love gives strength to forgivenous(epi-3)


 love give the power of forgiveness(epi-2)

recap-chirag death and ishveer marriage

chirag death is spread as fire all were coming to see him ishani is sitting near to his body and crying then a lady and girl who is pregnent and mentally unstable comes and spite on chirag body
ishani-what are u doing are you mad
lady- yeah i am mad but know i am happly this creep has dead
sumi-what are you saying your also a mother cant you see my pain
lady-i know i am seeing my daughter dying daily because of your son look my daughter became mad he made her fall for him and she is pregent
daadi-it can be true
ragini-she is saying truth
shekhar shouts-raginiii you are talking about ur brother
ragini-yes i am talking about my so called brother
arjun-are u in your sense
geet-fold her hand infront of that lady …….aunty its not right tym plz look at my parents and ishani plz
lady-okay god has saved this girl this creep
geet-okay aunty i have taken the doctor appointment u go in evening i will take her to hospital
lady-okay geetu and leaves
maan comes and turn geet and give a tight slap to her
maan-u too know about it but u didnt require to tell us ishani is your friend na
geet-i have ishani many time but she taken my words for granted
daadi-my son has get such big punishment for his sin
finally arohi spell out her anger

arohi-nooo dadi he diserve this punishment no he should die more brutally they have to take him to road then they have to shut him
sumi wipes her tear and comes to arohi
sumi-this much of anger for him why arohi
arohi-because this creep does no the different between gf and sister he didnt deserve to live
laksh hold her shoulder -what do you mean
arohi-if yesterday shadow was not reached on tym i have lost my dignity
sanskar in anger-what he tried to
arohi-yes he tried to molest me by saying she sit on floor and cry vigerously
arnav -arohi and wipes her tear,,,, you call me your best friend na so tell me what happen yesterday

flash back
in mall arohi recieve a call
chirag-hi baby
arohi-jiju y are u calling me from same place
chira-your trial room seen was hot
chirag-dont waste my tym come to xyz place
after sometime arohi reached the location arohi see chirag watching her and arjun kiss seen
arohi-u cheap u recorded it
arohi-i will tell this to arjun and arnav so that he can save his sis from you
chirag-sure i have ishani vedio too that i will upload in social media
arohi-u cheap what you wanted
chirag-spent one night with me
arohi slaps him-you jerk i am your frnds sister i am like your sister
chirag holds her in anger and pull toward bed
chirag-u r like my sis but u r not my sis and raise his hand and slap her and hold her chin about kiss her then shadow enter and hit him with rod and order his man to take me home
flash back end
all were shocked garodiya’s head is bow down because of shame
kavita-that means shadow want to kill chirag infront of us otherwise she can killed him yesterday
all ritual were performed all were trying to move on all were busy inn business etc they didnt spent tym or talk much with each other
shadow banglow
she is burning chirag photo then ishanis
shadow-ishani i have returned your gift which you given years ago then takes arohi photo and hold it near fire and say your mistake is you are sister of sanlak and gf of arjun then move toward cupboard a take a photo which is group photo of sanlak,arjun,arnav,maan,chirag,ishani,kavita kavya ragini their in clg dress
shadow-i didnt invited you all to my life you came by your wish because of you all look i have became international criminal which i never want to …i always wanted leave a peaceful life because u all i became beast i will not leave you …i will make your life hell by looking at your condition death will be terified

one month later
all were living for their beloved ones their happiness is lost somewhere ishveer were casual friend only
in mm
ap-sanskar today be on time today is baapa wiserjan
sanskar-i have meeting
ap-i dont want to listen anything okay
sanskar-ji maa
in vagella house
ishani-khushi i am going to temple today is baapa viserjan and mom dad has gone in xyz house and your bhaiya is gone for meeting so you have to go clg with driver
khushi-ohk bhabhi and make sad face
ishani-dont worry i have made break fast your favourite allo puri know happy when you come back from clg i wil make samosa and allo pakoda
khushi-really and kiss on ishani cheek and goes
ishani -pagal
ganepati viserjan is taking place people are enjoying dancing in dance one girl is singing dancing all people were happly enjoying her company she has wear black jeans and white top and open shirt which is filled with color
ap-who is she such a sweet voice
sumi-look people are happly dancing with her

