Love Forever – SwaSan RagLak Chapter 9



Hello guys I and lily are here with the 8th chapter this chapter would mostly cover SwaSan… Like a treat to Swasan fans??…

Next day

Ragini is in the market buying stuff for household work ??????????

Same time Sanskar reaches there and watched ragini

Sanskar – hello ragini ??

Ragini – hello Sanskar ??

Sanskar comes to her and starts talking about random stuff they continue talking when Sanskar says something and it hurts ragini whereas Sanskar feels guilty meanwhile Swara reaches there

They talk

Sanskar – any way ragini any future plans

Ragini – no no

Sanskar – laksh is also like this and he is really… ( realizes what he said) I’m sorry

Ragini – No (she turns) SWARA?

Swara – no ragini I am going don’t worry

She weeps and runs where as Sanskar and ragini follow her…. Swara goes to a very Silent place and weeps

Ragini – Sanskar you go I’ll stay here

Sanskar – ok ragini


Sanskar – Swara

Swara – (wipes tears) hi Sanskar come sit you know this is my favorite place to

Sanskar – to remove your grief

Sanskar – Swara don’t be scared and burst out one day you will confront him

Swara feels relived and burst in tears

Sanskar – you know it’s not lucky fault is his father Durga prasad

Swara shocked ?

Sanskar – yes actually listen he tells her that how dp used to abuse ap,AP got fed up asked help from her brothers and she got divorced and lived away then once dp met laksh and instigated him against girls

Swara is shocked even ragini

Ragini POV “OMG ragini you shouldn’t have misunderstood him he was so good and you are so bad” suddenly she sees something and moves from there

SwaSan have a friendly hug ?

They keep talking and ragini sees this and feels something for SwaSan……

after all this drama Sanskar drops swaragini home and goes to mm


Lonely place

Lady – I will destroy you mm family you snached my happiness and with help of laksh I’ll fulfill it?????….


Man – maheshwari I an coming to destroy you guys……???

So guys who was the boy??? Who was the girl?? Why they want revenge???? Also guys please give two wicked names for this boy and girl…..

Lady – kamya Punjabi
Man – Vatsal Seth

Precap – LEAP ??????????

Credit to: Tvisha and lily

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