“Love gives you the power to overcome any obstacle!” A TwiRaj Love Story – Prologue


Hi Guys I am ZUHA! I am currently writing 4FFs so this will be my 5th FF and if I get a good response then I will give you the updates every Friday ☺Today is just a short prologue and the intro and episode one tomorrow. There will be 2 parts of the prologue and let’s see can you guess who are they……

*******Part 1*******

“Baby why are you getting annoyed! “said the boy.

“C’mon till when we will secretly meet… Look we should tell our families… it’s high time man! ” said the girl.

“Look jaan… I will sort out everything! ” said the boy.

“You will sort out… it is the line which you say every time… I am fed up of it! ” said the girl

“You know our families will never accept our relationship! ” said the boy

“You mean to say there is nothing left in our relation to move ahead… We are engaged since 3 months! ” said the girl.

“No you are taking me wrong! ” said the boy.

“Look I love you alot and that is true there is rivalry between our families but what about us! ” said the girl.

“You trust me? ” said the boy.

“Yes…. more than myself! ” said the girl.

“Just believe in me I will not let any rivalry effect our relationship! ” said the boy.

“I love you!”said the girl.

“I love you 2! “Said the boy.

*******Part 2*******

“You bl**dy idot! Why did you show your stupid face! My whole day will spoil now!”shouted the girl.

“Hey I am also not happy… my destiny is unfair to me that I have to face you… and look don’t talk to me like that. Fatty! “Said the boy

“How…!!….. ” the girl was saying…

“I know what you will say ahead… How dare you said that! ” continued the boy.

“Exactly Sadu! And yes my shoe also don’t like to talk to you! ” exclaimed the girl.

“Whatever!!” Shouted the boy.

“You…. I just hate you! ” exclaimed the girl.

“Same here! ” yelled the boy.


So how was it????????

Ok lemme clear they were 4 different individuals….. and this is a TwiRaj FF because I love the chemistry of TwiRaj yes I do like Twinj but I don’t feel charm in their chemistry as I feel in TwiRaj pardon me if hurts anyone’s feeling please pardon me !!

Keep smiling☺☺☺

Credit to: Zuha

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  1. owww…luvly epi i too luv twiraj jodi yaar…dey r too cute together

  2. Oh wow I am a big fan of twiraj . BTW nyc

  3. wow it just awesome

  4. Amazing

  5. Awesome…. Pls continue….

  6. Amazing pls don’t include Kunj and make it Twinj

  7. wowwww zuha….. plzzz plzz plzz do cont … i wnt one more twiraj ff

  8. I love yuvi and twiraj

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