The love game (Swasan, Raglak, Manan, Karnav, Virika, Ranchi, Abhiya) Part 4

Hey guys I want to clarify a few things. This is a combo of I guess Intro and Part 4.

Swaragini Singh Raizada: 20 years, Swara is 5 minutes older than Ragini. They are both in last year of college. Swara wants to be a general surgeon, and Ragini wants to be a criminal lawyer. They love their family and food most.

Sanskaar Maheshwari: 22 years, lives of his family’s money. Lacks ambition. Lives of his parent’s money.

Laksh Maheswari: 22 years, cousin brother of Sanskaar, dreams of creating his own identity away from family.

ASR: Older brother of Swaragini. 24 years old. At a really young age he became successful on his own capability.

Dr. Khushi: 23 years old. Just like Arnav successful at a very young age. But her secret is she studied in London since the age of 13. I’ll reveal her past soon.

Nandini: 21 years, Neighbor of Maheshwari’s. Sanlak and her grew up together. These three are almost like siblings. Can do anything for her family. She considers her group as family.

Manik: 21 years old. Parents are always busy to spend time with him, but they always try to meet him at least once a week. He has a huge house almost 10 minutes from college. And abhay stays with him. Actually, if any of the guys have problem at home, they stay at Manik’s “mansion”.

Panchi: 21 years old. Stays with her mom. Best friend of Swaragini, Jeevika, Piya and Nandy.

RV: 22 years old. Stays with his parents in the same house, but they don’t even talk to each other. Doesn’t care about family, but can do anything for his friends.

Jeevika: 20 years old. Dating Viren. Loves her family and friends. Hiding her relationship with Viren from family.

Viren: 22 years old. His entire family knows and loves Jeevika. Can do anything for his friends.

Abhay: 22 years old. Belongs to a rich family, he’s from Dehradun. Loves his friends.

Piya: 21 years old. Loves her friends, she’s from Dehradun as well. She is also from a well-off family, but she never shows it.

Anjali: 26 years old. Oldest Raizada, yet she is the baby of the family. Even Swaragini treat her like a baby sometimes. One of the sweetest and kindest people in the world, even
though life has hurt her countless times.

So, you know all the characters, but there are still many surprises and twists. So I hope you enjoy it.

Recap: Karnav moments.

Swasan are going by car, & Raglak, Manan by bike.


San: Do you want to eat anything or direct home?

Swa: Home, actually it’s already so late and bhai and di might be worried. I’m sure they still haven’t slept yet.

San sad: oh okay.

Swa: Maybe, we have meet tomorrow around 2 for lunch?

San gets happy: Of course. Wherever you want to go go?

Swa: It depends on my mood, so we can’t decide place right now?

San: It’s okay.


Viren interlocks Jeevika’s hand with his hand, while she is busy thinking about something.

Viren: From the looks of it, it seems someone is worried about something. And I know you just got done with your tests and we have one whole month break, so you are worried about something.

Jev smiles: I Love You.

Vir: I Love you too Jevi, now spill what’s worrying you?

Jev: Nothing, it’s just I found out something, I wasn’t supposed to know about. And i’m kind of hurt, but I understand, but it hurts that i found out this way and it got me thinking about
how beeji and chachu and chachi will feel after they find out I have been lying to them for so long.
Viren stops the car on the side and kisses her hand and takes her out of the car and goes somewhere and returns with two ice cream cones. Jeevika smiles and takes it. He pulls
Jeevika to him so she’s between his legs and her back is towards his chest, He puts his chin on her shoulder

Viren: I understand Jevi and I have been telling you for the last two years to tell them. They will feel bad if they hear if from someone else. And it’s not like I’m a bad boy.

Jev: I know and that’s why I have been dating you for the past two years.

Vir: And if they don’t think I’m the right person, they can just meet my family.

Jev: But then what if that hurts them, knowing i met your family, but i never told them.

Vir: Jeevika, they are going to be hurt one way or another, we need to find the way that hurts them the least okay.

Jev: Okay. Let’s go. It’s almost 10. Beeji will kill me if, I’m not home by 10:30.


Laksh is trying to show off with his bike and he keeps speeding, and Ragini loves speed, so she doesn’t even stop him.

Lak: Ragini, do you want to go on a date tomorrow? I’ll pick you pick around 1 ish. Is that fine?

Rag: Date.Tomorrow. 1PM. Umm. Okay. Sure.

