I love you forever… U r in my heart (EPISODE 7)

Hiii guys this is sunanda. Iam back with our vitharv romantic ff
With episode 7
Tq guys who r very supportive to me. ….

RECAP -atharv and vivida, Manu and mahesh have a romantic dance ……………..

————————EPISODE 7—————————–

Dance was over. …….every one clapping
At top floor jagrata was also over. ….
All elders came down

VINOD-vivida beta with whom who dance?????
VIVIDA -guess pappa
(Atharv smiles )

VINOD -beta! !!!!!!!!how could I know. There are soo many youngsters here
VIVIDA -guess na pappa plssss
RAMESH -I think mera beta kae satt. …..
VIVIDA -uncle jii you are genius
(Ramesh and vivida had a hifi )

SUJATA -atharv you u didn’t say to me
SUVITHA -how is dance with my vivida

(atharv and vivida seen each other )
ATHARV -nyc aunty not bad
(Every one smiles )
ATHARV -Didi aup kiskae satt dance kiya
MANU -Mahesh ji kae satt
ATHARV AND VIVIDA -ohhhhhhh (shouts loudly)

(Vivida dashes her brother and asks. …)
VIVIDA -wow bhai kaisi laga mere frnd kae satt dance
(Manu blushes )

At dinner. ……………..

(Ramesh and Vinod, sujata and suvitha, atharv and vivida, Manu and mahesh having lunch separately )

(Vivida eating biriyani. Its soo spicy )
VIVIDA -ouch! ! ! ! ! !
(She coughs by spice )
ATHARV -vivida ji are you alright. Plss drink water
(Atharv pats on vivida’s head )
(They share eyelock )
VIVIDA -tq atharv.
ATHARV -aup tekhey??????
ATHARV -aup plss drink this juice. You will throat will get fine
(Both are drinking juice )

(Suddenly atharv juice fells on his shirt )
ATHARV -ohhh shut !!!! Ess juice ki vaja sae mere shirt spoil hogaya
VIVIDA -plsssss goo 2 washroom. Or else shirt will spoil
(Both went 2 wash room )
(At washroom room vivida is just rubbing atharv shirt at strain place )

Music plays
Jana na dil se dur. ……..jana na dil se dur. …..
Tumse milkae aisae laga. ……
(They both share an eye lock )

(Of water sound they both get into sences
Off slippy floor vivida slips and falls on atharv
Both fall onground
Vivida lips touched to atharv lips (lip lock ) )

Outside. ……
Vinod and ramesh are searching for atharv and vivida

At washroom -still vivida is on atharv
Off Vinod and ramesh voice they get onto sences
VIVIDA AND ATHARV -ohh God! !!!!!!pappa
VIVIDA -if they sees both of us in wash room they think badly
ATHARV -if we are same still like this and they will see it looks very very bad
VIVIDA -ohhhhh sorry.
(She gets up and adjusting her dress )
(Atharv thinks she will give hand 2 raise him )
VIVIDA -you can see me later. Plss get up.
ATHARV -I thought. ………
(Before atharv complete his words vivida gave him hand )
(She gives hand but atharv can getting up instead of that he falls again )

(Vivida laughs )
(Atharv sees her angrily )

ATHARV -here iam not getting up and u r laughing
VIVIDA -Sryyyy

Both get out from wash room.
(Ramesh and Vinod sees vitharv )
RAMESH -wt u both r doing in washroom and why atharv u r shirt is wet
ATHARV -vooo. .pappa. …….

(Before atharva saying some one came and says they are romancing. …….)
(He weared sharukhan mask )

ATHARV-r u mad. Who r u
STRANGER -don’t know who am I
(Atharv angrily hold his collar )
ATHARV-wt the hell r u talking. Who are you idiot
STRANGER -hoo wow! !!!!!u hold ur frnd collar. How bad
ATHARV -my frnd! !!!!!!!
VIVIDA -just remove u r mask
(stranger goes close 2 vivida )
STRANGER-just relax baby
ATHARV -is this the way 2 talk 2 ladies
(Atharv angrily open his mask )


(Ravish is atharv and vivida childhood family frnd )
(Ravish name is RAVISH TAGORE )

PRECAP -ravish and his family meet Maheswari’s and vasists and have a talk. Later Maheswari’s, bansal’s, vashist’s, tagore’s have a family picture.
In that picture vivida is in middle of atharv and ravish

——————————–END ——————————–
Sooooo guys this is episode 7. Hope you guys like it.
Silent readers plssssss comment.
NOTE -iam thinking to get a luv triangle between
Atharv -vivida -ravish. Wt is u r guys suggestion.
Plsssss say guys.
U guys want only vitharv or a luv triangle which gives some entertainment


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  1. A love triangle will so fun….but we need more Vitharv scenes in that love triangle. And btw today’s ff was nice, just loved the Vitharv scenes?

    1. Vitharv scenes ? loved it
      love triangle ?..
      Nice ff
      Keep it up di

    2. Sunanda12345

      Tq u soo much yar ???

    3. Sunanda12345

      Tq u soo much dear ??

  2. RAOne

    short and cute…….. great keep going…….. listen it doesn’t matter with whom you pair Vividha/shivani charcter but please don’t trouble her… anyway…….
    all the best continue your work keep writing……..

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq raone dear. I will won’t trouble vivida

  3. Nice episode, luv triangle idea seems awesome but plz show ViTharv scenes more than RaVida scenes in ur luv triangle.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq u soo much yar
      I will show more vitharv scenes don’t worry ???

  4. as u wish dear vitharv or live triangle. I know it’ll be ?
    and yes yrr this was awesome.?

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq sooooo much diya dear ???

  5. Superb and awesome ???loved it very much?…Love triangle idea is good..But I want more vitharv scene…I hope it will be more interesting..All the best dear..
    Keep writing and update soon…

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq u soo much dear.
      I will get more vitharv scenes. Don’t worry ?????

  6. ooooo superb I liked it a lot keep writing

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tqq so much yarr???

  7. Hi Sunanda, finally I did it. Thank u dear . Any way I like triangle. Bt one suggection, Only vitharv at the end. And one more thing I want Adharv to be more rough and tough, more bold and hot. Also want his naughtiness with every one especially with sujatha.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq sooo much dear?????

  8. Sunanda12345

    Usha read previous that u will understand the concept

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