The love game (Swasan, Raglak, Manan, Karnav, Virika, Ranchi, Abhiya) Part 6


Recap: Swasan & Raglak moments

Everyone is in Anjali’s room, the boys have just entered and Anjali is looking at them like who are they. While Arnav is giving Sanlak and extremely angry look. ( I hope you didn’t
forget how anjali was teasing Ragini about eloping)

Arnav: Swaragini, who are they?

Rag: Bhai, you meet them yesterday nah, did you forget?

Swa: Idiot, do you think bhai was able to process anything yesterday. Then why are you asking?

Rag: Sorry, I forgot.

Swa: Anyways bhai, These are all our friends, This is RV, Abhay, Viren,

Rag: Bhai, that’s Laksh. (She blushes, while Arnav looks at Laksh angrily)

Arnav (extends his hand and Laksh looks at him scared, but shakes his hand, however Arnav presses it extremely tight, making his whole hand white) Arnav Singh Raizada.

Lak: Laksh, Laksh Maheshwari.

Swara: Bhai, woh Sanskaar hai. (She also shies a little)

Arnav: Kiske. (Who’s)

Swa: Huh?

Arnav: Kiske Sanskaar hai?

Swa: Oh ho bhai, I mean his is Sanskaar. And unfortunately Sanskaar also gets the same treatment as Laksh.

Anji: Chotte, stop messing with them. Becharre one toh they came to meet me and on top of that you’re being rude to them.

Arnav: How funny di. And Laksh aur Sanskaar, tum dono apne parivaar ke Sanskaar lekare, meri behnu ke Laksh se door he rehna. (Using the Sanskaar given by your family, stay
away from the Laksh (aim, target, destination) of my sisters) (Basically using their names to warn them to stay away from his sister’s.

Swarag: Bhai.

Anji: Chotte.

Everyone looks a little scared especially Sanlak. But Arnav laughs and they all realize he’s joking, but then he looks Sanlak and mouths them I’m serious, if you hurt my sister, I will
hurt you.

Swa: Waise di, how are you feeling now?

Anjali: I’m feeling much better.

Just then laksh both get a call and they leave and come back, but after asking Anjali’s health, all the boys leave, after they leave Khushi enters

Khushi: Thank God, Anjali you’re okay. You know how much tension your family was in. (She looks up at Arnav and gets shy thinking about all the hugs they have shared, while he
smiles looking at her.)

Anjali: Oh really, um Khushi. Khushi. Chotte. (They both are too busy staring into each other’s eyes, they can’t hear her at all.) After sometime when Swara decides it’s enough, she
pinches Arnav, while Anjali pinches Khushi.

Arshi: Ouch. What yaar?

Anjali: We wouldn’t have to pinch you if you would have simply jsut listened i the first place.

Swa: But di, it’s not their fault they are too busy in staring into the depth of each other’s eyes.

Arshi look embarrassed and stare at the floor. While everyone laughs on them.

Anjali: Anyways, on a more serious note, Chotte if I ask you for something, will you do it for me?

Arnav: Anything di, all you have to do is ask.

Anjali: How about you Khushi? Will you?

Khushi: Of course Anjali, you’re my best friends. Anything for you.

Anjali: Okay, well I want (She takes Arnav’s hand and Khushi’s hand) you two to get married, that to as soon as possible. (She then puts their hands together) It’s just yesterday I
could have died, and you all know I don’t want to die without seeing all of my siblings happy and settled. And I know you two love each other a lot, so what do you say?

Khushi: Anjali, You know I can’t

Anjali: Don’t worry, I will call nani and mami and mama and we will go to your family with your rishtaa. But first I want to know your opinion. Arnav?

Arnav: Di, whatever you say, I’ll follow that.

Ragini: Wah bhaiya. Mann mein ladoo, aur zaban mein jobhi. (You want to say yes, but are acting like whatever.)

Swara: Ragini, then to understand nah, it’s ha from bhai’s side, Now it’s your turn Khushi bhabhi.. What do you say?

Khushi: If my family agrees, then I also agree.

Everyone gets happy and they all hug each other, but Arshi don’t since they are feeling too shy.

Sometime later, both Swaragini get a text from Sanlak to call them. They both look at each other and understand. They excuse themselves and leave making excuses.


Swa: Hello.

San: Hi. What’s up.

Swa: I’m still at the hospital, what about you?

San: We are hanging out at Manik’s.

Swa: Oh okay. So umm, why did you call.

San: Well since we couldn’t go on our date today? How about tomorrow?

Swa: No. Sanskaar, my di is in the hospital. I can’t even think about leaving her alone for a minute.

San: Swara, please she’s completely fine now, she just needs rest. She’ll be fine without you for some hours. Please.

Swa: NO. (She hangs up the phone and goes inside angry)


Rag: Hi

Lak: Hi, how are you?

Rag: I’m fine, how are you?

Lak: Why are we talking like strangers?

Rag: I don’t know ask yourself.

Lak: Sorry, umm how is di?

Rag: She’s fine now, feeling better, currently she’s talking our ears off. I think this is the longest she has talked.

