The love game (Swasan, Raglak, Manan, Karnav, Virika, Ranchi, Abhiya) Part 2

Recap: The girls make a plan.

Laksh picks up Ragini bridal style, he walks carefully looking at the stairs while she stares at him. When they get on the ground floor Ragini insists to let her walk, but Laksh doesn’t listen to her and keeps walking while everyone stares at them shocked. People start talking about how Laksh never cared for a girl in his previous college years, but he’s carrying the new entry. Laksh ignores what everyone is saying, but Ragini is a little surprised and sad, since she is not used to people talking like that regarding her. So she hides her face and laksh notices it. They reach a motorcycle and Laksh puts her down slowly. Seeing a bike, Ragu is shocked and looks at Laksh.

Laksh: Sorry, I should have clarified I have a bike.

Rag: Why are you saying sorry, it’s awesome. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11/ZZ-R1100, one of the fastest bike in the world. Can reach to almost 283 km. Uses 1052 cc 4-strokes, 4 cylinder,
DOHC, liquid-cooled engine. And 6 speed transmission. It’s amazing.

Laksh is staring at her with his mouth open.

Rag: What happen, why are you so shocked?

Lak: Will you marry me already?

Rag: Excuse me?

Lak: First you are dressed just like my dream girl and second you know exactly everything about my bike. You are the first girl I meet, who has this much knowledge regarding bikes.

Rag: lol, baas. For two things you want to marry me.

Lak: They are the two most important things I need in a girl.

Rag: lol. And what about trust, love, compatibility. What happens if I don’t have those things then?

Lak: you’re right okay. Sorry. But how in the world do you know so much about bikes.

Rag: Actually my bestie loves bike’s. So everytime he saw a bike, he would give me a whole biography of that bike, so slowly it started making room in my brain and slowly I started
loving them because of that buddhu. In fact if he found out I got to ride this, he would die of jealousy.

Lak was a little jealous hearing about her bestie, but doesn’t notice it as jealously. Laksh carefully makes her sit behind him and he starts slowly, but when he sudden brakes Ragini
moves her hand from his shoulder to his chest. Laksh smiles at that and continues to the doctor. After getting a small little tape on her ankle, they go to the bakery. Ragini went
inside to pick up the cake, while Laksh went to do something. Laksh and Ragini both come back around the same time.

Lak: Why did you order such a small cake?

Rag: Actually, my order is still not ready, so we have to wait for some more time. And I was really hungry so I got something to eat.

Lak: Oh okay. Do you want to go to a park or just had here and eat? There a park 5 minutes from here. We can go here.

Rag: Okat let’s go.

At college…..

Ranchi and Virika are in class. Piya is packing everything in boxes, Abhay is taking the boxes downstairs to the car, where Nandini is helping Manik set the boxes properly. Every
time Abhay goes downstairs, he sees Manan arguing about something or the other, but he don’t say anything.

At the park…….

As soon as they reach the park and sit down, Ragini starts eating.

Rag: OMG. I was so hungry. And it’s been so long since I have had cake that to mango and Butterscotch flavor. And this puff is just amazing.

Lak laughs seeing her eat. She doesn’t notice him at first but then sees him looking at her cutely. Then she looks at him and hits herself on the forehead.

Rag: Such a fool I am. I forget about you. (She takes out a small box from the bag and gives Laksh the box.) Here Laksh for you.

Lak: Me. What is it?

Rag: Arre, how can I eat alone. I had to get something for you as well.

Lak opens it and it’s a pineapple cake. He happily smiles at her.

Lak: How did you know, I love pineapple cake. It’s my favorite.

Rag: I didn’t know, but I also love pineapple, but I also love mango and butterscotch, so I was confused. So I thought why not just take all three and I can just share from you, and if
you want to try mine, you can try mine as well.

Lak: Smart, but three cakes, aren’t you afraid to gain weight.

Rag: Are you calling me fat? Do you think I look like a bulldozer, that I should be afraid to gain weight? How mean Laksh.

Lak: NO, No I don’t mean that. I’m just saying usually girls don’t eat so much.

Rag: OMG, you are one of those. Right? The one who believes girls need to look pretty and to for that they have to be skinny and apply tons of makeup.

Lak: What? NO. I was just asking generally. I don’t believe that girls need to be skinny or wear makeup to look pretty.

Rag: I don’t trust you.

Lak: I’m serious. Ok to show you I’m serious, here you can have the rest of my cake.

Rag gives a million dollar smile and hugs Laksh. Laksh gets one of the most amazing feeling in the world.

Lak: You have an amazing smile.

Rag: Thanks.

Lak: Well tell me Ragini, how are you liking our college so far.

Rag: Well honestly, I think you are a few weeks too late, asking that question. But since I’m nice, I’ll answer it. I like it, it’s nice. It’s different compared to gujarat.

Lak: Different how?

Rag: Well in Gujarat, it was usually spending more time with our family. I mean I loved that, but here I get to spend more time with my friends, and very less time with my family. And
then this is my last year of college.

Lak: So family oriented.

Rag: Huh?

Lak: You love your family.

Rag: Who doesn’t love their family.

Lak whispers me.

Rag: What did you say?

Lak: I said, that next time when people are making useless comments regarding you, ignore them.

Rag: How could I?

Lak: It’s easy, hear it from one ear and remove it from the other.

Rag: It’s not easy, when you aren’t used to it. In Gujarat, no one would ever say anything to us, since we were the da.. Let it be. Anyways yeah so we were not used to it.

Just then Ragini gets a call from the bakery and they leave. After picking up the cake they decide to meet go straight to Panchi’s place. Since there’s a few steps Laksh once again carries Ragini into the house.

Rag: Was Sanskaar’s car still down there?

Lak: Yeah, it was right there.

Rag: Then who come I don’t see Swara anywhere. She notices the door closed and signals Laksh and as soon as they open the door, they see Swasan about to kiss. And the other
four couples also arrive and are shocked to see the scene.

Precap: Someone meets with an accident.

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  1. Awesome love raglak in this

  2. Awesome… But no swasan screen…update soon….

  3. raglak scenes are nice

  4. Awsm really! !! Loved raglak & even swasan.

  5. Mummaaa!!!!! The precap is so intriguing!!! Can’t wait!!!
    Sorry couldn’t comment yesterday.. Had read it when u posted.. MaNan r largest n d cutest monkeys I’ve ever known!!
    All the couples r into something lovey dovey, swasan toh seedha kissing.. Laksh indirectly asking rags to marry him.. Ranchi’s bed romance yesterday.. Virika r already a couple.. Outta all those here comes d weirdest ppl.. Manik and Nandini.. In dono ka kuch theek hone we raha.. And hum MaNan dilon ka MaNan scenes mangne we rahe.. So u kno I want MaNan scenes 😛
    I’m loving d story

    1. Thank You Plum. But there’s some mystery with manan.

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    1. I’m sorry aalia. I will try my best to make it fair for all the couples.

  9. Love raglak

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