love which gives relief to pain (intro)


hi frnds i am back with new story i have written previous a fiction story of love changed the beast so lets begin the story
a young lady age of 22 running in a lonely street hardly because she is 8month preganent .she is injured holding hand of a little boy of 6years ..
lady-chotu run beta if they find us they will kill us …as they killed your didi and mumma plz run beta
boy-choti maa i cant run any more i am tired
lady-beta if your dad lakshraj caught us he will kill us mercilessly …some more time also struggle we will reach highway
then she hear bullet sound fired in air and turn and see lakshraj and her goans aiming gun point toward them ….lakshraj comes and hold the lady hair and throw her in road her tummy hit the floor by which she started paining and lakshraj hit the little boy and going to shoot but lady somehow manage to save the boy and throw soil in the eyes of goan and in nic of tym the lady with the child started running ,lakshraj shoot the bullet which hit the lady shoulder but that lady didnt loose hope for the sake of the boy and reached highway their a car came their is two person sitting one man one lady they came out
lady-mom dad u came(they were the parents of the young mrs & mr malik)
mr malik-sona what all this who did it
before she say something she fall unconcious boy started cryig they too shona to hospital after an hour they hear baby crying sound and doctor came out of o.t
mr malik-hows my child
doctor-what to say i didnt see such case in my life she was torchered for many days she didnt eaten anything from many days and bullet leaved its poison all over her body she has less time go and meet her … the way its a girl
they three enter the room and saw shona lying in the bed and a little angel is lying in little bed like her they moved toward shona …….she opened her eyes and see her parents and smile
shona-mom dad i am sorry i couldnt fullfill my responsiblity of child toward her parents i will do it in my next birth
mr malik-shonaaa
shona-plz take care of ourself and my son always be their for him guide him love him make him a mice person
mrs&mr malik nodes in yes
shona-beta come to me
boy sit near shona with teary eyes
shona-wipes his tears …….beta tears are flown by weak person ur not weak always think twice by doing something always remember their is a will their is a way,… will take your test in every step you have to face it by smile……beta ur choti maa luv u
boy-starts crying …maa i cant live without you …dont go
shona-beta we are born to die one day all has to die so why to fear…dont shed your tears ur my arjun
mrs malik-what about your new born baby
shona-my son will take care of her …..arjun from know she is your responsiblity u r her mother father teacher friend guide …..luv u my children she dies
next day
arjun give fire to shona dead body by holding little angel in his arm and take a oath that he will destroy each and every person related lakshraj and promise that he will take care of his sister
later mr &mrs malik taken care of arjun and given name swara to his sister after many year mr and mrs malik passsed away
recap-16yrs leap and intraduction

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