The love game (Swasan, Raglak, Manan, Karnav, Virika, Ranchi, Abhiya) Part 1

Mumbai, the city of dreams. Two girls are waking up and hurrying to get ready for their last first day of college. The two girls can’t get anything right, and they keep messing up each other, but they don’t fight or blame each other, infact they smile and get out of the way.

Arnav: Swaragini.

Swara: Coming bhai.

Rag: Almost ready bro.

Swaragini get ready and go downstairs quickly, where their older brother is waiting for them.

Swara: What bhai, you could have at least started your breakfast.

Rag: Yeah, bhai you know we always come late and you wait, even though Dr. Kkhhhuusshii has warned you to eat on time, to take medicine. (they hug him and sit down)

Arnav: Why soooo much stress on Dr. Khushi.

Swa: Nothing bhai. Hurry up and eat, or else if your sugar level drops khushi bhabhi will get angry on us.

Arnav: What the …., Swara.

Another girl comes from the kitchen and starts serving.

AG: Chotte stop talking and start eating. Please. She feeds him saying this.

Swaragini: Awww, how cute Anjali di. You never feed us. Like that.

Anjali: Accha, (she feeds them) here you go. Meri maa. NOw stop talking and start eating all of you. You two need to get to college.

Arnav: Swaragin, i’ll drop you off to college and then we can go to office. Okay di.

Swa: Okay bhai.

They hurried up and finished bf, and Arnjali dropped Swaragini to college and went to their office Swarag.

At college.
As Swaragini were entering two boys bumped into them and they got into an argument and they guys were revealed to be Sanlak.

Swara: Are you blind?

Rag: Swara, stop. I’m sorry she’s a little short tempered.

Boy: It’s good at least someone is stopping her.

Another Boy: What happen Sanskaar , excuse me, just because my brother might have dumped you doesn’t mean you can take advantage of him alone. ( He says that to Ragini)

Sanskaar: Laksh, it’s not her. It’s her mental sister that’s messing with me. She’s sweet, she’s sayign sorry for her mental sister.

Ragini: What the… I was being nice to you and you are so rude. Listen NO ONE, NO ONE has the right to hurt Swaragini Singh Raizada understood. She takes Swara’s hand and leaves our heroes shocked.

Everyone in Swaragini’s classes was looking at them, since they were new entries. And they came their last year.

Swa: Ragu, why is everyone looking at us weirdly?

Rag: Buddhu, they are looking because we are new entries.

Swa: Oh, and I was thinking I had something on my face.

Girl: That you do. (She touches Swara’s face and takes an eyelash from her cheek, puts it on her hand) Make a Wish.

Swa closes her eyes and wishes something and blows it away. She extends her hand toward the girl.

Swa: Hi, I’m Swara Singh Raizada and this is my sister Ragini Singh Raizada.

Girl: Hello, I’m Jeevika, Jeevika Choudhary

Swa: Nice name Viren. It’s kinda unique right.

Jeev: Not as unique as two girls transferring for your last year. I mean why did you join for the last year.

Rag: Actually, our bhai and di just set up their main headquarters, we moved from Gujrat like three months ago.

Jeev: Oh nice, even I’m originally from Gujarat. What part?

Slowly Swaragini and Jeevika became the best of friends and she introduced them to all her friends which was Piya, Panchi (Buddy Project) and Nandini. They all used to not only roam everywhere together, they had made a world for themselves only. They don’t notice anyone outside their friend circle.(actually they do notice everything, but they don’t ever extend their hands of friendship towards them.) Everything is perfect for the group except the one odd couple. Jeevika is in a relationship with Viren, from a boys group. There are a total of six guys in that group. Sanskaar and Laksh Maheshwari, Ranveer, Manik, Abhay and Viren. And the boys and the girls group don’t get together at all. Virika try to unite their friends many times, but it seems impossible. Weeks pass by and the two groups hate each other with every growing moment.

On the other hand…….

Arnav is falling more and more in love with his sister’s new best friend and his Dr. Khushi. They both immediately felt an attraction towards each other, so they never had the typical hate to love relationship. It was just like to love. But Arnav was unsure of Khushi’s feelings, so he tried many ways to get his di to help him, but no use.

