yes go
On the place where the accident happened om asked every person standing over there about her but no one knew about her om was very upset on not finding her family when he recieves call from the doctor
Doc:the girl has gained conciousness
Om:ok i am coming
In the hospital om while entering the ward saw the girl he was mesmrized by her beauty
Girl:where am i? Who i am?why no body is answering me?om keeping his finger on her face shhhh i will answer all you questions you are in the hospital you hit my car and got head injuries due to which you lost your memory
Girl:what???????and she call the doctor
Om:how is she now
Doc:fine.but don’t pressurise her ok
Om:ok.but doctor where she will go
Doc:she will leave with you we can’t allow her to stay in the hospitle.
Om:ok.but will she agree for staying with me
Doc:i will make her understand don’t worry
Om:when she will get discharged
And om enterd her ward and on seeing her sleeping peacfully he too sleeps on the sofa next morning the girl wakes up and see doctor and om standing infront of her
Doc:how are you feeling now

Doc:you will get better soon don’t take tension ok and until you don’t get you memory back you have to stay with om in his home
Girl:why??????i can’t stay in his home
Om:why am i a monster that you don’t want to stay with me
Doc:listen he is a nice guy please try to understand after alot of discussions and arguements she said yes
Om and the girl leave from the hospitle in om house
Om:listen there are two rooms in this department but……
Om:in the second room i have kept all the old things my paintings and all other things
Girl:so we will clean it
Om:but you need rest

Girl:i am not talking about myself you will clean it
Om:excuse me never if you wan’t you can but as you need rest so you will have to share the room with me
Girl:room share woh bhi tumhary saath never
Om:room share kar rahi ho bed nahi
After alot of arguements the girl agrees to share the room
It was dinner time om came in the room and said i orderd pizza it’s there come let’s have dinner
G:i don’t want to eat pizza
Om:so what do you want to eat
G:anything else than pizza
G:mein ghass poos nahi khate
Om: toh phir
G:pta nahi mujhy kuch khany ky liye chiye pizza ky elawa(i want something to eat else than pizza)
And after 20 min om again came and said

I have bought buttery chicken for you
G:i’m coming
She comes and have her dinner while eating om says you are fine na
G:no i’m not
G:because i don’t know who i’m what’s my name to whome i belong and she starts crying om while wiping her tears who said that you don’t know who are you and what’s your name uhhh i’ll keep your name uhhhhh maya
O:sughra bano

Girl thinks for sometime and says yes
O:ok soo anushka you said that to home you belong from today from now from this moment you belong to me and tears roll down from anuhka eyes
Om:so friends and he forwards his hand
Anu:yes friends and they shake their hands
Next morning
Anushka wakes up and goes out from the room and see om setting breaksfast on the table
O:good morning
A:good morning
O:how are you
Om:so lets have breakfast

They sit and have their breakfast while eating anushka says
A:actually om woh…woh…..woh mein(she’s cut by om)
O:ok we will go for shopping
Anushka with a smile said how do you know that i was going to say this
O:i know that girls can’t leave without dresses
Anushka smiles slightly
Then they both go for shopping they select alot of dresses then they have their lunch after that they ate goll gappas and icecreams and then returned to home
Days kept passing

Anushka changed into anu.She use to prepare coffee for om before he woke up she use to prepare breakfast anu started dance practice om use to get busy in his work they use to return home at dinner time then they discuss theire whole day with eachother and sleep while talking
After some days
They both go to a restuarent

Om to the waiter one wine and one juice
A:why you orderd juice for me i also want to drink wine
O:yeh larkiyon ki peny ki chhez nahi hai
A:tum mujhy mat btao main yehi piyon gi our tum sy zyada piyon gi and she orders the waiter to bring for her aswell

O:esi hi baat hai toh lets have race
A:in tashen ok
They both drink alot of wine in their tashen both return home in a drunken state anushka was dancing when she slips om holds her and while holding her their lips touched with eachother they both looked at eachother and om slowly kisses her on her lips and she reciprocates they both felt sleepy so they slept on the floor
In the morning anu wakes up and finds herself in om’s arms she slowly wakes up and gets falshback of what happened yesterday she was shocked in the mean time om wakes up and when he saw anu with him he rememberd what happened yesterday night anu run out of the room and om understanding her situation stays quite.
Almost six months passed everyday before going to bed they both have to share a kiss without a kiss they can’t sleep
After some days;om and anu were walking on the street when suddelnly some one hugs anu from back it was a girl
G:di where were you me and dad have been finding you from six months anu was giving her a plain look when suddenly an old man came and hugged anu
Men:ishana beta kahan thi tum (ishana where were you)
A:who is ishana
Girl:ishu di kya bol rahy ho app

Men:tum meri beti ho(you are my daughter)
Om:kya saboot hai app ky paas ky yeh app ki beti hai
And the old man gave him a picture which included ishana and his father om was shocked as well as anu aka and ishu told everything about ishana’s memory loss to her father and her sister.her father asked her to pack he luggage and come with them to kolkatta.Om and ishu were shocked by hearing this while going ishu asked om
Ishu:shall i go?
Om nods his head in yes but his heart was wanting to stop her but he controlled his emotions.

Ishu’s pov
Why i am feeling like this i was a guest there it was not my home so why i’m feeling bad but om didn’t stopped why shall i stay here and she sits in the car.
Days kept passing
Om after waking up use to call anu my coffee but then he realise that anu is not there.every second they use to think about eachother their life was incomplete.
After 2 weeks
Om was working in his art gallery when suddely someone knocked on the door
Om:come in.He felt anu aka ishana’s presence over there he turned back and saw ishana standing their with tears
Om:anu tum yahan
And she ran and hugged him as tight as she can

Ishu:i can’t stay away from you because i love you
Om:i love you tooo

And they lived happily ever after
I know i know itni lambi episode parhany ky liye energy lagti hai laykin meny kaha tha risk mat lena

If anybody didn’t liked the story plz tell me so that i won’t do it again thanku for reading plz plz do comments

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  3. It was awesome

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    Short & sweet…loved it

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    Aww such a sweet story. Ishana and om aka ishkara❤️ That was grt. It would’ve been lovely if you did one of rumya too. They’re together but they’re not showing rumya a lot as they do with shivika??

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    Thanku soo much

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    Amalina i will soon fulfill your wish

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    No risk at all naina. Title and story perfectly matched. Loved it . Befikre type story of ishkara. Thankyou for putting ointment in our(ishkara fan’s) wound by presenting this os. Missing ishkara badly. 🙁 . Won’t loose hope of vrushika’s return.

  10. Such a sweet story… ishkara…. loved it……

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