Lak: That’s a good sign right.

Rag: According to Dr. Swara, it is. So what are you doing?

Lak: Nothing, I’m just at Manik’s.

Rag: Oh so, umm why did you call?

Lak: I just wanted to hear your voice. That’s all.

Rag: Oh okay.

Lak: Yeah.

Just then Swara passes by from her angrily.

Rag: Listen Laksh, can we talk later, I think something’s wrong with Swara. Okay Bye.

She hangs up and goes behind Swara, to Anjali’s room.

Everyone notices Swara’s angry face. Thankfully Arnav left to get medicine for Anjali.

Anjali: Swara what happen? Why are you so angry?

Swara: Di, that idiot. He’s so insensitive.

Anjali: Who? (She realizes something) Oh is it Sanskaar.

Swara: Ha di, he’s so insensitive. He is asking me to go on a date with him knowing you are not well.

Anjali: It’s okay. I’m fine right now right. So maybe he thought.

Swa: So, it’s common sense. But no he got angry with me. His nerve.

Nandy: Swara, he’s like that only, if he doesn’t get what he wants he gets upset.

Anjali: You know him.

Nandy: He’s like my brother, di. Just brother nothing more.

Anjali: I was just kidding and shona, go on the date. Enjoy your few months of freedom after sometime you are going to be stuck behind books and won’t find time to enjoy. So go.

Swara: But di.

just then she gets a txt in the girls group msg

Panchi: Swara, I think you should go, right girls?

Rag: I agree.

Piyu: Same here.

Jevi: Ditto.

Swa: NO WAYS!!!!!

Nandy: But Swara, imagine it would be a good step for our plan.

Panchi: That’s why I’m suggesting it.

Swa: Fine, only for you guys and di. Since she’s also insisting.

Anjali coughs: If you guys are done texting, can you tell me what you guys just texted.

Swara: Di, if i go who will look after you.

Rag: I’m here nah. Swara.

Panchi: Me too, I will help.

Piya: Samer here.

Nandy, Jeevika: What are we for?

Swara: Okay fine, I will go and inform him. Okay. She leaves with a not interested expression and calls Sanskaar.

San: Hello, ha say.

Swa: What time.

San: Wait are you agreeing for the date. (He sounds really happy)

Swa (She pretends to sound happy) Yeah, Ragini said she will handle it, so I can go.

San: Yeah, Okay, see you tomorrow at around 3ish and dress casually.

Swa: Okay. Bye.

She goes back to the room and signals thumbs up to her friends, and the girls start talking and they tell Anjali everything about the boys (other than the plan to play the players plan of course)

Night time, due to Anjali’s insistence Swaragini and arnav had to return home, since Anjali wanted them to start making preps for their Nani and Mami, mama, but they promised to come back as soon as they had finished all the work. When go inside they first thing they notice is the smell, it seems as if someone made food and the aroma is just amazing and the three realize they are extremely hungry, they go to look in the kitchen and are happy to see their nani and mami making food. They immediately go and hug them.

Swara: Nani, How come you guys are here? Actually let it be, we have to inform you about so much? But right now we are extremely hungry, so we can discuss it all while eating.

Nani: Okay, hurry up and get fresh, till then the food will be ready. Hurry up.

By the time, the three return they notice the table is filled with everything they love. And the three jump on the food like they haven’t eaten in years. Nani & Mami understand
Swaragini, cause they are always hungry, but they are shocked seeing Arnav jump on the food.

Mami: Beta, where is Anjali di.

Nani: Is she still at the office?

Arnav: No, actually di is at the

Swra: Actually nani we have amazing news for you guys.

Mami: Really, tell tell, hurry up jaldi. What is the goody news for us.

Rag: Mami, takes a chill pill. We are telling. So the news is we are finally getting a bhabhi.

Nani & Mami are shocked, since Arnav never ever had feelings for anyone, he never even used to look at other girls.

Mami: What? You is she that has stealen the hearts of my Arnav bitwa?

Swara: Dr. Khushi, nani she is one of the sweetest and kindest person. She is also Anjali di’s best friend.

Rag: And Nani, we were going to call you guys, to tell you to come here, so that you guys can go and talk to bhabhi’s family and fix everything.

Nani: Okay, we will prepare everything and go first thing tomorrow morning. But now where is Anjali?

Swa: Actually, Nani the thing is that, Anjali di, yesterday night, she’s fine now, she just needs to rest for some time.

Nani: What happen to her?

Arnav: Nani actually, yesterday night Anjali di had a major accident.

Just then they hear something drop and are shocked to see two men.

Virika are at a park and it seems like they are waiting for someone.

Vir: Jeevika, who do you want me to meet?

Jev: You’ll be shocked Viren, when you see who comes.

Vir: May I know why?

Jev: Trust me you’ll be shocked. Where are they, I told them to be here 20 minutes ago.