Other side…….

One day, a girl came crying out of an empty room followed by Sanskaar and the girls saw that scene. They were quite angry, so they decided to go ask Sanskaar what happened, but when they heard him talking to his group they got more upset.

Manik: What yaar, Sank? You left her already? San was just smirking.

Ran: What kind of ? is that Manik. This is Sanskaar. He can’t be with the same girl for more than five days, I think. Right.

San: One week. It’s one week. At least mine’s better than you all. Rank your’s is three days, Abhay two days, and Manik and Laksh let’s not even talk about yours.

Lak: Sorry, bro I believe in one night’s only. Right Manik.

Viren: Sank, you really need to find someone for you. I mean, you all need to find someone. Love is the best feeling ever, but here you guys are wasting time with distractions.

Lak: Oh yeah, and imagine missing out on the right girl for one of these “distractions”.

Abhay: Viren, you may have found your true love, but we haven’t so let us enjoy, and you can stay behind to be the bag holder for your gf and her friends.

The girls all left and went to the hostel room of Piya.

Swa: How mean is that?

Rag: Yuck, yaar. That Laksh.

Nan: Like Seriously, that monster manik. He’s just so yuck. And I can’t even believe Sanlak. I have known them since we were babies.

Piya: These boys all they know is how to break hearts.

Panchi: Someone needs to teach them a lesson. Especially Sanlak.

Jev: But who?

The girls all look at each other and come finally come up with a plan. Nandini takes out a huge sheet of paper and writes on it playing the player. And she writes Sanlak on there.

Looking directly at Swaragini she writes Swara’s name under Sanskaar and Ragini under Laksh.

Swaragini: Nandy, what is this? Why did you write our names?

Nan: Because, I have known Sanlak since they were kids, and if anyone can change them it’s you two.

Piya, Panchi, Jeevi: WHAT.

Nan: Girls, it’s the perfect plan. Swaragini make Sanlak fall in love with them and then break their hearts, just like they broke the hearts of all the girls.

Jeev: NO. NO ways.

Swa: I’m in. I’ll do it.

Rag: Swara, are you mentally ill? What I’ll do it. Imagine if bhai finds out. Or worse, Imagine if Anjali di finds out.

Swa: How there’s no possible way di or bhai will ever find out. Nandy, you continue your plan.

Nan: Okay so, Ragu you will try to make Laksh fall in love with you, while Swara will try to make Sanskaar fall in love with her.

Rag: Genius idea, but how in the world are we supposed to do that.

Swa: She’s right Nandy. Like we can’t magically come into their life. We need a huge plan.

Piya: Guys, we need to make sure they are alone so they can spend some time getting to know each other.

Panchi: Idea, let’s get all four of them lost in the jungle together.

Jeevika: Great Idea Panchi, but what are you going to do about the animals.

Panchi: Oh yeah.

Panchi: IDEA. Jeevika you call Viren with his group to help shift Piya’s stuff from here to my place. And when they get here, we can just send the pairs one by one to run errands. So they can start becoming friends.

Piya: When am I moving to your place.

Panchi: From now. Look I have been begging you for months, but you refuse, so now you have to, to help our plan become successful. (She makes a puppy face) You don’t want us to fail now, do you. Seeing us girls lose to those players.

Piya: UHHHH, Panchi I’m going to get revenge from you for this.

Jeevika: But it’s a great idea. We can totally do this.

Swarag: When are we starting the plan?

Nandy: Jeevo, call Viren right now. Why waste time?

The girls all start planning and jeevika calls Viren and informs him about needing the help of the boys tomorrow to help Piya move. And the boys happily agree, which surprises the
girls since they never, help anyone.

Next day, Swaragini dress up prettily. Swara is wearing a peach rose knee length cocktail dress with sandals and her hair is in a high ponytail, while ragini with her hair curled, is
wearing a maroon and off-white anarkali with a maang tika and bangles and payal with wedges. They look at each other and make a seriously face.

Rag: Shons, I swear after this plan is done, I will kill Laksh. I mean serious what kind of guy expects his “dream girl” to wear wedges with an anarkali. And that too with payal &

Swa: Don’t forget the maang tika.

