Love from blackhole raglak part 10


Ragini said so laksh let’s play a game.

Laksh suggested truth or dare??

Ragini said no opinions.

What ragini are you playing or being stupid where we will go here in search of onions??

Ragini said opinions laksh not onions ok.laksh what do think about me.

Beautiful Angel of my love ,he whispered.ragini asked what ?? You are brave smart, beautiful lovv

Say laksh said ragini,lovelyyy Ragini said lovely then .Laksh closed his eyes n said friend.

Ragini smiled but was shattered, her mind whispered whatever she will be only an friend to him.

Friend was such a heavy word between them.

He said you are so lovely n caring ragini and anyone would be lucky to have you.Laksh mumbled and that lucky person is not me…

Ragini said ur question laksh

Ragini what do you think about love

Love is a life of vanishing enchantment. Its a enchantment that vanishes slowly leaving footprints of eternal bond. Its like fire in a ice cube,soothing effect of aching pain.A melody in agony and a moon of everyone’s sun.

Laksh may I ask you a question.You may said laksh.Ragini asked laksh what is difference of loving n being loved.

Laksh replied when we love Β someone we do everything to others happiness n being loved feels warm n gives support.while love gives courage.

Ragini slowly fell asleep.

Laksh continued you know ragini I want to tell you something important n he faced ragini.He saw her asleep,he said I don’t know if i will ever have the courage to tell you this while you are conscious

He took a deep breath I LOVE YOU RAGINI not only now but for ever n ever .

He pulled her close n placed a soft kiss on her lips n hugged her.

Next morning ragini woke up and saw laksh sleeping opposite to her n thought what a strange dream.I had a strange dream of Laksh telling me he loves me n he kissed me.Strange but not less than a fairytale.

Precap:raglak visiting places n masti

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