Love Games (Raglak-Swasan-Zaya-Sahil) PART 2


Hei guyzzz maddy here..i am posting this on behalf of Anny…..she is ill so that why…welll i hope u will like it….so lets start..thanks for the comments.

Recap: Entry of boys and girls.

Episode start with:
Sanam,Aliya is taking care of Swara. When suddenly swara wokeup.
Sanam: Swara.
Swara: I am fine sano.
Aliya: You scared us.
Swara fake a smile: The one who should have been with me is not even caring and went without looking back once so no need to get worried.
Aliya: Swara i understand but..
Sanam: But u have to forget it and move on…and you have also a career. You dont need to wait for stupids people they should. So now my cute little swaru should sleep.
Swara nod and sleep.
Suddenly sanam get a call she look at aliya and aliya nod in yes. Sanam goes from there.

Sanam: Hi wahi.
Wahi: Hello baby who is swara now.
Sanam: Better then before.
Wahi: Ok take care….wait wait…why dont you all take swara out for shopping her mood will be light and she will feel good.
Sanam: Wahi i love to crore. Thankyou so much….
Wahi: My hyper girl….Ok good night.
Sanam: Good night…..

Ragini was laying on bed with closed eyes.
While laksh was thinking about her in his house. Laksh: I never thinked so much about any girl. But she is different…Should i go and check her….No no….Lucky stop where is your mind have you lost it… Stupid.
Saying this he goes and sleep.

Yuvi was talking with Sidhart.
Yuvi: Look sid ny bhai…Those two was just a time pass.
Sid: Bhai for u ragini were but for me swara was everything. Just for business you cheated her…for those bit*h.
Yuvi: Mind your tongue…I love my business why do u think i was with ragini for business now when the contract are signed and i dont need to be her….Do you even have a idea how i managed her. She was clingy….Man.. Stupid girl.
Sid: For you she was a business deal but not for me. I know i was with swara for my benfits but after sometime i realised that she is perfect. Bhai i will make sure you will regret on this decision. But its will be too late. I am going back to my Swara. You do what u want…..i dont give a F**k..
Yuvi: No.. Yuvi malhotea will never regret on this….but you will.. I am warning you dont go.
Sid: This warning will not stop me bhai.
He stand up and goes from there.

Next morning:
Ragini was shown sleeping and the sun ray fall on her…..and she wokeup…she hold her head and said: Why i am having headache….
Suddenly soneone from behind said: I will tell you baby.
Ragini turn and said: Yuvi.
Yuvi sat in front of ragini on a sofa with style.
Ragini looked at him confused while yuvi laugh evily..Making ragini scared…

Sanam,Aliya,Swara are in a Shopping mall.
All three goes in a different way.
Swara side:
She saw a red dress and remember something.
Swara came here with sid and where trying to find a dress for Singhania’s party. She was looking confused and said:
Sid which one white or red.
Sid come and hold her from waist and put his chin on her shoulder: Baby you will look beautiful in every dress but red one is my favorite and i want you too wear that…..And i know you look beautiful in everything……..but still you will look more beautiful in red dress what say..
Swara: Not bad my cutie.
Sid: Stop calling me cutie….
Swara: Okei my baby.
Both smile and said while looking in mirror: Perfect…
Both smile….
FB ends.
Tear start rolling from her eyes.
Swara: Sid said i look beautiful in red so i will that only.
She took the dress and paid and went from there.
In way she come cross a boy. And they bag from her hand fell. She look at the boy but he went. Swara took the bag and shout: You mistee dont yoy have eyes.
Hearing this the boy turned and Yess it Sanskar. Sanskar point toward himself.
Swara: Yes you.
Sanky: Yea what you want.
Swara goes toward her.
Swara: You blind idiot. Cant you see you dont have booked the whole mall. :-/
Sanky: So what u have already picked the bag right so.
Swara throw the bag on the floor.
Swara: Now you can pick.
Sanky: But i didt throw it.
Swara: But you have to pick.
Sanky: Why am i your slave no right.
Swara: Ok wait then i will show you.
Sanky: Yea yea.
Sanskar look at her blanked while other look at them.
Swara: Look his throwed my bag down and when i ask to pick it he start misbehaving with me….God today mens or so like tgis no shame….i want justice….
Sanky: Oh hello what justice you throwed it.
Swara start crying: Look he is blaming me. Sanskar look at her with unbeliveable look. While other chase sanky and start beating her after sometime swara said: STOP…..IF HE SAY SORRY…..THEN YOU ALL LEAVE HIM.
Women: Look she is so nice…..she have not called police yet or….
Sanky: Like hell i am going to say sorry…
Ahil and sanam come there.
Ahil: What happened bro.
Sanky told everything. Sahil were shocked to listen all this…
Ahil: Go back to your work…
All leave giving an unbeliveable look.
Sahil look at eachother and said: Sorry from behalf of my sister/brother.
Swasan: No need to be.
Swara: You should say.
Sanky: And in which happiness.
Ahil: Sanskar.
Swara: What a name without any manners.. Why not Un-Sanskar.
Sanky: Hey mind your tongue.
Swara: Same for you mister. Both look at eachother in anger and went in different way.
Sahil look at eachother.
Ahil: Sorry.
Sanam: Same here sorry.
Both swasan come back and drag sahil with eachother.

Precap: Ragini slap Yuvi….Raglak meet again……Zaya meeting……Sid purpose Swara while she run away from there.

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Maddy love you all…..

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