Rag: What a weirdo is he? HE dates girls that dress like what you are wearing, but he wants a traditional girl.

Swa: Don’t complain much Ragu. At least you can look pretty. I need to wear this beautiful dress with sandals, and all this jewelry, like necklace and earrings are fine, but he wants a
bracelet in the left hand and watch on the right hand. Like did he have a convo with his dream girl. Aacha all this is understandable, but this dress would look so much better with
wedges instead of sandals, but no. Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari doesn’t like heels, he just wants sandals.

They get ready and go downstairs, as they get downstairs they notice Anjali and Arnav looking at them with their mouths wide open.

Anji: Chotte, Are these two okay.

Arn: No clue di. Swara whose wedding are you going to dressed like that?

Swaragini: Di, bhai. We are just going to college?

Anjali: Wearing an anarkali and is that a maang tika.

Rag: Di, i just felt like it today.

Anjali: You’re not eloping right.

Arnav: What the.. Ragu who is that guy. How dare he try to elope with Arnav Singh Raizada’s sister. (He takes out his phone) Hello Aman, I want to run a background check on hold on.. Ragu what’s his name?

Swaragini are shocked and they just stare at Arnav.

Arnav: Ragini.

Rag: No one. Bhai. We are having a small presentation in college and my topic is the traditonal indian woman.

Swa: What Anji di. Because of you bhai almost had a cardiac arrest. You know Dr. Khushiiii has refused to give him stress, or that will lower his sugar levels, which can cause a

Anj: STOP. Shona. I know you are going to become a doctor, but please don’t bore us with your medical terms.

Swa: Sorry. If you all don’t mind we are getting late.

Arn: Swaragini wait, we’ll drop you guys off today.

Swarag: Okay bhai. Let’s go.

When they arrive at college, Arnav gets out of the car and looks at everyone with his icy looks and hugs Swaragini before leaving.

Swaragini hurry up and run to Piya’s hostel, since they don’t have class on Friday’s. They didn’t tell Aranjali, to spend more time with their friends.

Piya: Thank God, you two are here.

Swarag: Where are Panchi & Jeevi & Nandy.

Panchi & Jeevika: We’re here. And look who we brought. All the boys are there expect Manik.

As soon as the two brothers see the sisters they smile. Since Swaragini are dressed exactly like their “dream girls”. They stare so much, Panchi has to pinch Sanlak back to reality.

All of them start packing up the stuff, when Nandini and Manik come looking at each other angrily. Sanskaar looks at Manik who just shrugs. And they both start helping. Panchi
notices Ranveer going towards the plans so she runs to him, but her leg slips and they both fall on the bed and have an eyelock, while everyone looks at them. Nandy notices the
plan paper and she sneakingly hides it into her bag. Ranveer & Panchi are still in their eyelock.

Girls: OMI.

Panchi gets up faster than a bullet and starts fixing her clothes and hair, when she notices the girls laughing at her.

Panchi: Haha. Very funny right.

Ranveer looks at Panchi hoping she will look back at him, but she ignores him and he feels a little hurt for some reason. But he ignores it.

Panchi: Oh crap. I forgot something. Nandy I forgot to clean Piya’s room. Crap. What do I do. I can’t go back home. I have class in one hour. It takes one hour to reach home.

Nandy: I wish I could go, but we have that same class. Wait Swara, why don’t you go.

Swa: Me alone. I need someone to help me.

Nandy: Sanskaar. Sanskaar go with her. Please. (Everyone looks a little shocked, but Sanskaar is surprised)

San: Okay. Let’s go. Swasan leave, Swara gives the girls a thumbs up and leaves.

After Swasan leave, Jeevika comes up with a another excuse to send RagLak out and laksh really happily goes.

Swasan don’t talk much of the ride to Panchi’s house. When they reach there Sanskaar is laughing looking at Swara.

Swa: What. Am I looking like a clown. Why are you laughing so much?

San: I’m laughing at Panchi’s explanation of an hour. It took us almost 10 minutes to reach here. You girls always over exaggerate everything. And there’s nothing wrong with you,
you look perfect, Expect one thing, he goes and removes her ponytail. Your hair looks much better when it’s down.

Swara blushes and walks away from there smiling. Sanskaar follows her and they start cleaning the room.

