I love you forever… U r in my heart (EPISODE 6)

Hi guys Iam sunanda and iam back with my ff I LOVE YOU FOREVER. . . . . . U R IN MY HEART
With episode 6

RECAP -vivida came 2 atharv house she gave food to sujata.she was about to slip by table chair stick. Atharv holds her

—————————–EPISODE 6 —————————-

Manu smiles seeing atharv and vivida each other
Sujata and ramesh get ambaressed

Manu coughs
(Vivida and atharv get into sences )

ATHARV -u will always slip don’t you walk properly. Is it your work to slip
VIVIDA -ohh ha it’s my habit. (Angrily )
Its also u r work to hold girls who will slip
ATHARV -just shut up!!!!!!!!!
VIVIDA -u shut up! ! ! ! ! ! !

(They both get into an argument )

MANU -guys relax

VIVIDA -aunty plss to control himself. Why he will always angry
SUJATA -okkk (smiles )
(Vivida goes )

Its morning. …………….

At vivida’s house every one gathered at table to took breakfast
SUVITHA -vivida yesterday you went 2 atharv house to give byriyani. They tool it? ???
(Vivida remembering situation of atharv holding her )
VIVIDA -ya mam. Vooo atharv bahut Gussavala adme hai
(Every one laughs )

(Suddenly Vinod phone rings )
Ramesh talking in mobile
RAMESH -Vinod have u got phone from bansals
VINOD -ya yesterday they invited me
RAMESH -r u and u r family members are coming
VINOD -yesterday of course
RAMESH -yes we guys are also coming
VINOD -oka. Catch u there byee
RAMESH -byee
(Both cuts the call )

SUVITHA -who invited u? ??
VINOD-at bansal ‘s house engagement function is gng on
Its bansal ‘s daughter engagement. Soo we have go 2 that thistle evening

VIVIDA andMAHESH -ok pappa! !!!!

It’s evening. …………………..

At bansal ‘s house every greetingthe couple
(Atharv talking to his frnds.suddenly historic hair blows.he just turn. ……)
Vivida came………..

(Vivida looking beautiful and gorgeous in halfsaree. atharv get totalling flatted seeing her)

Bansals welcomed vashists. …..
After that Maheswari’s and vasists have a talk

Manu gets flatted mahesh. BCOZ mahesh is looking handsome

One girl speaks in Mike. ….
GIRL -hiii every one tq for coming here and blessing this couple .we are conducting a couple dance here and elders plss go to top floor there jagrata is gng on. ….

(All elders gone to top floor )

GIRL -oka youngsters here there are two bowls .boys drop your name in left side bowl and girls drop ur names in right side bowl )

(We will take one slip from boys bowl and one from girls bowl soo like that we will take the slips and finally all couple dance together )

(GIRL picking the many slips in that vivida -atharv are one couple and Manu -Mahesh are one couple )

All couple having salsa dance. ………
Vivida angrily dances with atharv
Atharv was fallen to vivida sat beauty

ATHARV -why’s are you looking at me angrily
VIVIDA -Did you forget wt you done yesterday.
ATHARV -oooo iam very very sorry. I thought u forgot that’s incident

(Both are dancing and talking)

VIVIDA -it means you forgetten! !!!!!!!!
ATHARV -I will won’t remember bad moments
(vivida smiles )
ATHARV -u r looking so cute and beautiful today
(vivida looks at him romantically )
VIVIDA -u r also looking soo handsome
(Manu and mahesh are also dancing )
MANU -have you came 2 my brd party? ???
(MANU smiles )
MAHESH -u r smile is beautiful
(Manu blushes )

(Atharv and vivida are dancing romantically and they both share an eye lock )

Dance over. ……..
Every one claps. …………

PRECAP -atharv and vivida are drinking juice. ….
Suddenly atharv juice fells on historical shirt. Vivida asks atharv today go to washroom to clean. Vivida alsoo go with atharv. They shared aa cute moment at washroom. ……


SOO guys this is episode 6
Hope you guys like that
Plsss read and comment
Silent readers plssssss comment

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