I love you forever… U r in my heart (EPISODE 4)

Hiiiiii guys iam back with my ff
Of episode 4
Iam soo happy with u r comments

RECAP -some sees vivida by window awkwardly. When she is cleaning the currie spoiled face of her dress. Atharv beats him hardly

Coming to the episode. ……………..
——————–EPISODE 4———————
Atharv asks that fellow to apologise vivida or else he will send him to jail
Guys guess who is he? ? ? ?
He is non other than CHINTU
(he madly loves vivida but he did not express her )
(Vivida did not know chintu)

CHINTU apolizes to VIVIDA.
ATHARV drag him out .
ATHARV -no need to say thanks
VIVIDA -no atharv we have 2 say
ATHARV -it’s ok
RAMESH -Vinod we will go i will catch u tomorrow
(Ramesh asks his secretary to enquire about that guy )
VINOD -sorry vivida beta I didn’t think it would happen. ………
VIVIDA -uncle! No need to say sorry. Iam ok

—————– AFTER SOME TIME —————
(Vashists reached their house )
VIVIDA at her room thinking about atharv

ATHARV in his room thinking about the incident


Atharv freshes up and going down to take breakfast
Suddenly gets a call
ATHARV -hello! !!
VIVIDA -hiii this is vivida
ATHARV -hi ji are you fine
VIVIDA -ya iam gud
ATHARV -is there any impmatter that u called me at early mrg
VIVIDA -dad said to discuss a business matter with you
ATHARV -ok I will reach office after half an hour. I will catch u there
VIVIDA -ok bye
(Both cuts off there phone )
(Both feels a different feeling and relax feeling talking to each other )
At ATHARV office -every one wishing gud mrg to atharv
At his cabin -vivida sat and waiting for atharv
ATHARV -hii vivida
VIVIDA -hiii
ATHARV -I want ask you one doubt
VIVIDA -ya sure
ATHARV -actually at every house son will took the business responsibilities .but at your house u r? ?????
VIVIDA -bhai is not interested in this
ATHARV -ohhhh! !!.then wt he is doing now
VIVIDA -he is studying arts and life sciences

Both are discussing about business deal
When vivida listening his words her hair blows and stuck to atharv shirt button.
Vivida tries 2 move back she did not know that her hair struck on atharv shirt button

VIVIDA -ouch! !!!!!
VIVIDA -OO sorry by mistake my hair. ………..
ATHARV -it’s ok. Wait I will remove your hair
VIVIDA -noooo I will.———–
(Both heads are dashed suddenly )
Vivida hand on atharv hand at button place

They share an eye lock. ……..-.-.-..-..-.-.–..–.

Office boy entered into the cabin ……..
He sees them
He knocks the door
Atharv and vivida gets into sences

Office boy -kuch chaheyae sir. ……
ATHARV -vivida wt will u like to have
ATHARV -two tea
Office boy -ok sir
Again both are discussing about business matter

Atharv goes to search of file but he did not found
VIVIDA -have you got that file
ATHARV -noooo. May be it is at upper cupboard
(He takes ladder to climb )
(Suddenly his phone rings. He went 2 pick call )
(Vivida went 2 that place and climbs the ladder and searching the file )
(She found it. She is about 2 slip )
Atharv chatches her. …..
Again office boy came to give tea to them
He watches them

They both share an eye lock. ……..
Papers gets shattered from file and fall on them. …………..

Jana na dil se dur (new version )plays. ……….

PRECAP -vivida and atharv fathers entered into office
Since vitharv are in same still

———————– ———————- ———————–
So guys This is end of episode 4

Hope you guys like it
Actually I didn’t have interest to write episode
But today there is no telecast of ishqbazz and DBO soo I think 2 write the ff
Bcoz I get tooo bored and soo many members asked 2 write that’s why I wrote it

Plssssss read and comment ——–

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  1. awww awesome dear.I just wish that… atharv beats this chintu?really.

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