sanskar to ganesh ji ideal
sanskar-you know na everyone is pretending to be happy but they are not nobody is able to move from that insident
the same girl-so you are waiting for baapa to do magic
sanskar-what you mean
girl-god given u such a personality but less brain
sanskar- what you wanna say
girl-look you said nobody is able to move on so u help them i dont know whats the matter first you change yourself live enjoy look people dancing by looking them some where enjoying and some where joining them increase their happiness by forgetting their sorrow by saying she go and started dancing and some join her
sanskar see and he also start dancing by seeing him ap dp laksh arohi sumi shekhar and ragini get happy he also bring them and made dance all were happy by looking at them sanskar get happy
sanskar-i understood stranger what you want to say if i am happy then only i can make others happy ad looks for that girl but she was not their

in temple
ishani-god i dont know what all happen why it happen you have give ranveer like husband who care for me never forced to do anything but baapa chirag what ever he was but i loved him show me the way
prist-whatever god do it has some reason
ishani-i know pandit ji you know me na
prist-you have god blessing that he save you from that devil chirag and given angel like ranveer who care for you do anything for your happiness
ishani-i know wha will i do to my heart
voice from back put it a make pickles and eat it ishani and priest turn and she the girl(same girl who advice sanky)priest smile and go
ishani-what nonsense
girl come forward a take a plate which is placed infront of ganesh ji whih contain modak and sit down
girl-i am saying nonsense then your also saying the same as in tv serial saas bahu say what will i do with my heart bla bla
ishani-you cant understand me
girl made her sit with her
girl-look whatever happen with that guy ahhh
girl-yeah chirag you only said he is a cheater and your marriage happened with
ishani -smiles ranveer
girl-look sweety what he may be he is your past and ranveer is your present and from your talk he is a good man cares for you never force u in relationship u got such a nice guy then move on with him beforre tym slip from your hand once it gone it never return
ishani-you are correct you know he hold my hand when all society is against me he never asked husband rights from me
girl-he may be your true ashiq you never know destiney has made some plan for u
ishani blushes

girl-look someone is blushing
girl-if you wanna thnk me then bring one more plate na
ishani-what if anyone see
girl-then say ur distributing prasad
ishani bring one more plate and they both eat it
ishani-after so many days i have laugh this much
girl-you mumbai’s people has some problem of happiness before sometime i met guy with same problem of happiness we delhi wale means dilwale lives and enjoy full heartedly
ishani-you didnt see amchi mumbai by the way i am ishani vagela
girl-nice meeting you ishani i am swara malhotra
ishani-swara nice name okay see you bye

swara in here bike going to see sunset in cliff there she see a man is sitting in edge
swara-not again god today i have given gyan to two see the man is crying she go close to him and see that man talking to a photo
swara-oh god i am coming to you she left me
man hear her talks
swara-may be i have fired from job or gf or wife run away with servant or driver
man understand that the girl is comenting on him
man-my ishani noor ru away nor dead
yes he is ranveer
swara-sit with him askk then whats the matter
rv-why should i tell u
swara-you feel relax look i an stranger with you secreat i have no benifit then tell me
ranveer tell her everything
swara-man look its 21 century no 18-19 where u wait one day your wife get to no u luv her and live happly in your old age man show her your love if she cant able to take next step then u take but not to fast
rv-then also she cant able to love me
swara-then show her that you love is enough for both of you if she falls for you then it lottery
rv-thnk yrr
swara- today you take her to out for dinner then try to became her boyfriend from friend
rv-thnxs i am rv in life anytime u want my help just remember me
swara-are you mister india give your no.
rv-okay jhasi ki rani
swara-i am swara
they goes to their destination

recap-sanskar planning for enjoyment with all which lead them to jail …..swara and laksh tashan in drink…….ishveer step to became gf bf…….arnav and khushi in lift

Credit to: shruti

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