The love game (Swasan, Raglak, Manan, Karnav, Virika, Ranchi, Abhiya) Part 3


Recap: Raglak moments.

RagLak, Virika, Manan, Ranchi, and Abhiya are shocked seeing the scene before them. Swasan seem to be about to kiss. And none is able to say anything, so swasan don’t know their friends are watching them. But swara’s phone interrupts their moment. It’s her brother. She picks up, while Sans notices the others staring at them and he sees Swara has turned her face the other way.

ASR: Swara, where are you guys?

Swa: Bhai, I’m at Panchi’s house right.

ASR: What the… Swara. You should at least inform me.

Swa: Sorry, bhai. Next time. I won’t forget.

ASR: Good, okay. Let me talk to Ragini. She’s not picking up her phone.

Swa: Bhai, You want to talk to Ragini. (She looks shocked and scared on how to inform ASR about Ragini)

Swa: Bhai, actually Ragini’s phone ran out of battery, and right now she’s in the RR right now.

ASR: Okay, let me talk to Panchi then.

Swa: Bhai, Panchi is in college right now. Actually we were helping Piya move her things in Panchi’s house. So that’s why we are here.

ASR: Okay, then ummm, Facetime me.

Swa: FaceTime, Right now.

ASR: Yeah, right now.

Swa is about to hang up, but Ragini runs to her, shocking her and takes the phone and talks.

Rag: Hey bhai. What’s up?

ASR: Ragini, you guys are fine right.

Rag: of course bhai. Okay bhai we need to finish this fast. Okay ttyl.

ASR: Okay. See You.

Swa: Ragu. How long have you guys been here?

Rag: Promise, we didn’t see much. Not even the almost kiss. Swara blushes so hard and she looks at Sanskaar smirking at her. The guys start bringing all the boxes, while Piya,
Nandini & Swaragini are organizing everything, Jeevika & Panchi are making food.

It took almost half the day to get everything done, but it was done. They cut the cake and everyone had a fun time, this was actually the first time everyone was actually acting civil with each other.

Some one goes to the bathroom and they see two people in the hallway feeding cake and having a cute moment together.

Guy: Should we tell our friends? I don’t like hiding the truth.

Girl: We can’t. You know how they will react. I don’t think it’s wise.

Guy: But look at Virika. They are so happy.

Girl: Yeah. I want that too. But you know why we can’t right. Please understand. She gives him a kiss saying that and turns to run, but is shocked seeing someone.

Girl: Please don’t tell anyone.

Guy: Look, we want to inform everyone at the right time Please.

Person: How long?

Girl: Three years.

Person: Seriously?

Guy: Yeah. I just pretend in front of college to hide this, because..

Girl: Let it be. But listen you can’t tell anyone. Please.

Person: Okay, I won’t tell anyone, but you guys have a month. To inform us.

Couple: Okay.

Scene shifts to a hospital office.

Someone knocks on the door.

Dr: Come in.

Arnav enters and is mesmerized seeing Khushi. Seeing Arnav Khushi also blushes and asks him to sit down.

K: Hi.

A: I hope I didn’t disturb you.

K: No not at all. Actually, I was just about to call my brothers to come pick me up.

A: Oh, I can drop you home. IF that’s okay with you.

K: Ummm. Are you sure?

A: Of course. I’m positive.

K: Okay Thank You. But what brings you here so late?

A: It’s only 7 PM.

K: My shift got over at 6, but I had an emergency, so i needed to stay.

A: Oh okay, well how about going out for dinner to help you relax.

K: Umm. Sure, No Problem. Let me just inform them at home not to wait for me.

A: Okay see you outside.

Karnav reach a dhaba and Khushi is shocked at first but then smiles and goes and sits down.

K: Bhaiya, three paratha’s, one paneer tikka, one baingan bharta, one malai kofta, one lassi, one sweet aur pickle. Arnav, What about you?

A: All that you ordered was for you?

K: Yeah. (gives him an obviously expression)

A: Just get me the dinner thali.

K: Sorry, you must be shocked right, seeing someone eat so much?

