love gives strength to forgivenous(epi-2)


 love give the power of forgiveness(epi-2)
recap-engagement of ishani and chirag
next day all gone for shopping all ladies were shopping from past 3 hours
sanskar-mom hurry up its 4;00 clock we have another work too
ap-just 5 mints
arjun-this 5 mints are not ending from pass 3 hours
maan-bro look their laksh is flirting with that girl lets go

laksh and the girl is holding eachother hand and girl is feeding him ice cream
sanky-what happen bro to your hand
girtl-who are you
sanky-his brothers
girl-what he said he has only one blind dad and second mom they had through him out
girl-yes he is unemployed and he was commiting sucide
laksh sign them noo plzzzz
arjun -mam he is laksh maheswari son of dp and ap
girl slap him-scoundrel and goes
arjun and sanky hifi and laksh give them killer look and run after them while running arjun enter trial room and lock it and see a girl in lehnga which is of pink colour and turn his face
arjun-before she see me i should escape and while going he see the girl she is arohi he is memerised to see her
arohi also see him
arohi-what are you doing here if anyone see us go from here
arjun-moment before i was going from here but i saw you know i have no intension to go and pull her by her waist to him
arohi-what are u doing if anyone see us
arjun-soooo i am thinking with chirrag we also get married what u think
arohi-i have no interest to marry you and start moving
arjun pull her and pin her to wall with full of anger looking to her by holding her shoulder lightly
arjun-what do you mean
arohi-u r hurting me i was joking i luv u idiot
arjun-never dare to joke like it again
arohi-never a tear drop from her eye
arjun-kiss on her shoulder then her eye checks then he looks to her rosy lips
arohi close her eyes arjun and arohi have a passionate kiss and after two mint they break the kiss and arjun kiss her neck arohi cares his hair but they were disturb by khushi..khushi knock the door
khushi-sweety dress size is okay na or u didnt like it
arohi-i liked it i am coming in two mintes
arjun-ok bye see you and give a peak on her lips and go from their then arohi blushes and go from their but their all the moments were captured by someone

in another side ranveer is talking to someone on phone then he we ishani in bridel attire with geet and arohi
ranveer to himself-she is looking beautifull like princess and turn to go but some one hold his hand he turn and see ishani
ishaani-when i am looking like princess why you didnt told me
rv-till when you hide you emotion
ishani-did you think i am fool i cant know you love me ha
rv-you know
ishani-when will you propose me after my marriage with chirag
rv-but u love him na
ishani-for my happiness you hide from me plz tell how much you me
rv-as a person loves god as a child love him mom and heer love ranjha i love you
ishani -me too and hug each other
then arnav shakes him and ranveer open his eyes and saw no one in his arm and ishani is with chirag and understand he is dreaming
arnav-where u lost man
rv-no nowhere i am just coming and go
arnav-cracy guy dreaming of my sister i know you love ishani if their is no chirag in her life definately i have given her hand to u and goes

sanskar is running and laksh is behind him while running laksh dash with ragini and shee falls on him
laksh-oh miss behan ji get up from me
ragini-i am not dying to lay on u
laksh-and i also not blind to allow u to sleep on me get up other wise i will dye with your wait
ragini get up and go from their

in parking
rv -i have to control myself infront of her and takes out cigrette and going to light it but he remember something
ranveer-today is a tiry day and takes cigratte and light it
ishani come and take it from him and show peper spray to ranveer
ishani-try this
ranveer-by this my eyes will be spoil
ishani-by cigratte your kidney will be damage
ranveer-i use it to fresh the mood
ishani-apply this in your eye then your eye irritate then wash your face then ur mood will be fresh try try
rv-no okay fine i will not smoke
flashback end
ranveer-pagal and through the cigrate and turn to go but someone put cholorofhome in his nose and some goons kidnap him and they sent message to khushi from his phone that he is leaving you go with arjun or sanskar

khushi read the message
khushi-bhai always do this with me hey devi maiya
maan-what happen
khushi-bhai left me
arnav-i will not say anything to him because yor such a nonsense
arnav-what the
khushi-angrej chalege laadgovernor chod gye(british gone but left laadgovernor)
arnav-what the…….
khushi-backii ki angreji bhulgye kya(forgetted remaining english)
khushi-i know i am great
maan-shut up both you arnav you go and see ragini and ishani ….khushi i will drop u home
arohi-get a call and leave somewhere

in isolated banglow
ranveer is blind folded and tied in chair
ranveer-leave me who are you what you want why you brought me my sister will fear the he here the foot voice and repeat his question
shadow-to much of question okay first of all your sister reached home dont worry we sent msg to her from ur phone
ranveer-what you want … you want to kill me
shadow -hmmm intresting if i want to kill you then your were dead know
ranveer -what you want
shadow-i want congratulate you
ranveer-for what
shadow-too get your love bach i mean to convert your one side love two side
ranveer-what are you saying whose matter you are telling
shadow-ishanii your childhood love isnt
ranveer-how you know…..tommorow is her marriage
shadow-thats stupid question and ya i dont know about her marriage but tommorow is chirag last day
rv-what you mean
shadow-i mean tommorow i kill chirag then ishani is all yours and order her boys to take him to his house
ranveer-who are you
she come very close to him and say in his ears shadowww
as per shadow instruction they take him to his house and through him at entrance and he comes in
ranveer-khushi you reached
khushi-yeah maan drop me firstly when u left me i was angry then you sent kacchori,samosa,jalebi i forgiven and goes
ranveer-me when maan has sent it on my behalf then he remember about shadow so he call boys except chirag to his farm house

