Is this love or friendship between us (Episode 1)


Swara goes to shooting spot when sanskar is singing song in the same shooting spot finally they both met with an eyelock with their childhood memories

Swara: shots sanskar

Sanskar: finally I have met u after 15 yes

Swara: yes ….. I really missed u lot …finally u became a big singer congrats …in my movie we r going to work together

Sanskar: shall we go any where out swara we have to speak many things

Swara: sss k we can for lunch so that we can speak lot ??

They both reach hotel ..they both speak lot… full day they both spends more timetime

Soon swara new movie shooting Start’s when she is romancing with is hero while the light comes to fall on swara head in the shooting spot …sanskar saves her ….swara gives a eye lock

Sanskar: what swara seeing me without shaking your eye ..u should be careful sometimes ?

Swara: I know u will save me so I can be free without any tension

Swara & sanskar spends more time by going out they both get more closer

Swara’ s mom : what swara so happy today now days looking different my child ???any good news

Swara: s mom sanskar and me became so closer

Swara ‘s mom : r u love with him

Swara : don’t know mom ?

Swara’s mom : oh k close your eyes and thing best movement in your life if sanskar comes then u r love with him..??

Swara: mom pls …I don’t want to close my eyes because daily every sec sanskar is only coming in my memories mom

Swara’s mom : so its love ??

Swara: yes mom

Swara’ s mom : when u will say

Swara: mom day after 2morrow sanskar birthday so I will say

Swara’s mom : k swara its time sleep otherwise your dad will come and shouts me that iam not allowing to sleeps bye good night

Finally today sanskar birthday swara gets call from sanskar

Sanskar: hello swara ….

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