Love full of Tashan (Episode 1)

First of all I’m really sorry for the late start!
I got a few comments and was happy with it so I decided to continue. Btw kunj and twinkle have already married

Episode 1
The episode starts twinkle waking up and seeing kunj sleeping on the sofa.
T – because of this kunj my life is over. Pagal ladka
She gets up and starts walking towards the bathroom then she slips and falls and lands on top of kunj.
K – Earthquaaake!
T – stupid it’s me
They have an intense eye lock. Staying in that position :
T – why did you say earthquake? Huh? I’m not a heavy person
K – yeah baby you are right you are not heavy, you at faaaaaat. Moti
Twinkle gets up from that position and grabs a pillow.

T – hawwww you called me moti?
K – moti
She hits him with the pillow
Kunj gets up and twinkle chased him.
K – moti
T – Sadu
All the sudden kunj stops. He’s out of breath
T – are you tired?
K – ( out of breath ) no I ever get tired. I came 5th in my althletics team
Funny tune plays
Trying to diver the topic

K – moti
Twinkle gets angry and goes up to kunj but again she slips and they fall on the bed. Her hair is covering her face and kunj slowly puts it back.
And from the door chinki sees them and gets extremely jealous.
C – baby
Twinj compose themselves.
C – baby get ready fast we need to go to the shopping mall today.
K – okayy
Twinkle starts heading towards the bathroom door.
K – excuse me miss. Where do you think you are going? I need to go shopping mall so me going first
T – tough luck darling
They both rush towards the bathroom door.

T – it’s okay.
She edges closer and closer to kunj until he enters the bathroom and is pinned to the bathroom wall
T – ( sensually ) we can take a shower together. Just me and you! Let’s forget about the rest of the world baby!
K – Whaa….. Wha…. What ar…… You saaaaaa…. Saaying?
And with that he runs out.
Twinkle laughs and closes the bathroom door.
C – what was going on?
K – calm down. I’m hot okay? Obvs girls are going to be like that.

Episode 1 ends here
How was it everyone? And again veryyyyy sorry for late update

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  1. It’s a great update and I’m excited to see how the story will be but a quick question, Is Chinki Kunjs girlfriend and do Twinj actually like each other?

    1. Thankyou for the comment 🙂
      Chinki is kunj’s girlfriemd

      1. Oh ok thank you!

  2. Dear don’t get upset with no. of comments as I had also started my ff nd till yesterday I was upset with less comments but now I realize everything gets sorted as we proceed further….
    About ur ff is awesome …too good…ik u gonna rock.. nd whatever is the situation u will always find my comment in ur ff as it’s this which encourages readers to write more…love u..

  3. It’s great very excited and eager for ur next update ????

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Awww..,.Melissa such a vmcute episode.. .loved it. ..???

  5. Dreamer...arundhati

    Melissa good one dear
    Ctd soon

  6. I am silent reader i read all ffs of twinj i m first time commenting here by gathering courage….. and the epi was awsm…

  7. hi to all i m only silent reader but i commenting first time here by gathering lots of courage… and the epi was awsm…
    i read all the ffs of twinj

  8. Kruti

    Nice epi…nxt one asap

  9. Srija

    very very nice??????
    update soon

  10. nice episode Melissa eagerly waiting for next one.

  11. awesome dear.liked it

  12. Fan

    Awesome epi…plz post the next one asap…

  13. Osmmmmmmmm yaar eagerly waiting do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  14. Ria

    It was superb

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