“Love gives you the power to overcome any obstacle!” A TwiRaj Love Story – Intro and Episode 1

Hi Guys I am back with the intro and episode one. I was not able to reply to your lovely comments due to some network issues but I read all of them which encouraged me a lot please comment always and silent readers you also try and comment and I will surely reply to it…..


Yuvraaj Luthra : He is the eldest son of Luthra’s. He is very furious at times but good at heart. Has a girlfriend named Twinkle who is unfortunately the daughter of their business rivals which is the biggest problem for their love story. He loves his mother and brother dearly. The character of Yuvraaj will be portrayed by Zain Imam.

Twinkle Taneja : The drama queen Punjabi kudi… who is the eldest daughter of Taneja family… she loves his boyfriend Yuvraaj alot. She fears from her mother’s reaction because of whom she has kept their relation hidden.. She loves his mother and sister dearly. The role will be portrayed by Jasmin Bhasin.

Kunj Luthra : A very simple and decent boy yet he hates the Taneja’s especially Ashyeena. He secretly loves Twinkle but he knows UV loves Twinkle so he never expressed because he don’t want to bring more problems in their way of love. The role will be portrayed by Siddhant Gupta.

Ashyeena Taneja : A very bold… confident yet sweet girl… who hates the Luthra’s especially Kunj. She is unaware of TwiRaj. Idolizes her mother and sister alot. The role will be played by Aditi Sharma (playing Ahana in Kasam on Colors)

So this was the intro I hope you enjoyed it tell me via comments……

*******Episode 1*******

A bright sunny morning in Amritsar a girl in yellow Kurta and white pajama with a purple duppata is seen praying in Gurudwara. She says, “O Babaji! You know I love UV and he also loves me but you know our Hitler mothers will never accept our relationship due to their rivalry please help us Babaji! Love you Babaji”

She turns fixing her dupatta and she is none other than our Sayyapa Queen… Twinkle…

She gets out of the Gurudwara… a red and black shiny bike comes in fast speed and stops in front of her… the rider takes off his helmet slowly and he is none other than our Yuvi!

Twinkle:Wow what a timing! I would have grabbed an auto!
Yuvi : Twinki… Yuvi larkiyon me mamlay mein der nahi karta…
Twinkle:And a girl like me….
Yuvi : Never ever!

They laugh….. She sits and they leave….

On the way…..

Yuvi:Twinki baby would you like to have an ice cream…
Twinkle:Why are you getting formal today! Is it something special?
Yuvi:You forgot I told you today mom has thrown a party in which she will announce me as the CEO.
Twinkle :Ohhhhh….. sorry sorry…..
Yuvi:No worries dear!
Twinkle : No I can’t have ice cream coz of my throat infection….
Yuvi:What you have a throat infection how? You didn’t even tell me.!
Twinkle:It is nothing to worry I am ok!
Yuvi:Are you sure?
Yuvi:What will you wear today in the party?
Twinkle : Who said that I am coming?
Yuvi:What you aren’t coming?
Twinkle:No! My mom will never allow me..
Yuvi :So who said to seek permission from her make any excuse….
Twinkle :Ok even if I make a excuse your mother will never allow any one from my family to enter the party.
Yuvi:Leave it on me!


Scene shifts to a college….. Amritsar College (I don’t know is it a so called college even? ) A girl wearing a white long shirt with black flapper walks out of her class when a bboy wearing blue shirt and blue denims bumps into her….

They are none other than Kunj and Ashyeena…

Ashyeena :Oyeeeee you Sadu Luthra… Can’t you see?
Kunj:Oyeee Fatty Taneja…. Can’t you see?!
Kunj:”How dare you! ” very old dialogue find a new one.
Ashyeena:You know the day I don’t see your face it goes so nice and the day I see you don’t ask me…
Kunj:Ok I am not asking you…. Did I ask even once?
Ashyeena :Horrible!!
Ashyeena :No you!
Kunj:Whatever! Today I am very happy so please don’t spoil it!
Ashyeena:So get lost!
Kunj:Ok ok I am leaving… who is interested in talking with you!

(Quarrel tune plays as they leave in opposite directions)

Episode ends on TwiRaj and AshNa….

Precap:Twinkle enters in the party…. Ashyeena doubts TwiRaj….

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