My love is my god (swasan ts) part 3 (a)

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Sanskar reach his home (Maheswari mansion)…
Sanskar (shouted): papa mummy where are you…
Then Ram came from his room… then sanskar runs and hug him..
Sanskar: Papa, where is mom and she is fine na..???
Ram: Shh beta, slow speaking …and ur mother is now sleeping…after sometime when she wake up then you can meet her…
Sanskar nodded in yes and say
Sanskar: What happened with mom??
Ram: so much taking stress…
Sanskar: Why..??
Ram: I don’t know.. Ask her why she taking stress.. And don’t ask so much question, go in your room and freshen up…
Sanskar nodded in yes and go his room..

After sometimes
Sujata: Sanskar (touch his face) beta when you came here (try to sit properly)
Sanskar: Mom (help her) why you taking so much stressed(anger)??
Sujata: if I don’t take then who will thinking about you and who will do household work…
Sanskar: maid, we higher maid… simple
Sujata: Achaa, maid is your wife or mom na.. That’s why she/he will thinking about you…Sanskar plzz one last wish complete it…
Sanskar: not again mom start in this topic…
Ram: she told right sanskar… you know she always thinking about you and your future… even she doesn’t take care of herself..
Sujata: ram ji ,I understand him…
Sanskar: I will take time for thinking about this topic… then he left his room…
Sujata: ram ji, why you told him these thing…
Ram: he should know about…
Then he also left…
Sujata(monologue): what will I do with both…

After sometime
Sanskar standing near window and thinking about her mom wish and Swara…
Sanskar (monologue): I don’t understand why I thinks about her…
Then he go in garden and sit on bench… even he doesn’t realised when he sleep on bench…

Next day
Sanskar wake up and he find himself on bench and directly go his mom-dad room
Sanskar (knock the door): can I came inside..??
Ram: ha beta… You didn’t need to ask
Sanskar: I am ready for marriage but we do court marriage…means I like simple marriage
Sujam: (happy) We have no problem beta…we already find girl for you.. if you want to meet girl..
Sanskar: what.. You already find girl and you told me now…???
Sujata: beta listen na, at least for me you meet her… if you want..
Sanskar: no mom, I don’t want meet her..
Sujata: (sad) okay as your wish but plzz don’t say no for marriage rituals..
Sanskar: but only our family (me, you, papa).. And her family members…
Sujam both are agree with this…
Then sanskar left for his room…
Then sujata calls girl family and then tell about sanskar decision…

After sometimes
Sanskar came hall and see some guest came home..
Sujata: Arre sanskar beta came here and meet girl family…
Sanskar touch all elder feet
Suddenly someone knock the door and say
Girl: Sorry mom dad for late
All of them towards her… and someone shocked to see her..
Sujata: Arre beta, its okay… came inside
Girl came inside and sit beside sanskar..
Sanskar: (angry but pretend to be happy) What are you doing here..??
Girl: why this is your house… so I take permission to you…??
Sanskar: yes, this is my house… so tell mee
Girl: I came with my parents, any problem..
Sanskar: what .. Means you are a girl..(shocked)???
Then her phone ring…
Girl: mom I came after 5 min.. Then she left in garden
Then she pick up the call
Girl: hello di.. Today I am very happy… its all because of you… kavita di
Kavita: Arre, what I did shona (you all guessed right the girl is Swara)
Swara: with him I am going to marry…after 4 days..
Kavita: what only 4days left for ur marriage… So sad I can’t came in your marriage..
Swara: dii I call you later …
Sanskar: ohh so its your plan…
Swara: what plan..??
Sanskar: I know you love me that’s why you did all these drama..
Swara: I know I love you but I came here only for my mom dad… then she left..
Swara: mom if my work is done, then can I go house..
Sujata: Why so early beta, after sometimes you go??
Swara: vo aunty I have some important work, that’s why I should go..
Shomi(Swara mom): okay beta and take care urself ..
Then Swara left for her home..

After sometimes
Swara reach her home..
Swara(monologue): how could he thinks about this is my plan… even I don’t know about this…
Other side
Sanskar (monologue): I don’t leave you miss Swara… after marriage you came in hell…
After 1 day
Its engagement day of swasan…
Both were looking so nice…
Swara wear pink saree and sanskar wear blue shewarni..
Sanskar Staring Swara like he will eat her today….
Swara: I know I am damm smart and beautiful girl…
Sanskar: Beautiful girl …. You really … joke of the day
Swara: so why you staring me???
Sanskar: my life my choice… and I am not staring you… only I see you..
Swara: that’s call staring…
They both doing there fights lyk children…
Suddenly light went off… And someone say..
Person: hye buddy,(Swara smile listing voice and sanskar shocked hearing the voice) I know you surely recognised me..
Light has came
Person: yup I know you both will beat me for coming late …(sanskar shocked to see the person, control his tears & Swara smile )
Swara couldn’t control her emotions , runs and hug the person…
Swara: dii, I know you surely came …
Sanskar shocked to hearing “di” from Swara
Person: arre sanskar you will not hug mee (hold her ears) sry for late coming
Sanskar go and hug her and say
Sanskar: kavita you didn’t told me about your sis (point to Swara)
Kavita: arre she is choti, her real name is Swara..
Sujju: arre leave this , let’s start function…
Both were each other… first sanskar put ring on her hand then Swara…
And others clap for them…
After engagement all go their house/room respectively…

Precap: swasan marriage

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