Lak: Thank God, you said yes, or else.

Rag: Or what.

Lak: Or I would have drove the bike very slowly, until you had said yes.

Rag: Seriously.

lak : Yeah.

Rag: Oh then I would have jumped of the bike and walked home.

Lak: Seriously.

Rag: Yeah.

Lak: Then I would have followed you to make sure you got home.

Rag: I would see you following me and get angry and go inside and tell arnav bhai someone was following me and he would have come out and beat you.

Lak: That’s mean.

Rag: I’m joking.

They almost reach, but they can’t go past because it seems like there has been a huge accident. There’s no other way to their house and no way to go around the accident. Just
then Swasan also arrive. They get out of the car and go ask the officer what happen? And they are shocked to see a horrible car accident. They can’t see who is hurt, but it seems
really bad.

Ragini: Excuse me, sir what happened?

Officer: same thing, drinking and driving.

Swara: Why isn’t anyone taking care of that lady? Look at how much she’s bleeding.

They can’t see her face, but anyone with eyes can tell she needs medical attention.

Officer: No one knows who she is?

Rag: So What? Because she maybe from poor family, you think it will be a waste to treat her. If i complain against you, you can get fired.

Lak: Ragini calm down. Sshhh.

Swara can’t stand it anymore,so she runs to the victim and is shocked seeing her.

Swara: DDIII. ANJALI DI. Ragini, Sanskaar, Laksh, anyone come and help us please. Ragsanlak run to her and they carefully get Swara out and Swara runs to the ambulance and
asks them to look at her di, but they are too busy wasting time with the drunk rich, so she takes their supplies and goes and starts trying to help Anjali.

Swa: Ragu, hurry, hurry up. Call bhai and tell him to get the SUV. We can’t depend on these people. Laksh, Can you please go and note down the other person’s car number and
secretly takes pictures of the entire scene. Please. Sanskaar help me, try to stop the bleeding.

Ragini calls Arnav.

ASR: What the.. Ragini. Why are none of you picking up your phone. I can’t get through Swara or Anjali di.

Rag: Bhai, actually(she’s sobbing and ASR, can hear her)

ASR: Ragu, what happened? Are you and Swara fine? Da*n*t Ragu just tell me.

Rag: Bhai, please please bring the SUV outside. Please. NO questions. NONE. Please HURRY UP. (She hangs up and Arnav runs taking his keys and comes to the scene is 2

Arnav is shocked to see the scene, he sees Swaragini and Sanlak, who have their back to him, he can’t see the patient, but he sees his di’s car and runs to Swara. He is shocked to
see Swaraginjali covered in blood and anjali unconscious. Without thinking he picks her up and makes Swara get in the back with anjali and Ragini sits in the front and he zooms of.

Arnav is trying to concentrate on trying and not thinking about his di, but he can’t. And he get’s Khushi’s phone just then. Ragini puts it on speaker.

K: Hi.

A: I can’t talk right now.

K: Is everything okay? Arnav are you fine. Are you crying. What happened. Are Swaraginjali fine?

A: Khushi can you please reach your hospital soon and can you start arranging for A- blood as soon as possible. Please.

S: Bhabi, can you also call and ask them to arrange an OT, and start prepping for a car accident. One patient. Multiple deep cuts. Possibility of foreign objects in the body, such as
glass from a car window. Possibility of a concession as well.

K: Okay. I’m leaving right. See you soon.


As soon as they reach, a team of nurses and doctor take Anjali to the OT and start treating her immediately. Soon Khushi reaches there and seeing Arnav she runs to him and hugs
him (just like she had hugged him when her dad was in the hospital) and after sometime she breaks it off and goes into the OT. Sanlak come there and inform them, they made an
official complaint against the driver, and they just need Anjali’s statement. ASR and swaragini keep on crying and remembering all their moments. Just then a nurse comes out.

Nurse: We need more blood. Do any of you guys have the same matching blood group.

All three siblings stand up and say they do.

Nurse: Okay come on, but please try to arrange more, she’s going to need it.

After donating blood, Swaragini and Arnav return and are shocked to see Jeevika, panchi, piya, nandini, manik, abhay and rv. Swaragini get emotionally and cry hugging their
friends, while the guys try to comfort Arnav, who just looks broken.

It’s almost 4AM and none of the doctors have come out of the OT yet. All of Swaragini’s friends are still waiting for some news, but they are extremely tired and sleepy and it’s

Arnav: Excuse me. Thank You guys for staying, but please go home and get some rest.

