Swaragini (love of friendship) Episode 2


friends in my fanfriction i will give equal priority to both swara&ragini.please don’t mind whether i make swasan or swalak.all are given equal priority.everyone has their own character.

while opening a college will be shown for finalyear mba batch it is the lastday of the college.

one gang gathered at their college canteen
it is sanskar’s gang

roop:(frnd of sanskar ):sanskar we enjoyed alot in this 2 years now we have to leave.we don’t what to do next

sanskar:i have a clarity what to do next,i will look our family business along with badepapa &adarsh bhaiya
roop:anywhere u r lucky sanskar.i love to call u as allrounder but i can’t call u allrounder
sanskar:why (shocked along with other frnds)
roop:till now u didn’t have any girlfrnd,u even didn’t flirt any girl.u r afraid of girls we think
sanskar:shut up,roop i was not afraid of girls.
roop:ok then,today is lastday of our college we should have some fun,
u have to flirt with the girl who enters 1st in that canteen gate u have to make her impress.i bet with u 5000
sanskar done i agree

swaragini in ragini’s car:
swara: ragini i think today v don’t have 1st class
ragini:ha swara i know,but today i was very hungry shall we go to canteen
swara:y not rag’s.
ragini:ok swara u go to canteen,take my bag too,i will park our car &i will come to u.parking is beside canteen only na no problem i will manage
swara smiles and leaves

sanskar along with his frnds eagerly waiting who will come first.
then they saw someone coming eagerly waiting it is swara
swara steps into canteen,common sanskar u have to flirt with this girl.

sanskar:just watch
swara about to sit on the table she is waiting for ragini.
barer is serving something to beside people and he slips,sauce bottle in his hand fell on swara chair
swara,sanskar didn’t recognise it bcoz swara is standing another side and looking for ragini,sanskar is thinking by taking from somefood along with sauce from the counter,& thinking how should i talk to her
sanskar turns, swara sits on the chair.
sanskar:mam do u have change for 500
swara:no i don’t have
sanskar:mam,do u know where is library
swara:go left and go straight,then turn right u can find library there
sanskar frnds are discussing that sanskar is flirting that girl(they only can see but they didn’t listen their conversation) ,we will loose our bet.ragini hears it bcoz their table near the door.
still sanskar is having sauce in his hand and asking swara something.
ragini comes to them
ragini:swara let’s go(she is in anger)
swara understands it and says let’s go
swara stood up everyone starts laughing at her seeing swara her jeans is having sauce.
ragini gets more angry&she see sanskar is having sauce in his hand.
ragini slaps sanskar hard
all are shocked
how dare to insult my frnd like dis ,i will see u r end.swara drags ragini from there
swaragini leaves
sanskar frnds came to sanskar.
sanskar fumes in anger at ragini.
sanskar:how dare she to slap sanskar maheswari.i will definetly take revenge on her for this.
swara:ragini why did u slap him?
ragini:look swara if one creates any trouble to my friend,i will not keep quite
swara hugs ragini and they leave home.

sanskar got the details about ragini through his network that she is the only daughter of anandhvarma business tycon in india.
sanskar says:
“mai sanskar maheswari kasam kathi hu,uss ragini par badla jarur laungi nayi tho mera naam sanskar maheswari nayi.”
roop:sanskar she done only for the sake of swara,swara&ragini are bestfrnds,ragini can do anything for swara.
sanskar:(laughs loudly)u just watch how i will make will swaragini’s frndship as hatred towards eachother.

preview:laksh entrance

Credit to: tanu

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  1. but plzz make it swasan πŸ™‚

  2. Idiot sanskar no no dr plzzzz dont make ur FF like an serial plzzzxx

  3. Hello tanu..nice plot.
    I think ur hindi is little weak. As sanskar is a boy so lines should be like this
    β€œmain sanskar maheswari kasam katha hoon,uss ragini se badla jarur lunga nahi to mera naam sanskar maheswari nahi.”

    1. i’m sorry for that i’m from southindia so that i was little bit weak in writing hindi.pls excuse me

    2. No need to be sorry…
      One thing I noticed that many of the writers of ff and even those who comments on these ff are south Indians.
      Is this serial vey famous there???
      By the way I am from Kolkata. πŸ™‚

  4. Noon..sanky don’t deserve negative role…. Pls

  5. swasan…yaar

  6. tanu it is mind blowing plz make sanskar positive. ..n plz plz tamu make it swasan please. .

  7. plz make it ragsan

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