Love Games (Raglak-Swasan-Zaya-Sahil) PART 1


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Lets start:

In disco:
A boy is standing outside the disco. He is wearing a black jeans with white shirt and blue blazer. His back is shown. He is talking to someone on phone.
Man: But if she is your girlfriend then why are asking me to have s*x with her. What will she think. I think you should think once again on your decison.
Voice: No u go talk to her. Trap her and then end up making love so that i can leave her easily.
Man: As your wish but if u thought to change your decision then i am sorry to say i will not let her go then.
Voice: Dont worry man i know u. So i have thinked about it many times.
Man: Ok great bye.
Voice: Bye.
The man went inside the disco and took a picture out from his pocket.
Man: Be ready miss. Well i feel sorry for you. But i will not make u suffer. Its was your bf who wanted ne too.
Suddenly someone pat on his shoulder he turn around and look at the person it was a girl. And boy face was shown its was our handsome Laksh.
Girl: Excuse me where is bar.
Laksh pointed toward the left side. And the girl left.

At the bar:
A girl is going toward bar. She is wearing a red knee length dress. With pink lip gloss. And white high heels, open curly hairs.
She went to bar and sat on chair.
Girl: One shot plz.
Bartender: Ok mam.
Laksh come their and look at the bartender. And give a evil smile.
Bartender also smile back.
Laksh: Hello miss. Whats your name.
Girl: I dont like to share private things.
Laksh: Look its a name not your propety. And secondly i can tell my name. Hi i am laksh…laksh maheswari. I am 23 year old.
Now tell me whats your name.
Girl: Ragini….. Ragini Gadodia… I am 22 years old.
Laksh forward his hand to shake hands. Both shake hands.
Bartender: Madam your drink.
Ragini: Thanks.
Laksh: One drink for me.
Bartender: Here sir.
Laksh: Come lets go and dance.
Ragini: Yess come and lets dance.
Laksh: But first drink your drink.
Ragini: No.
Laksh look at her with anger but stopped.
Both went to dance and start dacing. After some time when ragini was tired so she decided to go to bar and take her drink. She drank it. After sometime she feel dizzy. Laksh come there and hold her. He took her out with him.
Laksh: Come i will take u to hotell.
Ragini: Hmmmm.
Laksh took her to hotelll.

In hotell:
Reception: Sir. What can i help u with.
Laksh: A room plz. Actually my wife had a drink. And having a tradtional family so thought take her here.
Reception: Name.
Laksh: Laksh and Ragini.
Reception: Sorry.
Laksh: Oh… I mean Maheswari.
Reception: Here sir. Keys of room number 101. Second floor right side.
Laksh noded and took keys and left from there with ragini.

Room number 101:
Laksh open the door and put ragini on the bed. He lock’s the door. And goes toward ragini.
Laksh: To be honest i dont want her to be my target but what can i do. Maybe its her destine.
Laksh took his mobil out and put it in video.
Laksh took his blazer and throw it. He kissed her forehead.
The video was looking like that ragini wanted or this and she wear woke when this happeing.
Laksh slowly kissed her cheek,nose,ears,eyes,chin and finally lean to her lips. He put his lips on her. And took her hand and put it around his neck. While his was kissing her.
Laksh(mind): I want to kiss her hard but laksh control. She is not in her sense.
Laksh start lips kissing her lips really hard and bite her lower lips. Leaving a mark. He then start kissing her neck like a mad. And bite every bare part of her neck leaving marks. He then stopped and stopped video recording. And send it to someone.
Laksh: My work is done. I should leave.
Laksh look at ragini before leaving.
Laksh: I am sorry girl but maybe u will be save being away from YUVI.
He kissed her lips for last time.
Laksh: If its have been up to me then i would have make love with u. But seeing a innocent soul like u. I never will hurt. Yes ragini…ragini gadodia.
He went from there. Leaving ragini there.

Other side:
A girl and a boy is going inside a house.
The girl is wearing a black jeans with white shirt. And the boy is wearing a black shirt with blue jeans.
Boy: Swara.
Yess it was swara.
Swara: Hmm yes sidhart.
And the boy was sidhart.
Sid: I am sorry swara but i think things is not working for us so i want to breakup with u.
Swara: Sid. What.. Happened are u not happy. What have i done.. Plz dong say like that. I will be broken if u leave me.
Sid: I am sorry swara. You have not done anything but i have thought many times and i thinl u are not my type.
Swara: Plzzz sid dont say like that.. Plz dont leave.
Saying this he leave.
Swara fell on her knees.
Swara: Sid what happened why u leaved me. Plz dont go. Dont leave your swara. What have i done. Am i that bad that no one can love me.

A girl come running to swara.
And yes its aliya. She is wearing a black night gown.
Aliya: Swaru. What happened.
Swara: He leaved me.
Aliya: Who.
Swara: Sidhart he breaked up with me.
Aliya hugged swara and take her inside the house.
She make her sleep. And then goes to call someone.

Aliya: Di. Come back soon.
Girl: What happened.
Aliya tell her everything.
Girl: Ok i am leaving from office. Now tell me where is Ragini. Is she…
Aliya: No she have not comed back.
Girl: Ok try to call her.
Aliya: Ok bye.
She cut the call and went to swara.
She saw her sleeping and smile.

Aliya: Swara i think u desvere someone better then sidhart.

After sometime the door ring.
Aliya goes to open.
Aliya: Thanks god u came.
Girl: Where is she.
Aliya: Inside her room.
The girl goes to swara and open the room door. It shown that she is sanam. She is wearing a white shirt with black skirt.

Sanam: Swara i hope u will get better but dont worry your di is always there for u. She put her hand on her hand. And smile looking a sleeping swara.

Other side.
Laksh reach his home.
Laksh: Zain, Sanky, Ahil.
And the three boys come down.
One of them is wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. He is ahil.
One of them is wearing a tom and jerry shirt and black jeans. He is zain.
One of them is wearing a dark blue shirt with black jeans. He is sanskar.

Sanky: How are u.
Zain(wink): He is always nice after having you now what i mean.
Ahil: Shutup zain have some shame.
Zain: Bro i dont understand how u became a f**kboy.
Ahil: Chii. Have some shame yaar.
Sanky: Zain u dont now maybe he is showing this innocent face infront of us but behind us he is also like us.
Zain: Now i get it.
Laksh: Stop it you all. Stop teasing ahil.
Ahil: Thanks bro.
Laksh: No problem but why u dont show us your f**kboy side.
Sanky,zain give hi-five to laksh and all three of them smile. While ahil leave from there being angry.

PRECAP: Swasan meeting.


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Credit to: Anny

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  3. Its disgusting. How can someone take girls for granted.
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    1. I also agree with u dear & now I feel that he doesn’t deserve rags

      1. megha plz dont say that laksh dont deserve rags. all he did was he asked to do. nothing else. so chilll yaar dont take it so closely. even thought i dont now what i am writing but when i Write idea comes in my minds that why i Write them Down. if you dont like it then i am really sorry i did`t meant to hurt someone. sorry

    2. ammu i undertsand that but its just a ff. sorry if i hurted u but i am just writing that match my story tittle. and yes no one of, laksh,sanky,zain,ahil take Girls for granted. but if i hurted u sorry.

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