Love Forever – SwaSan RagLak Promo1


guys this is promo on the upcoming!

**** at MM ****

boy:- sanky?
Sanskar :- bro! how are you?
boy :- am great! common gimme a hug!
Sanskar:- of course!
boy (in mind) :- now the revenge begins for the entire Maheshwari’s and unfortunately even the Gadodia’s!

****** at jail ******

Laksh :- hey I think what I’ve done is wrong…my family is good…I shouldn’t have done like that with swara and my Bhai who was my friend!

girl :- no! don’t get weak! they’re fooling you! your Bhai snatched your love! now here take this! recall all your past

***** at hospital *****

doctor :- Mr. Maheshwari she’s really serious due to trauma!

Sanskar:- (sat with a thud) b-but i-is she ou-out of d-danger?

doctor :- can’t say..she’s still in critical!

****** another hospital ******
Laksh:- ahhhhhh! I’ll not leave them!!
its paining!!!!!

doctor :- relax! you’ve had too much that your body isn’t functioning properly!!!!
******* end ******
so guys! who is this guy in mm? what revenge? what did Maheshwari’s do? who is the girl in jail instigating Laksh?! what did she give him? that he gone so on her words? who is admitted in the hospital?! why is Sanskar so worried? what’s really going on?!
to know all these answers read our fan fiction!
lots of love from lily and tvisha! muah!??????????

Credit to: Tvisha

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