Nandy: No, it’s okay. We can stay.

Arnav: Swaragini, please tell your friends they can leave.

Swara: Bhai’s right, guys please leave you have been here for almost 6 hours, please get some rest.

Rag: As soon as we receive any news information, we will inform you guys.

Everyone agrees to leave and they ask Swaragini to drop them off.

Piya: How are you guys holding up?

Swara: We’re fine.

Jeevika: Are you sure?

Ragini: Of course, why would we lie? (she sounded a little rude)

Panchi: Calm down ragu, we are just asking.

Nandy: Swaragini, do you want me to bring clothes for you guys. I really don’t mind.

(Swaragini’s clothes are still covered with blood, they still had blood on their hands after 6 hours)

Swara: Yes please. She reaches into her pockets and gives her keys to RM. (Raizada mansion)

Sanlak decide to stay back with SR till Nandini gets the clothes and they send Manan to get the clothes. While Abhay and RV agree to drop off Piyanchi.

Swaragini without looking at Sanlak walk back inside and go and hug Arnav, who in turn starts sobbing.

Arnav: I will die, if anything happens to her. Do you hear me, I will die if anything happens to our di?

Swaragini also start sobbing and they comfort him, while Sanlak leave giving them a private moment.

After some time, Khushi comes out of the OT. The three are still hugging and crying. She unintentionally sheds a tear looking at Arnav crying.

Khushi she’s thinking to herself, Khushi, why are you crying seeing him crying, does it mean, you idiot, you are in love with Arnav Singh Raizada, whose sister is almost dying inside
the OT.

Arnav notices Khushi and he breaks the hug and goes to her.

ASR: How is Di?

Khushi: You three should go and rest. Please.

ASR: Khushi, how is my sister?

Khushi: We are trying our best, but that was a terrible accident. She is at a great risk of suffering multiple organ failure, some of the glass from the carshield actually tore into an
organ and we are trying our best to save it, but one of you may need to donate half of your liver, which can result in one month of best rest, that too at the hospital.

Swaraginav: I’ll do it.

Rag: No bhai, i’ll do it. We anyways have one month break from college. So I won’t miss anything.

Swa: Are you crazy, no ways. I’m doing it. I’m the older sister, you have to listen to me.

Arnav; Shut up both of you, I’m doing it. You two don’t need to worry.

The three start arguing, when a nurse comes out and hurriedly calls Khushi in leaving them scared. Sanlak return with some food, but to their surprise, Swaragini are not even
looking at food. They are too scared to eat, so Sanlak have to personally hand feed both of them, even though they refuse.(The three of them have donated blood and they each needed to donate one more time, when you donate blood once, you are already weak, but twice, they needed their energy and none of the three would rest or sit down for more than 5 mintues) After Swaragini are done, they go and feed Arnav. They are almost done eating when the nurse returns.

Nurse: Sir, ma’am told me to update you. The patient will not require a liver transplant, but it’s still touch and go with organ failure.

They don’t know whether to be happy or sad with the news, since there’s still a danger in her condition.

On a street,

Two people are seen hugging each other. One is crying inconsolably, she can’t stop crying.

Guy: Jaan, please stop crying.

Girl: I wish I could, I wish I could. But you know ever since we meet Anjali Di, she started becoming like my elder sister. You know we talked today. She asked me about Swaragini. It
was two hours before the accident.

Guy: Sshh, okay okay. Crying as much as you want, but remember you will end up looking like a monkey.

Girl: If I look like a Monkey, you look exactly like a donkey. Listen I know you are trying to cheer me up and I love you for that, but right now nothing can cheer me up other than Anjali Di getting fine.

Guy: She’s going to be perfectly fine. Don’t worry.


Manan has arrived back with clothes not only for SR, but also Arnav. Arnav hurry ups and changes and returns withing 5 minutes. But Swaragini are standing in front of mirrors and remembering the whole day.

Swara remembers complaining about Sanskaar’s choice, Arnanjali teasing her, spending time with Sanskaar and her friends and finally seeing Anjali in the car bleeding to death.

Ragini remembers Anjali waking them up and complain about wearing the anarkali and wedges, which don’t’ hurt as much as the pain of losing her sister, she remembers Anjali
teasing her about eloping, and the light moment they shared. Both the sisters look at the mirror and break down.

Precap: Moments.

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