Vir: Jeevika, look it’s so pretty outside, Anjali di is out of danger and she’ll be fine soon, we are on vacation and tomorrow my family is going to go talk to your parents for our marriage. Then why are you tensed? (He hugs her from back and rests his chin on her shoulder)

Jev: Trust me, when when you see what i’m going to show you, you yourself will be tensed.

Vir: Now I am really intrigued and really tensed, maybe a kiss will help me calm down.

Jev: Viren, we are in public.

Vir: Fine. (He then quickly kisses her)

Jev: Viren.

Vir: Jeevika.

Just then a girl and a guy come walking hand in hand.

Guy: Viren (teasingly) Yaar, You two are always romancing nah.

Viren: Tu. What are you doing here and that too holding hands with her.

Girl: Didn’t Jeevika tell you.

Jeevika: Just because we are dating, doesn’t mean I will tell him everything.

Viren: What, that’s not fair, I tell you almost everything.

Jeevika: Almost, almost everything. So I do the same and it’s not my secret, it’s theirs.

Viren: What secret. (Just then he sees them holding hands) Wait, you two are dating? But you hate her. Infact there’s not a single day you don’t tell us how much you hate her. I

Girl: Seriously. How mean. I don’t want to talk to you.

Guy: Viren, what did you do know. Now I have to go and convince that Jhansi ki rani. (he turns to go, but looks back) Viren, please don’t tell anyone. Please. If they find out. Please.

Viren: Seriously, them. Donkey, Monkey, are a couple.

Jeevika: I mean I never saw it happening, but then I kind of did. You know.

Viren: No, I don’t but let them be and think about us.

They spend some romantic time together.

On the road,

The girl is walking angrily and the guy is slowly following her while singing rok ja (DDLJ),

Ruk ja o dil deewane

Poochhoon toh main zara

Ladki hai ya hai jaadu (hold her hand, but she twists it from his hold)

Khushboo hai ya nasha

Ha ruk ja o dil deewane

Poochhoon to main zara

Arrey ladki hai ya hai jaadu

Khushboo hai ya nasha

Paas wo aaye toh ( comes near her and smiles, but she keeps walking)

Chhoo ke main dekhoon zara (tries to touch her shoulder, but she doesn’t let him)

Ruk ja o dil deewane (he gives her a rose, but she doesn’t take it)

Poochhoon toh main zara (Gives her a chocolate, and after a few seconds takes it)

Dekhe wo idhar (She then sees him flirt with a girl and throws the choclate back to him)

Hanske bekhabar

Thaamke, dil hum khade hain

Gumsum si nazar

Uski hai magar

Honthon pe

Shikve bade hain

Baat ban jaaye toh (He stops her and starts dancing with her, she tries to resist, but she can’t and so she finally gives in)

Main baat chhedoon zara

Sharma wo gayi ghabra vo gayi

Maine jo usko pukaara

Ye dil le liya usne kar diya

Aankhon hi aankhon mein ishaara

Jaan bhi jaaye toh

Gam na karoon main zara

Ladki hai ya hai jaadu

Khushboo hai ya nasha

Mehfil mein haseen

Tu hi toh nahin

Roothe tu

Kis liye akeli

Jis pe yoon fida

Ye dil ho gaya

Wo toh hai (They stop dancing and he gets on his knees)

Guy: My princess, I love you, and I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

Girl: I forgive you, now stand up. (He hugs her)

Guy: You know why i have to act like we hate each other. I swear sometimes I feeling like not caring. And telling everyone you are mine.

Girl: Me too. You know how horrible it is to hear girls talk about you and not tell them you are mine. I wish I didn’t care, but I really care about them and I can’t hurt them like this.

Guy: I know and when you feel it’s the right time, we will tell everyone okay.

Girl: I Love You so much. I will die if I lose you.

Guy:Sshh, don’t ever talk like this. Nothing will happen to us. Okay. We will always be together.

Khushi’s house. Khushi is scared on how to talk to her parents about Arnav and her rishta, when her older brother comes to her.

B: What happen Khushi, why so tensed?

K: Bhai, I Love someone, and tomorrow his family is coming to fix their rishtaa.

B: Oh, and now my princess is worried on how to inform everyone.

K: Of course bhai. I’m scared. Do you think chach will say yes.

B: Of course. He loves you the most, and we all know it, there’s nothing he would refuse you.

K: Can you come with me to talk to them? Please.

B: Of course. Let’s go.

She goes to the living room, where all the elders are sitting. She goes nervously.

K: Chach, I need to talk to you, about some. Something.

C: Of course, beta tell us.

K: Woh, Chach, tomorrow someone is coming to meet you guys, so what time should I call them. And they said they wanted to meet all of the elders.

Mom: Beta, who is coming to meet us?

K: Mom, meet them to find out okay. Bye. Saying this she runs away.

Precap: Will Khushi’s family agree, Swasan date. Who are the people standing at the door.

Okay, so guys this is it for today. I hope you all enjoyed it. Many might be questioning who the secret couple is and all I can say to them is it’s a surprise, but I will give you one small hint. It’s not RV and Panchi. But that leaves two options Manan or Abhiya, And before you guess, both are my favorite couples.

Credit to: Kasam

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