I love you forever… U r in my heart (EPISODE 5)

Hi guys this is sunanda and iam back with my ff
With episode 5
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RECAP -vivida in search of file. She found the file.she about to slip from ladder atharv holds her. Office both staring at them

—————————-EPISODE 5——————————–

Atharv and vivida’s fathers are entered to atharv office.
Atharv and vivida are in still same still
Vivida watches official boy and came into sences
Office boy smiles both of them
ATHARV -why are you laughing? ??
She was about 2 slip and I holds other that’s it
Tea yeha rakdho aur jaa
(Office boy about to go he watches Vinod and ramesh )
Office boy -sir now i 2 want two extra tea’s
VIVIDA -I think tea gets cool. Goo
OFFICE BOY -no madame Ramesh sir and Vinod sir are coming
(Vivida and atharv shouts at some time PAPPA! !!!!!!)

ATHARV POV -if they came before 5 mins mere band bajaege. Tq bagavan jii
vivida -omggg! If pappa came before. …………………..
A sound came from outside
VINOD -hii vivida beta
VIVIDA -hii pappa aup yeha? ???

RAMESH -we thought that how u guys are discussing the business matter
OFFICE BOY -achesae chall raha hai sir (with a short smile )
ATHARV -shut up! !!
RAMESH-atharv beta why are you shouting on him
ATHARV -he get a cold tea for us. He is not doing his work well
VINOD -beta I think he bought hot tea but u did not see that bcoz u r busy in discussing
OFFICE BOY -ha sir atharv sir and vivida mam are tooo busy (in a smily manner )
ATHARV -go and doing your work

VINOD -atharv and vivida me and ramesh thought that you both have 2 go London and present the business deal
Atharv and vivida -We! !!!!!!!

Ramesh -wt happened atharv is there any problem. Buy the way u both are frnds right

ATharv -ha pappa okk

At afternoon ————————-
Atharv was eating lunch and thinks about vivida and smiles
MANU -atharv r u okay
(Atharv is in still vivida thoughts )
(Manu pours sambar on atharv’s hand )
ATHARV -OUCH! !!!!!!!!!!
RAMESH -wt is this Manu. Ye kya majak hai
SUJATA -show me beta (with emotionally )
ATHARV -didi r u mad
MANU -iam calling you for 5 mins u r not responding. Instead of that u r smiling
ATHARV -vooo. …….vooo………
Kuch nahi
(Suddenly door bell rings )
ATHARV -wait I will go and see
(He opens the door and sees vivida )
ATHARV -vivida ji aup yaha? ???
SUJATA -kaun beta? ??
(Vivida comes in )

MANU -hiii vivida
VIVIDA -hii. Maa prepared panner byriyani for atharv. She said that it’s his favourite
ATHARV -vivida how u r mom know that
SUJATA -I only told her beta
ATHARV -maa is it u r job 2 say favourite items 2 every one
(she is moving forward to give the box She was slipped by chair stick )
Atharv holds her
Jndsd Music plays. ………………….

(Manu smiles )

PRECAP -Maheswari’s and vasists are invited to a engagement party
Vivida looks beautiful. Atharv gets flatted by seeing her later they have an romantic dance

————————————-end ———————————
Sooooo guys this is end of episode 5

Guys I think itis little boring
Bcoz I add some family melodrama here

Plsssss read and comment

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  1. It was a really nice ff….I really liked it but it ended fast:( Anyways good job…

  2. soooooooooo nice I liked it a lot jeep writing

  3. and no that was not boring but these are most cutest thing to shaoe family and happy family

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tqq aisha tq sooooo much

  4. Sunanda12345

    Tqq soooooo much Shasha

  5. Nice episode and precap…woow romantic dance ??
    I’m eager to see that ..I meant ‘see’ only because sunanda di ur ff is so amazing that it can be visualized ?

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq sooooo much sandy dear
      It’s really means a lot

  6. Superb…???..Vivitha always..Slipping..?????..Excited abt precap..Romantic dance…??
    Keep writing dear…

  7. awesome dear.??

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq diya dear

  8. Sunanda12345

    Tqqq so much sweety

  9. RAOne

    ya…. ROCk ON!!!!! keep your good work all the best…..

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq yar tq sooooo much

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