Love from Eternity


A,mom pls fix your language transmetre.
Lady, beti.. so how are you?
(Pragya hugged her.and after few mins she bends to take bless from her).
P,i considered you as my own ma.please bless me mom.
Lady,arey get up.itz not good to bend in this condition.i dont know about blessings in earth..but let me bless in our way.. abhi bring that here..

Abhi brought a huge piece of diamond..
Sarala ma kept it on pragya’s forhead and at once that diamond turned to blue colour..
Sarala ma,beta these are the rays with emitted due to my pure wish and blessings.these rays have power to heel your inner sole.and also it improves your spiritual welbeing..

Pragya with teary eyes..
P,thanx ma..i never expected that,i’ll have much kind hearted mom in law.
R,aunty.. our mission is finished na.we handed over your daughter to can we leave now..
S,are my romeo and juliet..wait can you leave like and your wife r like mine as for few days you must stay here.we are going to have a welcome party to you all.. i ll ask robbots to arrange your room.ishu beta pls think itz your own house.
I,ok aunty.. ranveer shall we go to our room..i am very tired.dont know why.
R,then let me take you to our room.(ranveer is about to lift ishu)
I,arey no no idiot. All are here na.lift me after leaving this hall.then no one will see us..

A,ishu… i heard it.romansing na…haha
P,let them abhi.dont teas them.
A,ok then i ‘ll tease you at
S,chotu why are you standing like a dumb.take your bhai & di with you..he is talking like he is gone mad.. bulbul you come with me.i’ll show your room..

Abhi and pragya’s room.
A,so fuggy this is our you like this..
P,haan abhi.but i want to watch outside.but its unable na.shall we go out.
A,no fuggy..itz very cold at night in outside.and you know about gravity na..just be inside.and observe outside by this..
Abhi took a remote and clicked it by heading towards to a wall.. wall converted to a transparent glass..
P,woow abhi.. its really nice yaar.. those three moons are very attractive.. baby what are the names of them.
A our mother planet’s name is MIRA.that blue moon is sigma scorpii(SS)
Red colour moon is alpha hydrae(AH)
Green moon is the one that i love most.. there are so many amazing living creatures fuggy.lets go there tommo.we cn spent few days there.itz Alpha Piscium(AP),if you want to look at something clearly zoom in it as you do in phone fuggy. You have to do it on that glass..

While talking abhi went to pragya and hugged her from back..and kept his chin on pragya’s sholder..
P,abhi till i cant belive these happenings.. i feel like that i am dreaming.. this much wonderfull planet.lovely family.. lovely husband..
Abhi kept his lips on pragya’s ear.
A,enough fuggy..i know your last sentense.. i love you abhishek(in teasing manner) lets go to bed na.pls pls… my bed told me that it needs to welcome my wife..

P,cheater. You go and sleep..i wont come.
A,achcha madem.hehehe.
Abhi lifts pragya like doll and throw to bed(slowly without hurting)
P,its very cold na abhishek.i think itz better if we sleep now..
A,what?? Sleep? No no not now.i have an option for the cold.this bed is made by a semisolid matter.i can change its temparature.wait i ll adjust’ll feel more comfortble with This hot mettress and hot husband..
Hey na?
P,abhi.. i am slee..
Before she complete the sentense abhi jumped to bed in a second and loked pragya’s lips by his lips while carrssing pragya’s hair… that lip kiss last for few minutes.. and they had to broke the kiss becoz though they are aliens they too need oxygen to survive.
Abhi took pragya on to his and make her sit on his belly..and he holds pragya’s hand on his chest…
A,i love you fuggy..when you are looking at me like this. I feel that i am the most luckiest person in the universe
P,i also know your last sentence abhi..lets go to eternity of love hahaha
A,bad joke fuggy..(pout face)

Abhi makes pragya to sit on bed and he holds her by her waist and pulled her makes pragya shy and she hide her face in abhi’s chest..both can feel each other hear beat clearly..pragya’s hands begin to unbutton abhi’s shirt and abhi started to remove pragya’s top.. after few mins abhi kept a small kiss on her forhead and abhi odered room to turn of the light..
(So guys i didnt saw any thing)

After few hours.
Abhi makes pragya to sleep in his arms and hugged her tightly..
A,sleep peasefully baby..tommo you have to realize your real identity.and there will be many more surprices.good night my sweet princess!
Abhi tighten his grip lit bit more and dozzed off with her ever loving wife.

Precap p,what…. is this my mother land?itz a bad prank abhi..
Friends.. sorry .pragya’s father will meet her @ the party and i ll update about party in next epi.. i didnt wrote upto sorry .. aastha i am from sri lanka!!.

And my dear lovely friends. Thanq so much for supporting and accepting prt 2.. i ll name this part as Love from eternity..

Credit to: tina(suha)

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  1. Hey Suha! After a long time i am commmenting! So sorry for that! Caught in the study syndrome (SS) ??…but I do read urs whenever I am free! I really love the red moon name alpha hydrae!???….as usual u rocked it! And eagerly waiting for the nxt one!

    1. hi maya. happy to c your comments. thanx dude!! & hope you will recover soon from ss!! those three names are names of stars yaar..but i used them for moons.ha ha

  2. Wow it was awesome I loved it

    1. thanq monesha!

  3. Lovely lovely tina dear☺loved it to the core love u too?????waiting eagerly fr nxt part?

    1. love you too choti..thanx for commenting

  4. Suha Di !!! U r Amazing !!!! I love all your technical definitions …..And mainly the names given for those moons ! Love u Di !! Keep Rocking !!! U r very talented and intelligent too…..

    1. thanq riya for commenting.i thought that you will be bored wth these definitions..but i am wrong..keep supporting!

  5. ho tats lovely suha dr i loved it its just amzng…………. waitng fr te nxt epiiii…

    1. thanx dude..keep supporting!!!

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