Is this love or friendship between us (Episode 2)


Swara: wish u many more happy birthday sanskar

Sanskar: oh thank u ….love u di

Swara: really sanskar???

Sanskar: sss ….when u will say me

Swara: iam waiting for my correct time to say this

Sanskar: k fine I have a plan today

Swara:no today I will say the plan. there only we should go its my order

Sanskar: oh k madam GI..

Swara & sanskar goes to the park…to give a surprise gift for sanskar

Sanskar: y r u closing my eyes

Swara: wait a secondsecond now u can open your eyes

Sanskar: oh wow amazing declarations mom & dad u also gave surprise …

Sujatha: sanskar its all swara plan….so nice she is

Sanskar: good swara …badyma where is paritha babi & ashdash bro

Badyma: here they r

Happy birthday Sankara said by ashdash & parinitha

Thank u so much my best friend and babe

K fine let’s cut the cake …… Celebration Start’s

After celebration swara gives a flower basket with full of Sanskar childhood images

Sanskar: wow swara thank u so much he hugs her iam very lucky to have

Swara: sanskar I love u so much pls accept my proposal

Sanskar: I love u tooo di

Swara very much that sanskar also loves her & accept the proposal

Sanskar: attention guys I think today all r here so this the right time to announce….mom I said something about my marriage iam loving someone on my birthday I will announce her name & that day will be our engagement

Sujatha: s sanskar

Sanskar: s mom she is the girl with me all time mom we both love so much we spend many times her name is kavitha mom here she is ….

Sujatha: wow sanskar your choice is good looking pretty

Badyma: its sanskar selection so it will good only

Swara becomes heartbroken she is very shocked

Sanskar: swara come here Swara he shouts ….

But swara didn’t hear anything she leaves the place

Sanskar: y swara r u going
Y r u shocked

Swara: u have cheated me ?????

Sanskar: what ???swara say clearly

Swara: sanskar I love u I want to marry u spend my whole life with u

Sanskar: what swara r u mad

Swara: s mad on u

Sanskar : I love only kavitha not u …u r my best friend

Swara: then when I proposed u …u also said I love u ….u accept my proposal

Sanskar: I thought its all friendly non other than …between us

Swara: sanskar I love u

Sanskar : no swara I love kavitha

Swara: k fine byeeebyeee?? carry on your love story

Sanskar: Swara wait swara Swara …..

Kavitha: sanskar where r u going come here pls come fast

Sanskar: s coming kavitha

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  1. Love you di??!!!! I didn’t get it…!!

  2. Mica

    waaa.. sanskar addressed Swara as di…goosshh

  3. Asra

    superbbb dear…

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  5. A.xx

    Aww feeling bad for Swara xx

  6. Awesome dear…. waiting for my part.

  7. Mind blowing

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