love gives strength to forgivenous (intro)


love give strength of forgivenous
hi friends i am shruti hope you like my story if not fell free to tell
gadodiya family
sumi and shekhar parents of 4children
arjun-played by vivian desousa elder son loves his family more close to ragini
chirag-chirag of matsh a womanizer do anything for money so he trapped ishani
ragini-she is sweet caring loves her family possessive about arjun
geet-she is younger to ragini joy full person hates crude and chirrag

raizada family
raj and simaran raizada have children of three
arnav-arrogant ,angry bird loves his sister and bro very much
maan-same as his brother but he didnt belive in love
ishani-passionate achieve what she wanted she madly in love with chirag

vaghela family
harshit and sakshi parents of ranveer and khushi
ranveer-silent lover of ishani but never told her fear of loosing her
khushi-she is sweet and bubbly kind hearted girl

maheshwari family
ap and dp parents of laksh and sanskar and sujata and rp parents of arohi and kavya
all the family were friends and their kids share a very strong bond and can do any thing for each other they were somehow dangerous but kid hearted they all were celebrating ishani and chirrag engagement ranveer is heart broken but happy for ishani that she get her love but they where uaware someone has eye on their happiness their each ad every activity is analyised and watched by someone

a person seeing the engagement of ishani and chirag and happiness of the group
person-ishani your happiness is for some days life as much as you can with chirag because his lifeline is reaching to dead end shuts the bullet in tv
goan-shadow he is the one who given drugs to children
the person is shadow ,shadow turn and fire the gun and bullet hits the person who was kidnap by the goan in this head
goan-shadow mam ticket to india is confirm
shadow-okay go and get ready and inform our boys to get ready
(shadow a deadly dangerous international and heartless person interpoll is searchin for her but shee never caught by anyone killed more then lakhs of people whether they are inocent or crimial girl or boy id or old)
recap-ranveer is kidnap shadow conversation with arjun,sanky,ranveer which made them hell shock

Credit to: shruti

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice intro.I think it’s thriller ishani from that idiot chiraag.waiting for precap.

  2. where s swara????whether shadow s swara??

  3. Di r u the one who write soul of siya ke ram and this intro is awesome make it ragsan di

  4. Nice starting shruthi dear……waiting for ur next epi…..

  5. Nice episode waiting for the next

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