San: Like I was saying over exaggerate. This room already looks so clean. What more can you clean of this?

Swara: Excuse me, before I was distracted, but how mean? We don’t over exaggerate. Panchi goes home during traffic hours, so she may have been confused. You can’t blame her.
And Piya has OCD. She needs everything to be perfectly clean, so she sent me to make sure there was nothing wrong in the room. Today I’m sparing you, but if you ever insult any
of my friends I will kill you.

San: Sorry. It’s my mistake. Just then he decides to prank Swara. OMG, is that a cockroach?

As soon as he says that, he expects Swara to jump and scream in fear, but she looks unaffected.

San: Swara, I just said cockroach and you’re not scared.

Swa: Why should I be scared of a small harmless insect. If I don’t harm them, they won’t harm me. But Piya is terrified of them so we need to throw them out of here. Where did you
see it? She starts looking for insects. While Sanskaar just looks at her lovingly. This is the first girl he meet, you doesn’t want his attention or who didn’t try to get close to him, when
he scared her. Swara steps on a stool and she’s about to fall but Sanskaar catches her and they have an eyelock. When she fell she heard her dress ripping and Sanskaar can also
feel her bare skin. So he carefully puts her on her feet and takes his jacket off and gives it to her. She looks at him with her million dollar smile and it seems like Sans got one of his
greatest burden’s taking from his shoulder.

Swara: Thank You.

San: It’s my duty. Here the room looks clean so we can leave.

They go to leave but the door doesn’t open. Sanskaar tries to break it open but he can’t. They try calling the others but they are unable to reach the others. Swara tries to keep knocking.

San: No one will open it. All we can do is wait. When they come over we’ll be set free.

Swa: But I’m hungry. I didn’t even eat breakfast. Now what.

Sanskaar stands up and opens a drawer and takes out food. Swara is shocked, but just starts eating.

Swa: How did you do this?

San: I remember seeing one of Piya’s drawer filled with food and thought maybe she must have stocked the food here too and I was right.

Swa: Sanskaar you are a lifesaver, she feeds him a chip and hugs him and kisses his cheek. Swara doesn’t notice it, since she’s with his first true love. FOOD.

Swa: You know Sanskaar there are many things in life I can live without, but I can’t live without Food and that too food made by my Anjali Di.

San: LOL. You are the first girl who has ever eaten so much junk food in front of me.

Swa: What do you mean?

San: Usually girls try not to eat anything when they are with me.

Swa: OMG, WHY. I mean if I ever had to choose between Food or you, it would be the food.

San: Seriously.

Swa: Yeah.

San: Okay, but who would you ever choose food over?

Swa: Easy, Ragini, Arnav Bhai and Anjali Di. And sometimes my friends. But that depends on situation.

San: Lol. tell me more about you.

Swa: Okay, well I’m Swara Singh Raizada. I have three siblings. Anjali Di is the oldest, followed by Arnav Bhai, and then Ragu and Me. Ragu is three minutes younger than me. Bhai
and Di control our business. It’s a small company. I dream of becoming a doctor and Ragu wants to

San: I want to know more about you personally. Like your likes and dislikes. Not general knowledge.

Swa: I don’t think we are close enough to discuss my likes and dislikes.

San: Oh really what do I have to do to be close enough. He comes close to her and if he moves even half an inch, they would be kissing.

RagLak are asked to go and get the cake, to celebrate Piya’s move and so they leave. As Ragini is climbing down the stairs, she slips and Laksh holds her, they have an eyelock for
don’t know how long, but someone bumps into Laksh and they compose themselves, but Ragini feels pain and winces in pain and Laksh notices. He sees her trying to climb down the stairs, and he tries to support her, but it doesn’t work since she keeps hurting herself more. So he gets frustrated and picks her up and starts walking, while Ragini keeps staring at him.

Precap: The couples fall in love and a huge secret is revealed.

Hey guys, this is Kasam. I’m a ff writer, I write Swaragini (Love Happens) I wanted to give myself a small break from the daily ff writing and write a small story about some of my favorite pairs. I hope you guys enjoy it. And if any of my ff readers are here. I promise to be back with another episode really quick. But I hope you guys enjoy this part one of my story.

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