in farm house
sanky-hey dude why you called us here
arnav-i think he is thinking of bachlers party
laksh-wheres the dancer
sanky-u never change na
maan-but guys where is chirag
arjun-why are silent yrr speak
ranveer-thnx and tells everything what happened with him
all shocked
maan-what shadow want to kill my jiju
sanskar-she must be in need of money thats why she did it
laksh-what a name shadow
arnav-ya which kidnapper reveal their name
arjun-shadow does she is not a street goan she is a international criminal she is a heartless creature and killed lakhs of people this first tym she kidnap some one and didnt kill him
ranveer-u have sad she didnt kill me
at that tym ranveer phone ring and by seeing caller id and show it all its from shadow
arjun-take it and put it on speaker
shadow-hello everyone ranveer told na what happen today and ranveer hope khushi like chachoris etc
maan-what u want
shadow -rv already told you chirag life
arjun-still i am alive you cant reach to chirag i will stop you
sanskar-dont you dare to harm khushi
shadow-keep your voice low sanskar if i change my mind then your mother cant able to bear the another dead of her son after adarsh and parineeta previously she has minor attack but this tym and laugh and arjun u stop me and laugh again then why cant you able to stop me from killing your kavya your and sanskar first love
sanskar-u killed her
shadow-not only killed i killed her brutally and laugh
laksh-why you are after us
shadow-i have not willing to enter your lifes but all invited me and cut the call
all were shocked angry fear

in marriage hall
their is a complete tight security arohi is not in good mood when chirag comes arohi gives pity expression which is noticed by arnav
all welcome the barat and marriage ritual start priest said call the bride and ishani comes she is looking like an angel ranveer is looking her with lots of emotion and ishani pass a smile to him and then sit beside chirag
laksh-every thing is fine na
arnav-i have double check
then priest ask for gathbandhan and they stand for phere they completed 4 rounds and priest said bride comes forward and as they start 5 round a bullet hit chirag chest
before any one could understand many goans in black suit comes a shut the security and stand in front of all dividing them to two group and not let the people move then six more goan comes with their boss shadow.she has covered her face with mask
shadow-you all consider my warning as fake warning and show her hand goan one of them place gun and she walks toward ishani and chirag .. ishani is crying and chirag is in fear
shadow comes and pick ishani hair and makew her stand through her on another side of the floor
ishani-plz leave chirag u want to kill then kill me
shadow sign the goan they hold ishani
arjun-leave him
sumi-plz dont kill my son
shekher-i beg to you
all were pleading except arohi shadow come toward chirag and fire 5 bullets in chirag chest and move backward then rest 6 goan come a make circle near chirag and fire all the bullets in him
all were shattered
then shadow looks toward a goan then goan gives her a packet by taking that packet shadow comes toward ishani who became like statute
shadow-you want na your life know became more horrible then death know your not single nore married and open the packet and take white saree and through it on ishani face and goes and her goan follow her
all were crying seeing chirag body arohi has tear but not for chirag death because it has some happiness which was notice my maan laksh sanskar khushi and arjun but it is not the tym to ask
all guest were bad mouthing about ishani and some pity on her ranveer can take it any more so he take the permission of elder and married ishani( a life less body )
recap-all confirming arohi and entry of swara in their life on ganesh chatturti

Credit to: shruti

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Oh u killed that chiraag.thank u so much.ishveer’s marriage is some what like their first marriage in matsh.on that day ishani is like a life less body.nice episode.waiting to see ishani falling for Ranvi.

  2. it’s very marvelous………but when will ISHVEER unite???? when will Ishani come to know chirag’s bad intentions???? pls my lovely sissy unite ISHVEER s soon s possible

  3. hey shruti i don’t understand what’s the matter with u????? why u keep chirag in positive role????? u know how bad is chirag then why??? what kind of story is this?? pls i request u to make ishani understand that ranveer always loved her alot & chirag was a very bad person. i don’t like today’s storyline

  4. sorry Sam but I didn’t made his character positive as he is dying so every one is concerning for him

  5. pls sweety do somthing that everbody came to know about his truth

  6. Sam in next episode all came to know about him

    1. that’s great news sissy ……..thanks for exposing chirag in ur next epi……eagerly waiting for that

  7. your welcome prince and thnx sana

  8. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    thanks for killing chirag

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  10. Nice episode pls update the next soon

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    its nice . waiting for next . its like matsh ….

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