The love game (Swasan, Raglak, Manan, Karnav, Virika, Ranchi, Abhiya) Part 7


Recap: Swasan, Raglak moment, Viren finds out about the secret couple.

Raizada house.

Arnav: Mama, NK. Listen, Di is absolutely fine. We can go meet her right now, if you want. We just came home to change and eat. Swara pack something for di as well. And we are leaving to go to the hospital in 10 minutes. I just need to make a few calls.

Arnav leaves while the others hurry and get everything ready.

Everyone hurries up and leave for the hospital.

When they get there, they see Khushi there with Panchi, Piya, Jeevika and Nandini. They enter and Nani and them get worried seeing Anjali, but she assures them, she’s fine.

Nani: Anjali beta, what happened to you? Why didn’t any of you inform us immediately.

Mami: Thank god, we came here, otherwise you four would have hiden this from us right.

Khushi goes and touches all the elders feet.

Khushi: Nani ji, Don’t worry. Anjali’s health is improving slowly. She’ll be back on her feet in a week.

Swara: Nani, meet your to-be bahu.

Rag: Kaise lagi Arnav bhai ke choice. (How did you like Arnav’s choice)

They realize why she touched their feet and they all look at Arnav smiling.

Nani: She’s very pretty.

Mami: And very Sanskaari. (Hearing that Swara looks at the time and sees it’s almost 2’o clock and remembers she has to go on a date with Sanskaar in one hour, but she doesn’t
know how to leave with everyone there)

NK: Hello, Khushi bhabhi, I’m NK. Nanav’s cousin.

Khushi: Nanav?

NK: Nanav, (he then points at Arnav)

Khushi: Oh Okay.

Mama: I like her, Khushi, it’s a Yes from our side, now we just need to have your family say yes and within one month we’ll get you two married. Ma, this is the first girl Arnav has
ever liked nah.

ASR: Mama.

Everyone laughs and him and Khushi gets a little shy and leaves.

Rag: Nani, these are our friends Jeevika, Panchi, Piya and Nandini.

Anjali: Nani, but one question what are you guys doing here, in Mumbai.

Mami: Actually, we came for you.

Nani: We got a really got rishtaa for you. It’s a very good family and they stay here in Mumbai only, so we came to meet them and ask you to think about this.

Anjali: Nani, I told you nah, I don’t want to get married.

Arnav: Di, if you don’t want to, no one is forcing you.

Nani: Anjali just meet the guy once okay, if you don’t like him we won’t bug you again.

Swara gets a message asking her to come downstairs, since he’s there and so she signals the girls and they start making excuses to help Swara leave.

Jeevika: Swara, don’t you need to leave, you have that meeting today for that doctor program thing. Panchi: Swara, you forgot your project, don’t you have to leave.

Ragini: Swara, don’t you have a doctor’s appointment.

Piya: Swara, weren’t you supposed to go meet one someone.

Nandini: Swara, Don’t you still have to finish your project.

They all speak at the same exact time and no one knows how to react.

Swara: Sorry, Nani, Bhai I need to leave. Bye, anjali di take care love you. Bye.

She runs away saying that and goes down fast.

When she gets down there, she notices Sanskaar standing there with his bike.

Swara (in her mind): You really are mental, seriously you have to tolerate this egoistic jerk, I swear Mr. Maheshwari, there will be a day when I break your ego as well, and then
watch what happens. Now let’s get this over with.

She fake smiles and calls him and goes to him and they both say hi and after giving her a helmet, they both take of.

There Ragini gets a phone call from Laksh.

Laksh: Hi.

Rag: Hi.

Lak: How are you?

Rag: I’m fine, how are you?

Lak: i’m fine, How’s di.

Rag: She’s fine.

Lak: Good. So are you free this evening?

Rag: Sorry, I have to stay with di tonight. Actually Swara is on a date with Sanskaar and Nani and them are going to have to go somewhere, so it’s just me.

LAk: Oh, your family from gujarat came.

Rag: Yeah. I forgot to tell you that nah.

Lak: it’s okay, i understand. So it’s just going to be you with di.

Rag: Yeah.

Lak: Are you sure. Of course I’m sure.

Rag: Okay. I’ll talk to you later. I need to go. Bye.

Sanskaar stops the bike at a dhaba.

Swara: Wow, Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari, you are such a cheapo that for a first date, you take some one out to a dhaba.

San: Actually looking at you, it didn’t seem like you would prefer a typical first date, so I thought why not here.

Swa: (in mind, waht yaar, we could have gone to a movie, I wouldn’t have had to talk to this jerk, now i have to talk to him, I swear God, you only do the bad things with me.) That’s
nice. I like it too.

San: So what do you want to eat?

Swa: Wait, umm bhaiya, mujhe two veg biryani, three naan, two paneer ki sabzi, three gajar ka halwa, five aloo paratha, two malai kofta, kashmiri dum aloo aur two raita. Ha aur 4
buttermilk. Sanskaar, you can order. This much will be fine for me.

San: Wait, that much was only for you?

Swa: Of course, I know it’s a little less, but I thought to spare you since it’s the first date.

San: Of course, bhaiya just get me a thali.

Swa: Bhaiya, can you add four more naan’s.

San: Four more. Yeah Actually nah, I love naan.

Swa: Well, I’ll be back I need to go wash my hands. I’ll be back. She leaves and smiles seeing Sanskaar’s surprised expression.

