The love game (Swasan, Raglak, Manan, Karnav, Virika, Ranchi, Abhiya) Part 5


Recap: Anjali gets into an accident.

Swaragini are looking at the mirror and remembering the day and all their moments spend with Anjali. They keep looking at their blood-stained clothes on the sink. Swara can’t control it anymore and so she runs out crying and seeing her run, Sanskaar goes behind her.


Swara runs to the terrace and breaks down, Sanskaar runs behind her and he lets her cry alone for some time, but then he goes and hugs her. She turns to face him and she cries
more seeing him.

Swa: Sanskaar she’ll be fine right? Sanskaar say nah. My di will be fine right? Nothing will happen to her nah? Please tell me she will be fine. Sanskaar.

San: Yes, Swara she’ll be fine, nothing will happen to her. Trust him (pointing to the sky) He will make it all fine.

Swa: He has to, you know my di is such a huge believer of bhagwan. I swear if anything happens to her, I will stop trusting in him.

San: Don’t be negative, nothing will happen to Anjali Di. I promise.

Swa: You, you promise right. Nothing, NOthing should happen to her. (She cries more and Sanskaar keeps comforting her)


Khushi has come out of the OT, since she’s not needed for sometime, when comes out, Arnav is the only one there. He’s sitting with his head in his hands and anyone can tell he’s
crying since tears keeping falling on the floor. She goes to him and sits down rubbing his back. As soon as she touches him, he looks at her with red, swollen eyes and tears
streaming down his cheeks. As soon as he sees it’s her, he hugs her. Khushi is initially shocked, but she slowly starts comforting him.

Khushi: Arnav, she’s much better right now. I can’t tell for sure right now, but it looked like everything was okay.

Arnav: Are you sure? I can’t believe how stupid I was, it’s all my fault, nor had I left early, nor would have Anjali di had to take her car, neither would she have meet with an accident.

K: Arnav, you can’t keep blaming yourself. If you keep blaming yourself, and feeling low who will take care of Swaragini.

A: I know, but Di has been like a mother for me after the dead of our parents. I already lost mom, I really can’t lose di. (Saying this he burrowed his head in her hair)

K: Calm down, here let me go inside and check on her status till then go and wash your face and get some coffee. Okay.

A: Okay.


Ragini falls on the floor and starts crying, laksh sees the door open so he knocks, and comes inside.

Laksh enters and sees Ragini sobbing on the floor, he immediately goes and hugs her.

Laksh: Ragini, it will be fine.

Rag: Laksh, my anji di. (She sobs more)

Lak (he also has tears in his eyes) Ragini, don’t lose hope. She’ll be fine. The doctors are trying their best.

Rag: I can’t lose her Laksh. I already lost my mom, I can’t lose my second mom. She can’t leave me, she can’t leave us. (Arnav hears this and gets more tears and leaves from

Lak (he hugs her tighter): Ragini, Sshh, nothing will happen to your di. She’ll be fine.

Ragini hugs him tighter and he kisses her head and keeps consoling her.

After sometime, Swaragini are feeling a little better, but very guilty, since they have friends you can comfort them, but their bhai doesn’t have anyone and they are so selfish, thinking about only themselves, but not their brother. They decide to return and while going they bump into each other.

Swa: Are you fine? Ragu?

Rag: I’m okay, how about you?

Swa: I’m fine, but I’m worried about bhai.

Rag: Me too. I can’t believe how selfish I am. I completely forgot about bhai. More than us, bhai is the one who is most affected.

Swa: And in our sorrow, we completely ignored bhai’s pain.

They run to Arnav and hug him, surprising him a little, but it’s comforting.

Swa: Sorry, bhai, we are bad sisters. We were just thinking about ourself and we didn’t even think how you must be feeling.

Rag: I’m really sorry bhai. But don’t worry Anji Di will be fine. Nothing will happen to her.

Swa: Yeah Bhai, trust bhagwan ji, he will not let anything happen to our di.

Rag: And trust the doctors. Bhabhi told me they are the best doctors in their fields.

Arnav: First of all, you two don’t need to feel guilty about anything. We all are worried right now. And who said you are bad sisters, Swara you handled the situation so calmly, you
were able to get the bleeding in control, and Ragini you knew exactly how to get me out of the house calmly. Your sister is also in there, we all three have complete right to be selfish. You don’t have to say sorry, for crying for our di. Understand. And if you were selfish, you wouldn’t be comforting that di will be fine. Okay. Understand.
Swaragini Nod, and they hug again before finally sitting down.

It’s 6AM and there’s still no news at all. Sanlak have left after a lot of pushing by Swaragini. Infact, they almost kicked them out. After sometime the Khushi comes out happily and
goes and hugs Swaragini.

Khushi: She’s fine. Guys Anjali’s fine.

They all get happy and Arnav goes to Khushi and picks her up and spins her, while swaragini look on happily, and swara takes a picture on her phone as well. He sets her down.

A: You’re serious right, my di is completely fine.

K: Of course. Her condition is stable, but due to the concussion, she has some heavy swelling in her brain and since some carshield pieces needed to be extracted from her liver, we
need to make sure it regenerates normally, so she’s going to be in the hospital for almost a month, or depending on how her body recovers it can be three weeks.

SR: Can we go meet her?

K: Unfortunately not for another few hours. Due to the swelling we had to put her in a medically induced coma. So after the swelling cools down a little we can wake her up.

A: How long do you think that will take?

K: Roughly 5 to 6 hours. We are going to move her to a room, you three can wait in there, they are just closing her up.

They all decide to go and wait in the room, in that time Swaragini inform all their friends the good news. They all decide to come and visit. Soon they bring Anjali in the room and
Swarag Arnav reminisce and their childhood and tell different stories that they remember. Soon they get tired and despite, trying to stay awake, they three end up falling asleep, with
Swaragini holding Anjali’s right hand, and Arnav holding her left hand.

They don’t know how long they are asleep for, but they are woken up by someone yelling Donkey. They look at the door and see the boys and girls group with balloons and flowers
for Anjali, and Abhay is blocking Piya’s way.

Piya: You Donkey, how dare you kick me?

Abhay: oye, Delusional Monkey, I don’t even remember touching you.

Piya: You are such a fool, look because of you even they three woke up. Happy now Donkey.

A: I’m pretty sure it’s because of your Monkey voice screaming.

P: Uh, don’t even try to talk me. SHe gets upset and walks in and hugs the girls and Arnav.

Precap: Surprise.

Hey guys, this one is kinda short, but I promise next one will be longer. To be honest,, the last part I wrote completely sleeping. But I had to finish it for all my awesome readers. I hope you like this and I will be back soon, with another chapter.

Credit to: Kasam

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    Hey I have a small suggestion can u plz change Kanrav to Arshi plz when ever I read Karnav I think it is a new member ?? plz change it to Arshi nd today’s epi was awesome it is not that short so chill

    1. I will change it to Arshi. And Thank You Sindhu

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