A: Honestly Nope. It’s not that shocking. Swaragini are just like this. I swear if they had to choose between food or anything, they would in a heartbeat gave up anything.

K: It’s nice to see you care a lot about your sisters.

A: When our parents died, Swaragini were very little, they were almost 6 or 7 years, they won’t stay with anyone, but di and me, so we became our own little family from that time

K: How old were you and Anji? And who took care of you guys?

A: Di was around 12 and I was 10. Nani and mama and mami took care of us, but after di & I finished our college education, we started Swarag and it took of well in Gujarat, but we
needed to expand so we moved here, to Mumbai. Anyway enough about me, tell me about you? I want to know how is the life of Dr. Khushi?

K: Okay, First of all, I have a huge family, mom dad, chachi, chachu, I have one older cousin brother ,one younger cousin sister and lastly my two naughty younger brothers. The
food arrives and Khushi almost jumps on it. Arnav smiles looking at her and she looks at him starign her and asks what, to which he just shakes his head saying nothing. They both
continue dinner and leave.

On the road… Karnav are in the car.


A gets scared and stops the car on the side.

A: What? What happen?

K points to the stalls on the side.

K: I want chaat and ice cream.

A: But we just eat.

K: Arnav, I haven’t had chaat in almost 2 years, and ice cream is dessert.

A: Okay.

A & K spend some quality time together and by the time Arnav drops off Khushi it’s almost 9 PM

A: Goodnight. See You.

K: Thank You for dinner. See You.

A: Khushi.

K: Yeah.

A: What time can I pick you up tomorrow?

K: Why?

A: I was thinking maybe breakfast?

K: 6AM. Can you do that?

A: Tommorow’s Saturday though?

K: Yeah: 6PM.

A: Okay. See you at 6AM. He turns to leave.

K: Arnav, I’m kidding, 9AM. Okay.

A: See you.

He leaves smiling, while Khushi enters her house smiling.

Shift to Panchi’s house.

Everyone is tired and they all start leaving. But they keep getting confused on who is dropping who.

Sanlak: We’ll drop off Swaragini.

Virn: Like always, Jevi is with me. There done. Okay let’s go. Cya everyone enjoy the weekend.\

Nandy: Wait, not so soon, what about me?

Swa: You can come with us?

SL: NO. (Everyone is shocked and the girls look happy to see their plan successful.)

Jev: Okkayy. Umm Swaragini can come with us and nandy can go with SL.


Jev: What okay, umm Manik & Abhay how far are you from SL’s place?

Manik: 10 minutes.

Abh: 15 minutes.

Jev: Okay then Manik will drop of Nandy. AND NO MORE ARGUMENTS. UNDERSTOOD.

Everyone: Yes, ma’am. Everyone hugs each other and they all leave.


Swaragini,and Nandini are waiting for Sanlaik to take out their transportation.

Sank come back with a car, while Lanik return with bikes, Nandini gives Manik her like seriously look.

Nand: Do you like seriously expect me to get on a stupid bike.

Rag: Hey, it’s not stupid. It’s one of the fastest bike in the world.

Nand: Ragu, my side. Not this monster’s. And you know nah, how much I hate speed.

Rag: Aww. Sorry. it’s just one time. Deal with it.

Nand: Maybe I should just go with Sanskaar.

Sanskaar hears her and says NO.

San: Sorry, Nandy. I Love you, but not tonight. Please.

Nandy looks at Swara, and she gives a fine look and they leave.

Raglak are almost about to leave, but Laksh goes near Manik and warns him to not hurt Nandini or else and then he leaves Manan alone.

Precap: Ride home, and Someone meets with an accident.

Hey guys, I know many are complaining about me not giving every couple equal space, but trust me I am trying my best, I just want to get the beginning awkwardness out of them and then I start shorting each couple’s moments to fit everyone’s in. I also have another request, which couples should I give the least priority to. I have 6 couples and each of them have their unique chemistry, so I’m asking which couple do you feel I should not take more time on. And if you feel all sic should get equal, then I will try my best to do that.

Credit to: Kasam

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