There at the hospital Jeevika, Piya, Panchi and Nandini leave and as they go downstairs they are discussing the play the player plan.

Jeevika: Girls, I think we should stop this.

Piya: No ways, Jeevs. We can’t stop.

Panchi: But I don’t like it. What if we get in trouble in the future.

Nandini: Don’t worry, guys. We need to teach Sanskaar and Laksh a lesson, not to mess with girls.

Jeev: Why only those two, what about Manik, RV and Abhay. Why don’t’ you three start your project on them.

Panchi: I like Omi. If I suddenly start hanging out with Manik, he won’t be interested in me nah.

Nandy: MANIK. Why would you be with Manik.

Piya: Why are you getting so hyped, chill nah. She was just saying.

Nandy: Fine, than I’ll start the plan with Abhay.

Piya: Why would you start it with Abhay. You two don’t even look good together.

Nandy: Why do you care?

Piya: I don’t.

Panchi: Stop. Jeevs the reason we can’t is because if we suddenly try to get close to those guys, they’ll suspect something. So it would be a danger zone nah.

Nandy: Guys, I need to leave. I’ll see you guys later.

Piya: Same here, See you.

Panchi: they left, Jeevs you want to go watch a movie or soemthing.

Jeevs: Sure, let’s go.

Just then Viren calls.

Jeev: We are going to go watch a movie, you want to come.


Swara returns and as soon as she sits down, the food comes. She gets up and crosses the street, while sanskaar looks at her. She goes to a group of small kids and tells them to
come with her and she takes them and helps them wash their hands and returns with them and makes them sit with Sanskaar and her and starts sharing the food with them.
Sanskaar unknowingly smiles at that and he’s surprised that she noticed the kids. That moment he gains respect for her. After they are done eating the kids thank Swasan and they

San: That was sweet of you.

Swa: What.

San: The kids.

Swa: That’s not sweet, that’s being human. Anyways, I’m done eating, are you?

San: Yeah.

Swa: Okay, then i’ll be back. She goes and pays for all the food, when Sanskaar goes to wash his hands.

When he returns he goes to pay the bill, but he finds out Swara already payed for it. And she’s at the bike with her helmet on.

San: Do you want to drive, sicne you paid the bill?

Swa: yeah, I paid the bill and are you sure, you want me, a girl to drive your bike.

San: I bought you on a date, I should have paid and If you want to you can, and it’s not mine, Lucky let me borrow it today.

Swa: More than you I ordered, so I thought I should pay and Okay, then let’s go. But where.

San: Still and we can go Wherever you want.

Swa: Fine, next time you can give the bill. Now let’s go.

Swa drives the bike carelessly and at a high speed (she knows how to drive it but she’s driving it freely), making Sanskaar hold on to her tight and she stops at a movie theatre.

Jeevika and Panchi get there and see Viren and RV waiting for them and they already got the popcorn and tickets.

Panchi: Jeevs, why did this RV join us?

Jeevs: Viren and I didn’t’ want you to be bored so we thought to invite someone to keep you company.

Panchi: Seriously Jeevs, I never thought you would take me as a third wheel.

Jeevs: Let it go nah, it’s not like we can talk in the movie, so it’s good.

They go in and get their seats and after 10 minutes Swasan enter and they can’t see them.

Secret couple:

Girl: Shoot, look Swasan, Virika and Ranchi are here. What if they see us today, then toh we are dead.

Guy: Chill, don’t worry, we are all the way at the top and the lights are all off nah. So there’s no chance. Relaz.

Girl: If we get caught today, I’m breaking up with you.

Guy: Everytime, this threat won’t work. Okay. And honestly I want to get caught.

Girl: Jaan.

Guy: I know, I know.


All the elders leave and it’s just Ragini and Anjali. They are talking about something, when someone knocks.

Rag: Come in.

The person enters with flowers.

Rag: Laksh, tum.

Lak: ha, actually I thought to come and visit di. I thought she might want some company, so I came.

Anjali: Aww, that’s sweet and those flowers are for me right.

Lak: Of course di, beautiful flowers for a gorgeous lady.

Anji: Aww how sweet.

Rag (in mind) I thought he was sweet, but he’s such a flirt, didn’t even leave my sister.

Lak: Ragini, would you like some coffee. We can get coffee, till then the nurse can check up on di.

Rag: Oh yeah, sure. Di, we’ll be back.

Once they are outside, Laksh takes out a small rose and gives it to Ragini.

Rag: Wow, you really are a flirt.

Lak: Flirt.

Rag: Laksh I’ve heard about your player techniques.

Lak: And you trust them.

Rag: Are you telling me they are lies.

Lak: Not all are true though.

Rag: Oh really like what.

Lak: Let’s talk about something else.

Rag: Did I hit a nerve.

Lak: No, but I want to talk more about you.

Rag: Oh okay. I wish we could but I think the nurse should be done, so I need to get back to di. Let’s go.

Raizada’s reach Khushi’s house and they greet each other. Mama and Khushi’s chachu turn out to be friends and the rishtaa that came for Anjali was for Khushi’s older brother.

Precap: Continuation of Swasan’s date.

Sorry guys for not updating on time, it’s just i haven’t had time at all to write and this is the first chance I got, so I hope you guys aren’t angry and I hope you guys enjoy the episode.

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